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Mexicali’s event planner and his team learnt English with KOE Mexico

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Ignacio Sousa is an event planner from the city of Mexicali, who has been operating there for the past 12 years. Ignacio says that with the growing number of English speaking clients that arrived all the way from the United States of America to Mexico for their special event, Ignacio’s business was getting down because his command in the English language wasn’t on par with his competitors, but thanks to KOE Mexico, he can now speak English (hablar ingles) with more fluency than most of his rivals.

Ignacio writes on his blog that some event organizers mention separately on their official websites, office names and/or other places that they are a floral design company as well, which Ignacio finds completely unprofessional and stupid, because according to Ignacio, an event planning/organizing company is bound to be an expert at floral designing otherwise it doesn’t deserve to be called an event organizing company.

Ignacio claims that they have some of the topmost floral designers working with him in his company and that’s one of the foremost reasons why his company is so successful. Two of these floral designers also took English speaking lessons from KOE Mexico.

Ignacio writes that bridal showers are more popular in Mexico than the baby showers which he doesn’t like. Ignacio believes that babies are still underrated as hell and they are the foremost source of happiness in a marriage.

Ignacio writes that it is a pity that corporate and business events are still not as much popular as the personal ones, which describes that people are still more serious about their personal lives than their professional ones.

Millionaire Florist recovered lost bitcoins with the help of Assured Recovery

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I recently made a post about one local flower shop owner who publicly claimed to everyone that most of his business comes through the word of mouth but privately confessed to me that 60% of it comes through Google Maps. Anyways, this florist made so much of money with his flower shop that he decided to invest some of it with bitcoin trading only to be fooled and frauded. He was in despair and he knew the right person to seek advice from at that time and that happened to be none other than me, whence he called me and asked for the advice, I directly referred to him to Assured Recovery – the greatest company for you if you need to recover lost bitcoins which he did only to thank me later as they succeeded in returning back all his bitcoins.

Now let me tell you some facts about the Assured Recovery. Assured Recovery started out as a service for unregulated investment platforms but now promises that they can recover funds from all types of platforms including gambling and casino related.

Assured Recovery has been international since the day of its very inception and they do not believe that national boundaries should become a reason for someone to not being able to take advantage of a great service like Assured Recovery.

Assured Recovery is very blunt and honest as they have openly warned the visitors everywhere on their website to stay away from the new and fishy looking binary options fraud detection services. Assured Recovery warns that these new and fishy looking binary fraud detection services too can be a part of the multi-billion dollar scam industry.

This nationwide furniture retail business trusts only Robotalker when it comes to automated phone calls

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Brown and Blue (name changed) is a nationwide American furniture company that lost a lot of money with their short stint as a courier company. The company decided to have their own courier company after they started to have 40% of their sales online and they believed that they were spending a lot of money on shipping and they will be better off if they have a courier company of their own.

The main reason behind the ever-growing online sales of Brown and Blue furniture has always been their low shipping charges, fast delivery and 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of delivery in case the customer is not satisfied.

The Brown and Blue company mainly focuses on serving the middle-income households and that includes every different section of the middle-income category including middle-middle, upper-middle and lower-middle.

The Brown and Blue furniture company accepts payments through PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer and all major internation credit cards.

One of the founders once even considered offering free shipping unless he was called crazy for it, the same founder once considered offering Cash on Delivery, again to be called crazy.

The Brown and Blue furniture company believes in rewarding their hard-working employees with great commissions and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many of their employees have bought their own houses without borrowing any loan from the bank with the commissions they made selling Brown and Blue Furniture. The furniture industry is really a profitable one.

Brown and Blue company has always believed in experimenting with new ideas and that includes importing all sorts of furniture from the Republic of China and selling the same on their retail chain only to receive negative feedback and declined sales but when it comes to the automated phone calls, they never thought about switching from Robotalker to any other. They have been using Robotalker for the past 3.5 years and they are extremely happy with the same.

