Super-passionate horticultural wholesaler got the idea to create a horticultural brotherhood from an online game community

Hyung-won Kahm is a South Korean horticultural wholesaler who never gets tired of repeating on his business’s official website about how badly he wants to create hybrid fruits that have never been seen or heard about before. Each time he tries extremely hard to accomplish the same, he makes a blog post regarding it and also mentions his apology and bad luck for not being able to accomplish the same.

Hyung-won Kahm is not ashamed to mention on his blog that sometimes after trying, he laughs very badly at himself as to what he was trying to achieve. Once he tried to interbreed orange plant with a carrot plant, another time he tried to breed a coconut tree with a cucumber tree, only to see zero results and laughing at himself like an idiot.

Hyung-won Kahm has been working on creating a horticultural brotherhood and he has already started with the internet regarding this. He says that he got the inspiration from 우아미넷, an online Korean gaming community.

Mr Hyung-won Kahm shares a great bond with his employees, to an extent that they feel like a family when together. Mr Kahm writes on his business’s official website that treating the employees like a family and treat them like as he would expect himself to be treated is the foremost reason behind his business’s great success.

Mr Hyung-won Kahm has 2 brother-in-laws, who are both medical practitioners, are never interested in knowing anything regarding the horticulture, which disappoints Hyung-won Kahm each time.

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