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Dentist from Arizona and her Singer Sister wear Wig to hide their thinning hair

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Dr Tanya Dunhill is a Dentist from Sedona, Arizona, who claims on the official blog of her practice that the dentists themselves in the first world countries are three times less likely to get any sort of tooth disease excluding cancer, but they are as likely to get oral cancer as an average adult belonging to their country.

Dr Tanya Dunhill writes on her blog that those who believe in ghosts show no difference in their oral health and the way their teeth look than their counterparts who don’t, as has been believed by the men and women since the prehistorical times. Dr Tanya Dunhill claims to have explored most of the tribal societies of the world and she claims that the tribal people of India, the Aboriginal Australian tribes and many African tribal people still believe that some peculiar oral diseases and certain peculiar teeth shape are the proof that the human is possesses by a ghost.

One of Dr Tanya Dunhill’s sisters is a singer and looking at how much care this singer sister of Dr Tanya Dunhill takes of her throat and oral health, Dr Tanya Dunhill has come to the conclusion that the singers need to take as much care of their teeth as they do of their throat.

Dr Tanya and her Singer sister, both have thinning hair, but they don’t seem to be troubled with it at all as long as they have access to wigstoreonline wigs.

Dr Tanya Dunhill and her Singer sister, both love to skate on the weekends and they know some of the best places, both online and offline to buy Roller Skates for Women.

Dr Tanya Dunhill writes on her blog that those who study microbiology as a hobby or have even some knowledge regarding bacteria, molds, etc, are 25% less likely to get germ related tooth diseases compared to those who don’t know much about the microbiology. “That’s how much studying these tiny bacteria, molds, etc, help you”, she adds.

This Urologist from Rajasthan, India, believes that she is more beautiful than most 123movies Actresses

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Dr Geeta Lamba is a Urologist from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, who claims on her blog that the Renal Cancer was almost non-existent in India until about 10 years ago, but India has one of the highest rates of Renal Cancer per capita currently, and she attributes it to a lot of things including the increasing popularity of the soft drinks and the pollution as well, although she has no proof that these both have anything to do with the Renal Cancer. It is her own personal belief that the artificially made soft drinks and pollution play a significant role in causing Renal Cancer.

Dr Geeta Lamba claims that caffeine is responsible for curing/preventing/treating several different UTIs and it is a known fact among the physicians. She claims that fake experts on the internet have been spreading the opposite news lately, and she attributes all the related articles to them only.

Dr Geeta Lamba claims that beautiful women are less likely to suffer with different urological diseases and she adds that it includes herself. Then she clarified that she wasn’t being too proud or anything, she just wanted to explain it better. Then the next day, she made another post writing that after watching 123movies, she has come to the conclusion that she is prettier than most established and popular actresses, only to receive a lot of hateful comments beneath that post.

Dr Geeta Lamba claims on her blog that yoga is harmful for all sorts of UTIs, especially when combined with dehydration or lack of fluids. She received a lot of hate again for making such statement, especially by the followers of one of the most infamous and wealthiest Indian Yoga Gurus – Swami Ramdev, but she replied to each of those that the truth stays the truth and she cannot do anything about it, it is just the way it is.

After about a week later, she made a post on her blog that she has been receiving death threats by the followers and disciples of Swami Ramdev. One of her regular readers happened to be a cop from the same vicinity, who got in touch with her immediately after reading that post of her, but then she told him that she has no proof, but she received such calls. It goes without saying that she was lying about it. The cops didn’t take any action against her but left her with a warning.

Indian-Brazilian Woman keeps a check that some other woman is not falling for her man since he started using Schwinn AC Performance Plus Carbon Blue

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Bulbul Mathur is an Indian woman currently married to a Brazilian man whom she met in Goa. They both fell in love with each other at the first sight. We will call Bulbul’s current husband Roberto here. Roberto kept visiting Goa to meet Bulbul. Finally, Roberto decided to take Bulbul along with him to Brazil and marry her there. Bulbul was more than happy with this decision of Roberto.

Bulbul and Roberto have a great relationship going. Roberto loves to tease Bulbul by checking out other girls and she really gets scared since he looks so good now since he started using Schwinn AC Performance Plus Carbon Blue. Roberto and Bulbul have a kid on the way and Bulbul since then has been constantly chasing the state of what they call Turiya in Hinduism. Turiya is the state when you become so engrossed and blissful in the activity that you are doing that you forget about everything else.