Inspired by Li Shufu and guided by Texnologia, this American lady became a huge success

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Flann Terzis (name changed) used to copy her favorite female actor’s hairstyle and dressing style when she was in college. Flann’s friends used to make fun of her and taunted her by saying that you even copy the way your favorite female actor walks, don’t you have a style of your own? Flann never bothered about those guys until it got too late. Flann started getting bad grades and she was left behind all her friends in her career because she spent most of her time trying to copy her favorite female actor.

Flann is not a white supremacist but she is very protective about the white race and she says that the only spiritual race that she has discovered on earth is the white race. She respects the French, German, Italian, British, every major white nation. Now, when after struggling for 20 years, Flann has finally become a huge success, she sends regular donations to orphan houses of almost every major white nation.

There was a time when Flann used to be dependent upon her bully husband for her livelihood. He would harass Flann in all possible ways until he went on a trip to Egypt with a group of his friends. He and friends were believed to be Israeli spies by the Egyptian government and agencies. Meanwhile, Flann started her own mobile company inspired by Li Shufu of China who started his own refrigerator company back in 1982 and made his way to become the tenth richest person of the Republic of China and the owner of Geely which owns a legendary brand like Volvo. Flann kept reading blogs like texnologia to keep herself updated with the latest tech and gadget news and to keep herself motivated on her way to the top and not give up, she kept reading and listening to the stories of men like Li Shufu, Henry Ford and Soichiro Honda.

This wonder woman owns and runs several successful e-commerce stores

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Jane Gochnour (name changed) claims that she can forecast weather days before. She has successfully done the same in front of her husband, kids, relatives and friends so many times, she has never failed in any of her predictions but it is not always that she makes any such predictions but whenever she does, she never fails.

Another superpower that Jane claims to possess is the power of interpreting dreams. She says that she can tell about a person’s desires, estimated bank balance, net worth and lots of other stuff just by knowing his/her dreams. Jane walks the talk when it comes to this dream stuff, before heading for sleep, Jane starts deeply thinking about what she needs to do the next day in order to achieve her goals and she keeps thinking about the barriers and problems that are coming in her way of achieving those dreams and voila, she wakes up with the solution to those barriers and problems.

Jane is a full-time internet marketer and an owner of several e-commerce stores. When Jane is not working, predicting weather or analyzing her or someone else’s dreams, she is busy promoting the rights of the females on the social media.

Jane wants to become famous worldwide and she wants to become famous for positive reasons, she doesn’t want to be famous like a so-called Hollywood star or PewDiePie but she wants to be famous in her own way.

Jane has been writing a novel for the past 13 years but she hasn’t been able to complete it yet. This novel is the story of a girl who rises from rags to riches and is the richest woman in the world by the age of 37. Jane wants to write this novel as a perfectionist, not as an amateur and that’s why it is taking so much of her time, but 13 years is really really long, anyways, I wish Jane success with her writing project and hope that she completes it as soon as possible.

Popular female thong store accepts all major cryptocurrencies

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Sarah Romero (name changed) is an amateur car modifier, she claims that she can turn a Suzuki Ignis into a Bentley Mulsanne. Sarah says that Indian engineers are very capable but underestimated, some of the most brilliant people she met were engineers from India.

During her childhood, Sarah used to suffer from periodical memory lapses and the memories of those times still give her nightmares.

Sarah is one of the very few Italian females who partakes in protests against the Muslim migrants in Europe, especially Italy. Despite warnings from the family members telling her that protesting venues are a dangerous place for the females, especially in Italy, she doesn’t care. She is even planning to protest against the LGBT community next time, I hope she falls under a bus before that, she doesn’t have a right to interfere in the lives of the LGBT community, let them do what they do as long as they are enjoying it without harming anyone else.

Sarah manufactures and sells thongs, g-strings and jockstraps online and offline. What makes Sarah’s online and offline stores different from those of her competitors is her acceptance of the cryptocurrencies. She checks the updated prices of the cryptocurrencies after each 15 minute period on Coinmarketcap.

