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Ex-wife of one of the richest men in Tamil Nadu, self-proclaimed biblical scholar and a mother of two loves to watch movies with her kids

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Ines Anipoli (name changed) recently divorced her Indian husband and came back to Heraklion, Greece after the divorce. Ines has been given the custody for her children and that’s what she was most worried about as one of her 2 kids is older than 7 years. Nothing gives Ines more pleasure than watching movies with her children (παιδικεσ ταινιεσ).

Ines’s ex-husband is one of the wealthiest leather industrialists in one of the metros of India and capital of the southernmost Indian state called Tamil Nadu – Chennai (earlier known as Madras). Chennai is the hub for the leather industry in India and responsible for 23% of the leather produced in the country. India is one of the greatest leather exporters in the world and Ines’s ex-husband is one of the topmost player in the industry, so you can imagine how wealthy the man is, not a billionaire though, yes – a billionaire in Indian currency but nowhere near to being a billionaire in Euros and US Dollars.

Ines is not a believer but she has always been fascinated by the biblical stories and mythologies. Ines has traveled all of what used to be called the promised land and is still called by the same name. Ines has thoroughly researched about the garden of Eden and several other biblical sites but her main emphasis and favorite has always been the garden of Eden. Nothing catches Ines’s curiosity as the garden of Eden and she has come to the conclusion that the garden of Eden was between the Black sea and the Caspian sea. Ines says that any tribe or people that live in this area between the Caspian and Black sea will be blessed by the god himself.

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Aprajita Maheshwari (name changed) is an Indian teacher whose mother was also a teacher. Aprajita has been teaching economics to the students of a reputed school in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh for over a decade but her own economical condition was never good. Her husband belongs to a family that was always involved in one or another form of small business and even though her husband is well-educated, in his life of 45 years, he never worked for someone else but rather always started one business to another and always failed.

Aprajita’s husband owned a 250 square yard independent house when Aprajita got married to him but now they live in a 70 square yard old and broken apartment on rent. They have a son and a daughter whom Aprajita doesn’t want to get affected by their economical condition. She and her husband play several different games to hide their bad economical condition from their children, but children know very well what their family is going through.

Aprajita even got her kids a new set of Oculus Rift so that her studious children can have some happy hours on the weekends. The kids know very well where to get the free robux codes and now they spend most of their weekends playing the robux.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, they find their mother weeping silently on the couch. The children then invited their mother to play a game of robux and enjoy the life. Aprajita since that day has gone addicted to the game and spends most at least an hour of Sunday playing the robux.