This Urologist from Rajasthan, India, believes that she is more beautiful than most 123movies Actresses

Dr Geeta Lamba is a Urologist from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, who claims on her blog that the Renal Cancer was almost non-existent in India until about 10 years ago, but India has one of the highest rates of Renal Cancer per capita currently, and she attributes it to a lot of things including the increasing popularity of the soft drinks and the pollution as well, although she has no proof that these both have anything to do with the Renal Cancer. It is her own personal belief that the artificially made soft drinks and pollution play a significant role in causing Renal Cancer.

Dr Geeta Lamba claims that caffeine is responsible for curing/preventing/treating several different UTIs and it is a known fact among the physicians. She claims that fake experts on the internet have been spreading the opposite news lately, and she attributes all the related articles to them only.

Dr Geeta Lamba claims that beautiful women are less likely to suffer with different urological diseases and she adds that it includes herself. Then she clarified that she wasn’t being too proud or anything, she just wanted to explain it better. Then the next day, she made another post writing that after watching 123movies, she has come to the conclusion that she is prettier than most established and popular actresses, only to receive a lot of hateful comments beneath that post.

Dr Geeta Lamba claims on her blog that yoga is harmful for all sorts of UTIs, especially when combined with dehydration or lack of fluids. She received a lot of hate again for making such statement, especially by the followers of one of the most infamous and wealthiest Indian Yoga Gurus – Swami Ramdev, but she replied to each of those that the truth stays the truth and she cannot do anything about it, it is just the way it is.

After about a week later, she made a post on her blog that she has been receiving death threats by the followers and disciples of Swami Ramdev. One of her regular readers happened to be a cop from the same vicinity, who got in touch with her immediately after reading that post of her, but then she told him that she has no proof, but she received such calls. It goes without saying that she was lying about it. The cops didn’t take any action against her but left her with a warning.

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