Sarah loves to eat at a particular nearby Chinese restaurant, she keeps staring at men eating there with lustful eyes in order to make them daydream about her all the time. Sarah is a great believer in energy vampirism and she says that when men daydream about her it makes her more energetic, happy and healthy.

Sarah has curly hair which she herself hates but everyone other than her either loves or envy. She has tried to chemically straighten them up several times only to fail. Chemically trying to straighten the hair resulted in hair fall for Sarah and she always encourages the ladies she hate to get their straighten up too.

Wonderful Serbian couple uses both QIWI wallet and bitcoins

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Ivana Cubrilov (name changed) wants her upcoming son to be someone like ‘boss baby’. She has already decided that she will name him Theodore. Ivana doesn’t want her upcoming baby to be as lazy as his father – Ruslan. Ruslan feels like a winner after cycling for 15 minutes. He is either very lazy or has low energy levels.

Ruslan is extremely family oriented, he thinks of Ivana and his son who is on the way, all the time.

Ruslan believes that women dressing skimpily in Sweden has a lot to do with the number of  increasing rapes in Sweden. Ruslan says that the immigrants coming to Sweden are not used to see women wearing skimpy clothes and when they see a 6 feet tall blonde with an athletic figure wearing skimpy clothes, it drives them crazy.

One of Ivana’s siblings died as an infant. One of Ivana’s uncles has 16 children with 4 wives, all of different races and ethnicities.

Ruslan and Ivana have been trading bitcoins for the past 14 months. They both have been using QIWI wallet for the past 7 months. They use OBMEN24 to convert their QIWI money to bitcoins (обмен киви на биткоин).

Ruslan and Ivana say that technology is much more important than any other modern resource. Agricultural goods, petroleum, natural gas, gold, silver, minerals, etc are all inferior compared to technology.

Whenever someone says that Serbia is a victim of not having any precious natural resources and he/she puts the blame behind Serbia’s low GDP per capita to Serbia having no other natural resource than snow, Ruslan and Ivana give the example of Japan. Japan has almost no natural resource but they are one of the strongest economies and a very sovereign country.

Sigil Magic doesn’t make you rich but Prescott Financial Planner do

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Dennis is a 51 year old retired gentleman who was born in the desert city of United States – Tucson, Arizona and lived there until he was 5. When Dennis was 5, his whole family moved from Tucson AZ to Las Vegas. Nevada.

Dennis’ mother used to suffer from occasional severe depression. The cause of her depression wasn’t domestic violence or anything like that, but the shortage of funds to run the home. Dennis used to close his eyes when he was a kid and wished all the time “Oh God! Please make us rich so that my mother doesn’t suffer with depression anymore.”

Dennis’ grandfather was a big believer in Sigil Magic, but it never worked. Sigil magic is supposed to make the one doing it rich. The family never became even middle class, let alone becoming rich.

For the past 6 years, Dennis has been making more money than anybody in his family ever has. When Dennis was 44, he was living in this Bay Ridge neighborhood of the New York City when he met this Black Muslim guy who resided right next to him. Before meeting this gentleman, Dennis had no idea that there are Blacks who believe in Islam. The only one he knew of was Muhammad Ali. Anyways, this black gentleman was about to invest all his savings with Prescott Financial Planner and he told about it to Dennis as well. Dennis decided to give it a go for himself too, and here is Dennis today making over 10k USD a month in profits doing nothing but reinvesting the profits he saves with the same Prescott Financial Planning Company.

Dennis makes a resolution each year and his resolution for this year was starting to meditate everyday for an hour. Since starting meditation, Dennis feels very calm almost all the time, things don’t bother him as much, he feels more alert and energetic.

One thing that Dennis cannot stand is the glorification of celebrities, especially the actors.

Soon to be Watch Retail Tycoon installed XMEyepc on her PC to keep a check on her stores

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When Amanda was in high school she used to sell Japanese watches door to door part time in her city of Orlando, Florida. After completing her schooling, Amanda pursued a bachelor degree in economics.

