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Chiropractor from Pamplona claims to have a master business plan, she is just waiting for the right time to publish it online

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Dr Lorena Montenegro is a Chiropractor from Pamplona, Spain, who claims on her blog that the religious men are very less likely to suffer with the joint problems than their non-religious counterparts. Dr Lorena received a lot of negative comments for making such a claim, to all of which, she replied that she is an atheist herself and is trying to find out the reason behind it. But the readers wouldn’t trust her and kept looking for the so-called agenda that she had behind making such a statement.

Dr Lorena received tons of negative comments for being racially biased again when she made a statement on her blog that the people belonging to some races are more likely to get joint problems than others.

Dr Lorena recently mentioned on her blog that she is glad that the number of the people that used to get broken joints due to car accidents is on a constant decline since the cars now have more safety features than ever before and she is also disappointed about the fact the number of the children that used to being their parents to the Chiropractor’s clinic has been going down steadily ever since the first day she started to practice.

Dr Lorena Montenegro writes on her blog that it is ironic how the starving people are less likely to suffer with joint problems than their overfed counterparts.

Dr Lorena Montenegro claims that more people break their joints while performing meditation than one can think of and to help the meditators, she claims to have been in the process of starting a new website, for which she has already bought the hosting (comprar hosting).

She also claims to have a great plan for creating a unique online store, she is just waiting for the right time to publish her business (publicar mi negocio).

Super-passionate horticultural wholesaler got the idea to create a horticultural brotherhood from an online game community

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Hyung-won Kahm is a South Korean horticultural wholesaler who never gets tired of repeating on his business’s official website about how badly he wants to create hybrid fruits that have never been seen or heard about before. Each time he tries extremely hard to accomplish the same, he makes a blog post regarding it and also mentions his apology and bad luck for not being able to accomplish the same.

Hyung-won Kahm is not ashamed to mention on his blog that sometimes after trying, he laughs very badly at himself as to what he was trying to achieve. Once he tried to interbreed orange plant with a carrot plant, another time he tried to breed a coconut tree with a cucumber tree, only to see zero results and laughing at himself like an idiot.

Hyung-won Kahm has been working on creating a horticultural brotherhood and he has already started with the internet regarding this. He says that he got the inspiration from 우아미넷, an online Korean gaming community.

Mr Hyung-won Kahm shares a great bond with his employees, to an extent that they feel like a family when together. Mr Kahm writes on his business’s official website that treating the employees like a family and treat them like as he would expect himself to be treated is the foremost reason behind his business’s great success.

Mr Hyung-won Kahm has 2 brother-in-laws, who are both medical practitioners, are never interested in knowing anything regarding the horticulture, which disappoints Hyung-won Kahm each time.

Even Paolo Bortoluzzi complimented the teen Francesco Costanzo

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If you are a ballet lover from Italy, then I am 100% certain that you are already aware of the names Paolo Bortoluzzi Francesco Costanzo. Well, Paolo is no more with us since 1993, but one of his students who was a teen back then – Francesco Costanzo, still celebrates his birthday on every 17th May.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Francesco Costanzo several times and each time he mentioned his late teacher Paolo Bortoluzzi, his dreams, achievements and his other qualities.

Once Francesco told me that Paolo really wanted to do a lot for the poverty stricken families that live in the third-world countries and he also wanted their kids to be educated in the best schools possible.

Francesco never gets tired of repeating that some of Paolo’s compulsive activities made him look like he had an OCD. For example, Paolo had a habit of taking notes of everything that he felt was important and the first thing that he did in the day was to make a list of the tasks that were needed to be done that day.

Francesco told me that Paolo loved cloudy days and that’s the reason why he preferred to spend as much time as possible in the Venice during the summers. Franscesco also told me a fact about Paolo which very few people are aware of, which is that very few people do know that Paolo had an addiction to gaining knowledge.

I personally don’t understand the Italian language, but I was lucky enough to come across several different newspaper and magazine interviews of the late legend – Paolo Bortoluzzi. In each of these interviews, Paolo emphasized that the true happiness came to him only through hard-work.

Anybody who knows about Paolo even a bit will tell you that Paolo was always very progressive and modern according to his times, while at the same time, he maintained and believed in the great Italian values and traditions.

Paolo was a very caring and loving men as well. If he loved you, he loved you conditionally. This fact has been attested by all of his friends and family members over the years.

Paolo wanted to learn to fly as well and this is one of the many things which this passionate gentleman couldn’t attain in his short-lived life.

When outside Italy, Paolo always missed the tasty food that his mother made him. He mostly loved tomato based dishes and so did all his siblings. And Paolo’s mother always missed the delicious food that her grandmother used to cook for her when she was alive.

Paolo was a winner who never believed in quitting. He had that positive mental attitude, strong determination and dedication, and at the same time, he was extremely humble and generous as well.

Anybody who knows Paolo or knows about him, will tell you that he was a good spender in almost every regard but too frugal when it came to spending money on things that didn’t serve much of a purpose.

What I found the best trait of Paolo is the fact that Paolo didn’t believe in good or evil. He believed that everything in the world created by the god was good, it is us evil human beings who try to differentiate between good and evil while doing the largest number of evil things ourselves for our petty selfish reasons.

Very few people know that it was Paolo’s dream to one day own an auto manufacturing company of his own, which he seldom shared with anyone else including the near and dear ones.

I don’t know if you have heard about the comedian Jackie Mason, but my personal belief is that Paolo would have been offended by Jackie Mason’s jokes on the ballet. The American-Jewish comedian Jackie Mason is popular for making fun of the ballet by saying that ballet is now just a status symbol and less than 1% people that go to watch the ballet understand the beauty of the ballet and the rest 99% don’t.

Anyways, Jackie Mason has always been fascinated with the courage, class, style and elegance of the Italian people and perhaps, Paolo would have loved him for that. He once said that he was always afraid of committing a mistake while walking through any Italian neighborhood, because they fear nobody.