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Ancient Hindu Rishis, Munis and Saints wish in the heaven if they could fold Christmas origami back in the day

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Celestina Tailor (name changed) laughs her ass off at the Hindus that believe their mythologies are not mythologies but true stories instead. She has met hundreds of Hindus who are not willing to believe that their mythologies are mere mythologies and there is no reality behind them. These Hindu mythologies were written by the ancient Hindus Rishis, Munis and Saints who wanted to improve the society.

These Rishis, Munis and Saints according to Celestina were the ordinary people before becoming special, these great men and women felt unsatisfied with the ordinary life and in order to look for a higher purpose in life, they became celibates which used to be a sine qua non in order to become a spiritual aspirant back in ancient India.

These celibate aspirants then used to visit other infamous Rishis, Munis and Saints to learn from them who all lived at places far-off, mostly away from the villages, in the forests or other deserted places.

Rishis, Munis and Saints invented and tried several different methods for the common people so that they can live peacefully, wisely and human-like instead of living like animals.

These Rishis, Munis and Saints had nothing else to do other than making the normies’s lives better, they didn’t fold Origami Christmas during the Christmas season, play video games or go on a speedboat ride, they were banished from making love to their wives, girlfriends and their favorite prostitutes (prostitution used to be ample in the ancient India like it is today).

Celestina cannot appreciate enough the humanitarian job that ancient Hindu Rishis, Munis and Saints have done but she is not ready to believe at any cost that the Hindu mythology is real.

Self-proclaimed pious catholic is busy folding Christmas season origami with her nephews and nieces

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Mercedes Alawadhy (name changed) doesn’t see economy as the only way of freedom as neocons like to point out. Mercedes is a self-proclaimed ‘pious catholic’, she says ” I cannot stay in touch with the politics. I can agree with most of the neocons and those types on what’s wrong, morally and politically. While disagreeing with them what is right. The American philosophy base their political structure on man being naturally good, while Christianity as a whole treats humanity as fallen. So I can’t see why their ideas on a government are set the way they are because so¬† many “conservatives” claim to be Christian.”

Mercedes was born to a Spanish speaking American mother and an Arora Punjabi father who migrated to the United States when he was 16. Born into a working class family, Mercedes always wishes if she were born in a royal family or to someone like the Waltons or the Rockefellers. I think you might have already guessed Mercedes’s most favorite song of all time – Royals by Lorde.

Mercedes became a great fan of Austin Osman Spare after reading “The Book of Pleasure”.

Mercedes’s father tells her how her grandfather used to be called the Einstein in the neighborhood because of his crazy dedication to the inventions but he couldn’t invent anything throughout his life. Scientists receive a very little financial support or no support at all by the government and other organizations in India, and that’s why Mercedes’s grandfather wanted his son to move to the United States as soon as he grows up because his own experience with India and Indians was super-bad.

Mercedes’s dad never gets tired of repeating how her grandfather used to be in a state of ecstasy while working, he wouldn’t be aware of what time it was, what part of the day, the date, anything, he used to get so lost working on his inventions, it was astounding.

Anyways, it is Christmas season and Mercedes is busy folding Origami Christmas with her little nephews and nieces.

Amateur fitness freak American historian writing a book on Arora people

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Aubrey Sachdeva (name changed) was born to a white-American mother and a Punjabi-Arora Indian father in the city of Jackson, Mississippi. Aubrey recently joined a gym and put the treadmill for sale which is there in her house.

Aubrey has been doing a research on the Arora people thoroughly for the past 4 months. It is certain that they are called Arora because they hail from a district that goes by the name Ror. There is a notion that Aroras are disqualified Kshatriyas aka Khatris but that according to Aubrey is far from the truth.

Arora people comprises of more green-eyed people than any other Indian racial group.

Within these 4 months, Aubrey has come to a conclusion that Arora people are the Greeks who came with Alexander the Great to India back when Alexander came to conquer India. According to Aubrey, Alexander lost the war to Porus and as there was no concept of writing history in India, the Indians have no idea about it themselves.

Arora people according to Aubrey’s 4 months of thorough research are Greek people who were in the army of Alexander and after Alexander’s defeat chose to stay in India and don’t go back to Greece. The local Indian people of that time according to Aubrey were generous enough to let them stay in India which wouldn’t have been the case if they were in some other place than India.

Due to their lesser population and different culture, Arora people started inbreeding and that made them short in stature and stuff. After a couple of centuries they realized that inbreeding is really and they decided to divide themselves in several different tribes in order to not inbreed again by mistake. Unfortunately, Arora people had to interbreed again when the Arabs invaded Sindh and the largest number of victims were the Arora people who couldn’t defeat themselves because they were basically traders.

Loving husband gets his wife a hair transplant on their 25th wedding anniversary

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Chagit Harnamaya (name changed) hates her father who always tries to put her down. He has a horrible bipolar disorder and sometimes his wrath becomes life threatening. He even abandoned his kids and spouse a couple of times only to return back after a few months in order to show them how their lives would be if he is not around with them.

Chagit really grew up in a highly dysfunctional family. But as someone rightly said “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge”. Chagit’s father could never acknowledge how much of a mess he is and there was no way that he could change himself unless he acknowledged that. He always came home intoxicated and would physically, verbally and emotionally abuse everyone in his family.

Anyways, Chagit had an arranged marriage as most of her friends, cousins and most ladies she is familiar with had and to Chagit’s good luck, the spouse of Chagit turned out to be one of the loveliest and finest men Chagit had ever known.

Chagit never had an idea that a man can be so loving to his wife. It has been 25 years since their marriage and they have 4 kids together now (2 sons and 2 daughters). Chagit started losing about 5 years ago and was extremely worried that her husband wouldn’t love her like he always did after witnessing her hair loss. Chagit’s husband always have had the same place for her in his heart but after witnessing Chagit’s worries, he decided to get her a hair transplant by Dr T aka Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu on their 25th wedding anniversary. The couple was amazed to see the best hair transplant results. Dr T is really something.