After completing her education, Amanda didn’t go out to look for a job, but she built watch forums and blogs where she reviewed or talked about watches of all sorts and advertised her online watch stores on those blogs and forums. She also bought Chinese watches in bulk and sold those Chinese watches on eBay and other online marketplaces.

After making her first 500k USD, Amanda opened her first watch retail store in the city of Orlando. This was back in the year 2012. Since then, Amanda has opened 5 more stores in 5 different cities of Florida and that means she owns total of 6 watch retail stores now and she is only 30. She has a store in Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and Naples.

Amanda used various different apps to keep a check on her employees and her store before but the one she recently downloaded from for her PC is the one she cannot appreciate enough.

Amanda believes in the religion of humanity and she recently visited the positivist temple in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Amanda’s life philosophy is that always set big goals, keep a positive attitude and choose a career that you enjoy. Amanda like her parents didn’t want to work for anybody else, her parents too never worked for anyone else, they only did their own business.

Amanda believes that each unique human being is like a unique flower with different qualities and cons. Amanda is very pro-life and wants to live forever and she is taking some Chinese supplements that promise to make you immortal. I personally don’t think any of those work.

From a little kids’ clothing shop to one of the Europe’s biggest brewery – Sawyer’s story is full of inspiration

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There was a time when Andorran boy Sawyer used to work as an employee at his father’s clothing store in Encamp town of Andorra. The shop was a little shop and they mostly sold kids’ clothing. From the little kids’ clothing shop to one of the biggest breweries in the Western Europe, Sawyer’s story is nothing less than an inspiration.

When Sawyer was a teenager, he used to be angry all the time. His sister used to try to make him laugh all the time. They still recall those moments and laugh together whenever they meet. Sawyer used not be angry, he used to be frustrated all the time thinking how to become the richest man in Andorra. His frustration was even understood by the pet donkey that the family had at the time. Their pet donkey wouldn’t come anywhere near Sawyer back then.

Inspired by Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Pierre Omidyar and the like, Sawyer knew that if he works hard enough on his dreams, he will be able to achieve his goals.

I must say that Sawyer is one courageous young man. He didn’t fear failing and tried several low capital businesses until he became successful with few of those. Then he started a small scale brewery after doing a great research on where to find the right equipment for the same. What should I say – was he lucky or smart enough to find the best he could possibly find? After doing a 3 day research, he discovered –

It has been 3 years since Sawyer started his brewery and within these 3 years, Sawyer’s net worth has grown tenfold. He was worth 2 million Euros before 3 years and today his net worth is 20 million Euros.

Importing Mirror Glass from China and selling it on eBay can make you rich

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Daryll Toptchi (name changed) is a Canadian-Jewish young man born to a Catholic mother and a Jewish father. Daryll’s mother was always very lenient when it came to the studies and promoted Daryll for his bodybuilding and online business goals that he started off working at when he was only 14 while his father like most Jewish fathers would always ask him to study hard and don’t think about bodybuilding or business until he completes his college education. And like most Jewish fathers, Daryll’s dad wanted him to become a doctor, doesn’t matter which branch, General Practice, Dermatology, Dental practice, everything was okay with him as long as it gives his son the title of “Doctor” before his name.

But unfortunately, Daryll couldn’t go the medical college due to his low grades. His father was very disappointed, but his mother had confidence in him and always knew that her son is going to be a success. Daryll went to a business college and after coming back from the college each day, he would try his hand in several online businesses. Daryll suffered losses in most of the businesses but didn’t give up. He knew there is a lot of potential in him and he is naturally gifted when it comes to doing the business.

