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Even kids love flashy glass splashbacks in their kitchen, claims a Bristol Toy Store owner

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Carmine Newell owns a toy store in one of the most popular neighborhoods of the Bristol city in England, which was established in the year 2007, suffered huge losses till the financial year 2015, but then ultimately became a huge success. Carmine claims that over 80% of the customers at his toy store are regular.

About a couple of months ago, Carmine thought of turning his toy store into a themed one, but then thought that it would be bad for the business.

Carmine writes on his blog that the board games were never so unpopular and it is really very saddening for him to see the board games’s popularity seeing a downward slope everyday.

Carmine writes on his blog that the girl kids nowadays are so particular about their toys that they only buy kitchen set toys that have glass splashbacks with it.

Carmine writes on his blog that it is a pity that the kids nowadays think of Batman as some petty cartoon or comic character and the Japanese Anime Toy Figures have become the new He-Man, Batman, Spiderman and Superman.

Carmine also writes on his blog that the kids nowadays love their chess fancy, in fancy colors with fancy characters, not the traditional black and white.

Carmine writes on his blog that the Chinese toys have been gaining too much popularity and prominence throughout the world lately, but most kids don’t understand that they are too unsafe to play with, most of the times.

Carmine writes on his blog that the sales for the kids’s tablets has been going up for over a decade now and it seems like it is going to stay the same for at least next 10 years.

Dentist from Arizona and her Singer Sister wear Wig to hide their thinning hair

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Dr Tanya Dunhill is a Dentist from Sedona, Arizona, who claims on the official blog of her practice that the dentists themselves in the first world countries are three times less likely to get any sort of tooth disease excluding cancer, but they are as likely to get oral cancer as an average adult belonging to their country.

Dr Tanya Dunhill writes on her blog that those who believe in ghosts show no difference in their oral health and the way their teeth look than their counterparts who don’t, as has been believed by the men and women since the prehistorical times. Dr Tanya Dunhill claims to have explored most of the tribal societies of the world and she claims that the tribal people of India, the Aboriginal Australian tribes and many African tribal people still believe that some peculiar oral diseases and certain peculiar teeth shape are the proof that the human is possesses by a ghost.

One of Dr Tanya Dunhill’s sisters is a singer and looking at how much care this singer sister of Dr Tanya Dunhill takes of her throat and oral health, Dr Tanya Dunhill has come to the conclusion that the singers need to take as much care of their teeth as they do of their throat.

Dr Tanya and her Singer sister, both have thinning hair, but they don’t seem to be troubled with it at all as long as they have access to¬†wigstoreonline wigs.

Dr Tanya Dunhill and her Singer sister, both love to skate on the weekends and they know some of the best places, both online and offline to buy Roller Skates for Women.

Dr Tanya Dunhill writes on her blog that those who study microbiology as a hobby or have even some knowledge regarding bacteria, molds, etc, are 25% less likely to get germ related tooth diseases compared to those who don’t know much about the microbiology. “That’s how much studying these tiny bacteria, molds, etc, help you”, she adds.