Chiropractor from Pamplona claims to have a master business plan, she is just waiting for the right time to publish it online

Dr Lorena Montenegro is a Chiropractor from Pamplona, Spain, who claims on her blog that the religious men are very less likely to suffer with the joint problems than their non-religious counterparts. Dr Lorena received a lot of negative comments for making such a claim, to all of which, she replied that she is an atheist herself and is trying to find out the reason behind it. But the readers wouldn’t trust her and kept looking for the so-called agenda that she had behind making such a statement.

Dr Lorena received tons of negative comments for being racially biased again when she made a statement on her blog that the people belonging to some races are more likely to get joint problems than others.

Dr Lorena recently mentioned on her blog that she is glad that the number of the people that used to get broken joints due to car accidents is on a constant decline since the cars now have more safety features than ever before and she is also disappointed about the fact the number of the children that used to being their parents to the Chiropractor’s clinic has been going down steadily ever since the first day she started to practice.

Dr Lorena Montenegro writes on her blog that it is ironic how the starving people are less likely to suffer with joint problems than their overfed counterparts.

Dr Lorena Montenegro claims that more people break their joints while performing meditation than one can think of and to help the meditators, she claims to have been in the process of starting a new website, for which she has already bought the hosting (comprar hosting).

She also claims to have a great plan for creating a unique online store, she is just waiting for the right time to publish her business (publicar mi negocio).

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