It is surprising that even though Daryll had tried several businesses already in a span of about 6 years, he never tried to sell anything on eBay. The idea came to him when he looked for a bathroom mirror on eBay. He found out that Chinese sellers were selling 10x as better bathroom mirrors on eBay for one third the price than their Canadian rivals, the only difference was that they had a much longer delivery time. Daryll knew that he has finally found a profitable business. Daryll took his parents’ permission and moved to China to look for the perfect mirror glass supplier and found one in Xingtai , Hebei Province.

Ex-nurse traveling the whole world, living her dream life

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Amanda is a 34 years old ex-nurse who has by now traveled almost each and every country that is on the face of planet earth. You may be wondering that Amanda got married to a filthy rich man and that’s how she left her job and traveled the whole world, so my honest and true reply to you is “NO”. Amanda is a self-made multimillionaire now and she did it all on her own. It was 95% luck and 5% hard-work.

The difference between you and Amanda is that while you waste most of your time on the internet looking for stupid Youtube videos, Amanda used it it make money.

Amanda is now living her dreams and did I tell you that she owns two hospitals of her own in the city of Campinas?

Amanda is also very spiritual and a history buff as well. She loves to study different religions in her free time. But Amanda also doesn’t like several aspects of different religions like she hates how Christianity promotes poverty and promises great things to the poor people. “Poverty is a trap”, Amanda says.

Amanda also is a fitness buff. She has a private Yoga teacher coming to her house everyday in the morning teaching and doing yoga with her. Amanda doesn’t like the idea of the gym and is more into Yoga and Aerobic stuff.

Amanda was raised by ignorant parents and she says that she won’t do to her children what her parents did to her. She is not a mother yet but when she becomes one, she will be fantastic mother.

Would you like to know how this ex-nurse made it to the top? Check out Como aumentar meu score

MTSY can turn any company into a household name

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Yodha Gera Pvt Ltd (name changed) is a very old family business based in New Delhi. If you have ever been to the city of New Delhi, you must be aware of a market that goes by the name Pallika Bazar. Pallika Bazar was the first centrally Air Conditioned market in the city of New Delhi. The family started its business back in the early 1960s and they are the richest among all their relatives.

Yodha Gera Pvt Ltd’s business has been seeing a constant downfall since the mid 1980s. In the early 2000s, they were on the verge of shutting down forever, but someone suggested selling on websites like eBay, Amazon and Etsy. The family was so unaware about how to sell online that it took them about a month only to learn how to sell there.

Yodha Gera was doing very well selling their products online. They even had to hire a couple of employees only to take care of the online orders and taking them to the courier shop.

By the year 2017, all their accounts on different online stores were shut down due to one or another violation of Terms and Conditions. The family decided to start selling on their own website.

They were very enthusiastic about selling on their own website but it wasn’t as easy as they thought it would be. Very few people are interested in buying from an unfamiliar site and you have to create a brand first if you want to sell on your own website.

Yodha Gera Pvt Ltd then came across mtsyconsulting marketing, contacted them and told them their whole story. It was a piece of cake for MTSY Consulting to turn any company into a brand, and Yodha Gera Pvt Ltd was already so old and did their work so honestly, the task was much easier to make them into a world-class brand.

It took MTSY only 75 days to make Yodha Gera a household name and today, Yodha Gera has been selling more lamps than ever before.

San Marino based Swimming Pool Accessories Company found refuge in Dongguan, China

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Espochi Cuchico Pvt Ltd (name changed) is a San Marino based Swimming Pool Accessories selling company. Espochi Cuchico Pvt Ltd used to manufacture all of its products itself until most of the swimming pool accessories transformed into plastic and all of its surviving competitors started outsourcing the manufacturing of the products to the plastic injection mold companies in China.

Espochi Cuchico Pvt Ltd kept manufacturing its own products until the day it came on the verge of a shutdown. The management had no other way than to outsource the manufacturing to some company in China or India. They first went to India in a hope that the quality of the products would be much better there. They were disappointed to their surprise. The quality was nowhere close to what their competitors were selling in San Marino, and they all imported from China.

The management then decided to move to China. They roamed around every big city of China and found nothing but disappointment. They went to the factories in Shanghai, the industries in Beijing and Taipei, but they were no good. They wondered where their competitors was getting it done. Then they met a taxi driver who used to work at one of the factories in Dongguan that manufactures plastic products.

The taxi driver gave the management of the Espochi Cuchico Pvt Ltd the address of the Dongguan factory and told them they can’t find any better. The management flew to Dongguan from Beijing the next day and were amazed at seeing the quality of the products this factory manufactures; and their prices were also lesser than the ones in India, Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei.

The factory owner told them that they are supplying to many other San Marino companies as well. The Espochi Cuchico Pvt Ltd signed up the deal and we are certain that they will become one of the topmost soon enough.

Aluminum Pots, Aluminum Patio Furniture, you name it, Dongguan is the best place to buy it

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The Republic of China has become to the world’s economy what Parenchyma is to the plants, the only functional part of it. Industries are created by ambitious people, and the society gives a special status to those who create industries. Industries are the roots of any modern society. The industrial revolution was first started in the Europe, but it is China who is ruling almost all the industries of the world today.

In this post, I will tell you about how Republic of China’s industries are ruling the Aluminum die casting industry and how they are unparalleled in quality and the price. The companies all located in your home country, each and every one of those will tell you how they have reached the pinnacle of success and how good they are, you might do the mistake of believing them at first, but when it comes to the die casting products, the companies located in Dongguan, Republic of China are unparalleled.

Let me give you an example here, one of my friends runs a medium sized furniture business in the heart of New Delhi. It is a family business, he is perhaps the fourth generation. Although Indian government and common Indian people claim to be some of the best when it comes to the furniture. He tells how they import all the aluminum patio furniture from the Republic of China. Each and everything made of aluminum in the whole market is imported from the China without exception. Whether it is the table, chairs, sofas, stool, you name it.

The store just next door to him sells aluminum pots, all imported from China without exception. The Chinese sell the Indians at a price their local Indian manufacturers cannot sell. Who would buy from the Indian manufacturers then? Perhaps, a ghost who knows nothing about the quality or prefers low quality over high quality.

One of the most popular drug rehabs of America is what it is today due to lead marketing

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The Rehab and Rehab (name changed) is today one of the most popular rehabs in all of United States. The rehab was started by a very young and passionate doctor who didn’t get into the rehab business in order to make money but to help people. We will call the doctor who founded the Rehab “Sylvester” here. So, Sylvester had a drug addict aunt who was an engineer by profession. He lost his aunt to drug overdose. Sylvester also had a drug addict uncle whose wife and kids left him because of his drug addiction.

Sylvester didn’t have an idea that just starting a rehab wouldn’t be enough. Drug rehab is a very competitive business and it is very difficult to attract the addicts and their family, what is even more difficult is to persuade the addicts and their family that there is no ill-treatment that goes on in the rehab. Many rehabs treat the addicts (patients) very badly and that’s one of the reasons why the addicts don’t enroll into one even though most of them are always very curious to drop the drug addiction.

Only 2 addicts enrolled during the period of first 3 months in Sylvester’s Rehab and Rehab. Sylvester started to think that he made a mistake by starting this rehab for drug addicts. He called up a friend of his and told him the whole story. Sylvester’s friend started laughing like crazy and told Sylvester that there is nothing to worry about and he will tell him about a fantastic online marketing company that does unbelievably good lead generation with SEO.

Sylvester contacted the online marketing company the next day because it was too late already. The marketing company told Sylvester that they have done lead generation for many drug rehab centers before and it is no big deal for them.

They made Rehab and Rehab what it is today within a time period of 16 months with their marketing tactics and experience.

Nurse turned into full-time Amazon FBA Seller

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Sandra is a 34 year old ex-nurse who worked in different areas of nursing in her short career, including orthopaedics and dialysis. Sandra got into nursing because from her very childhood she loved helping people.

Sandra didn’t have any idea how hard it was going to be. Sandra started off with being an orthopaedic nurse and soon enough found herself stuck in a job that she started to hate. Almost every nurse that you meet working in the orthopaedic field hates her job and does it only for the money. Sandra was making over 100, 000 US Dollars a year working as orthopaedic nurse, but after a couple of years left the job for a much lower paying dialysis nurse career.

Sandra didn’t like dialysis nurse career either. But she did it to take care of her family. Her husband is a small businessman who doesn’t make over 30, 000 US Dollars a year. Sandra’s family used to be dependent on the income that she fetched as a nurse.

By the time Sandra was 30, she was too tired of her nursing job that she was even willing to do something that pays the half the amount of money that she was earning, she would look for the ways to make money online whenever she got a little time to do the same.

After buying from Amazon for over 10 years, Sandra started to wonder how to sell on Amazon FBA. In the year 2016, she accidentally met a patient who was an Amazon seller himself and he taught her everything. After receiving personal training, Sandra started selling products related to health on Amazon as she had expertise in that field. Currently, she is making over 15, 000 US Dollars a month selling on Amazon, and she doesn’t work as a nurse anymore.

This is how Martinez brothers became the top in their field in the city of Orlando

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Martinez brothers have been running a carpentry business in the city of Orlando for the last 12 years. Even though they are some of the best carpenters that you have probably never heard about before, they just get average number of clients. Their neighboring shop is also in the same business and they get more business than the Martinez brothers just because their shop is bigger, they have more money to spend on the advertisements and they are a full-fledged company.

Martinez Brothers not only provided an impeccable service, their main goal of the day used to be to serve and impress as many clients as possible instead of making as much money as possible. But then things changed, both the brothers got married to their girlfriends and they had kids on the way. Their wives couldn’t work and the bills were increasing. One of the brothers (Jim) got the idea that they should focus more on advertising their business and start some gimmick to expand the number of clients. The other brother (Ryan) was impressed with the idea but he had no clue what Jim was talking about. Jim then explained Ryan that they will first buy the best radar detector on the market, and then start guaranteeing a visit within 3 hours or 50% off to the clients. Ryan never heard about radar detector before and was in a dilemma. Jim told Ryan that he will handle it and the top radar detectors are really something to rely upon.

Jim ordered a radar detector and put a Google Adsense ad. They became pretty popular within a week, started getting 6 times the number of calls that they did before and raised their prices as well. Now they make 5 times the profits that they did before after about an year of buying the radar detectors and working on Jim’s idea. Jim has a son and Ryan has a daughter. The Martinez brothers are happier than ever before.

Swedish clerk finally found a way to beat his Sonographer friend in terms of earnings

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Liam is a Swedish boy who was born and raised in the town of Lund. Liam was never good at his studies and was told by the teachers and parents of his quite often that he is not capable doing anything in life. They used to tell him that he will become a clerk even if he tries his best. Liam was always depressed because of his grades in the school, because of his performance in sports and the taunts by his friends, family members and teachers.

Liam’s best friend Melker was great at studies. Melker decided to be a Sonographer after the 8th grade and Liam merely passed his examinations. Liam then failed his school examinations the next year. Liam’s parents suggested to him that he shouldn’t worry much about his failure in the studies because even he does, he cannot do anything much valuable. Liam’s parents suggested that he should start working at odd-jobs as soon as he complete his studies, which he really did. Liam or his parents never wanted this for him.

Liam finally got a waiting job at a nearby restaurant. Liam was obviously not happy with the job. He wanted to be at the least equal to his best friend Melker when it came to the status and earnings. Liam would come back home and find ways to make more money and by chance he finally found what would change his life forever and that is a Google Scraper.

Liam now makes over a million Swedish Krona in a year and drives a top model Volvo XC90. I think it is a great achievement within a year.

Kapoor Brothers got AC installed with the help of Chan Brothers in their small Punjabi dhaba

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Kapoor brothers migrated to Singapore from India in the year 1988 and since then they have been running their small Indian Punjabi Dhaba on the streets of Geylang. Till the year 2015, they didn’t have an air conditioner in their small dhaba as the income wasn’t much, they feared fitting an air conditioner would result in greater electricity bills which in turn would increase the prices for the food at their dhaba, which will ultimately result in lesser regular customers and one day they will have to pack up their business.

One so-called well-wisher told them that A/Cs are needed to be repaired every other month and the cost for getting them repaired is not cheap either. The Kapoor Brothers decided to never get AC installed in their dhaba until the daughter of one of the brothers visited the dhaba and couldn’t stop screaming “It is so hot in here, why don’t you get an air conditioner fitted here in this stinking little dhaba.”

The brothers were really embarrassed after hearing this and researched on the internet who are the people that can give them a real good advice for getting an AC fixed in their small dhaba. They figured out that Chan Brothers from the Woodlands, Singapore would be the best people to get in touch with in the case. They called on Chan Brothers and told their requirements and the Chan Brothers told them the best AC that they could get at the price the Kapoor Brothers were willing to spend. Chan Brothers suggested them such a great AC that the Kapoor Brothers hadn’t had to call the Chan Brothers even once for the Aircon Servicing in more than 3 years.

21 year old Indian boy created a functional and great looking shopping website

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A 21 year old boy in India (we will call him Parth here) founded a great looking and really functional shopping website. The founder has never worked anywhere, he even didn’t go to a college, he did his graduation from what they call an Open University, an Open University is a correspondence university where the candidate doesn’t have to go to a college regularly, the only times he goes to a college is on the exam days.

Parth wanted to make huge money with his site and wanted to be on par with the eBay, Amazon, AliBaba and Etsy; but he doesn’t have any experience of the human management and he has always been a loner, what could he do?

He asked all his friends what to do and they too were clueless and then finally he began searching on the internet. The internet made him even more confused, on the Quora he got answers that were totally irrelevant to his query and looked very robotic, on Yahoo Answers, the people who answered had no clue as to what he was asking. But Parth was determined to make it. He went to a uncle of his who told him that he needed a HR Management Company to take care of his needs.

Parth contacted all the local HR companies and he found that none of those was what he was looking for. They were just Human Resource Management companies for the name, they didn’t even know how to manage their own business. He listened to his intuition and went to the London city where one of his cousins lived who assured him that he will get Parth in touch with one of the best HR consultancy firms in the world and it is not even expensive.

Village Boy from Bihar made it big with email marketing software

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Suresh is a 21 year old boy from the village of Koilwar in Bihar. He was only 19 when he left home to find a job in New Delhi. On his first day, he successful landed a job as an assistant in a Cyber Cafe. The work timings were 10 AM to 9 PM everyday, no holiday except for Holi or Diwali, Suresh was willing to work even more but the salary wasn’t enough for him and his family to survive. Only Rs. 5000 a month; he said to himself “Something is better than nothing” and continued working there. Suresh was very hard-working, ambitious and would go to any extent to make his family live a good life. One big advantage that he had as a Cyber Cafe employee was that he had an all-time access to the online world and instead of wasting those precious hours on Facebook or Twitter, Suresh used to lookout for stuff he could do online to make some money. He tried surveys, and petty other jobs but he knew that he can make it bigger.

One day he stumbled upon email marketing campaign software and the webpage that it was featured upon looked very attractive to him. He started researching day and night about it. His English wasn’t good as he was from a village in Bihar and they talk only Bhojpuri there mostly and Hindi is like English to them.

After he understood clearly and how he could benefit from it, he instantly called his mother who creates and sells handmade soaps and candles in her village. He asked her whether she can create more of those, his mother said “Why not? I would be more than happy to”. He bought the software and started using it to sell the handmade soaps and candles that her mother made, he got several big retail sellers as buyers who sold the same handmade candles and soaps branded as their own in great packaging and now, he and his mother together have been making over Rs. 1, 00, 000 a month.