Somebody told Bulbul that if she stays happy all the time, her upcoming baby too will be happy all the time. So, in the pursuit of more happiness, she bought a couple of tickets of different lottery organizations and she really got lucky with lucky day. On the day of lucky day lottery’s result when Bulbul discovered that she has won over 8 million Brazilian Reals, she literally had tears of joy in her eyes.

Bulbul and Roberto both hate the show-offs and it is obvious that they are not going to spend the winning amount in any of the show-off stuff. Most likely, they will invest the money in their upcoming baby’s better future. For now, they have put all the money in the bank and haven’t decided yet where to spend or invest a penny out of it.

Homemaker from Salvador, Brazil has over 2 million views on her video about eliminating expression lines from the face

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Andy Sousa owns a very popular book store in the Barra neighborhood of Salvador city in Brazil. Andy has always been a harsh critic of the book stores that maintain no exclusivity at all. Andy advises that people should boycott so-called book stores that maintain no exclusivity at all. Andy claims to have come across several book stores that sold electronics and other gadgets which he found extremely unprofessional. Andy says that he will go bankrupt but will never lose the exclusivity of his book store.

Andy’s wife – Nicky has been writing her first book on the life of one of her heroes – George Orwell aka Eric Arthur Blair for the past few months and although she likes to call herself a homemaker, she has been creating and uploading videos on the Youtube on topic of skin care with her most popular video ever being the one in which she told how to do away with expression lines on the face (como acabar com as linhas de expressão no rosto). The video received over 2 million views with most of the views being from Portugal and Brazil although she had English captions on her video on.

Andy has already disclosed some of the excerpts from the book for his wife about George Orwell. She writes that George Orwell always wanted to be friends with the Burmese, Sri Lankans and Indians as he loved their culture but they hated him because he was a British and they were irrational to the good and warm-hearted Britishers and the Colonists.

In her book, Andy’s wife claims that if George Orwell didn’t become friends with the curate of the local parish Church and involved himself in holy activities, he would be just another writer. “It was this curate of the local parish Church who put that generosity in Eric Arthur Blair’s head and heart”, she adds.

Rich couple got fascinated by the Garra Rufa aquarium more than they got fascinated by the miraculous capability of the Garra Rufa fish

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Andrew Stanley is a Slovakian businessman of English origin who currently owns 2 factories and a store chain. One of Mr Stanley’s factories produces jumpsuits, pleat dresses, evening dresses, bow dresses, lace dresses, ruched dresses and playsuits for women and the other factory produces capris, bell bottoms, trousers, skirts, frills and pants for women. Andrew’s store chain is a vintage clothing store chain that sells everything vintage including toys, cut & sew, denim dresses, bolero, tie, polka, jackets, blazers, trousers, skirts and socks.

Mr Stanley’s wife – About 7–8 months ago, Bella got a disease which I think you may be already familiar about, it is a skin disease and it goes by the name psoriasis. Bella didn’t tell Andrew about it at all and she decided to keep it a secret until and unless she found a cure for the same as she feared that Andrew will get an ugly image of her in his eyes because of her skin disease. Andrew couldn’t notice it either as he was very stressed due to a new business that he was planning to enter into and Andrew also secretly believes that practicing celibacy gets him out of the stress and increases his creativity. Bella thought that Andrew has already seen her rashes and now he hates the way she looks. Bella being a shy woman felt so embarrassed to visit a doctor and she decided to find the cure on herself. Months went by like this, once when Andrew decided to make love to his wife, he saw the psoriasis rashes at different places of the body of his lovely wife. Luckily enough, Andrew recognized what it was and what’s even better is that he also knew about a bulletproof pedicure that could alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis and the pedicure is called Garra Rufa pedicure. The very next day, Mr Stanley took Bella to a Garra Rufa spa, Andrew was already well aware of the fact that it is a bulletproof treatment and the Bella’s symptoms getting alleviated within a matter of 30 minutes wasn’t a big deal for him but Mr Stanley got fascinated by the beautiful DermaQuarium aquariums that they used at the spa and surprisingly enough, Mrs Stanley was even more fascinated by those aquariums than her spouse.

The couple has now decided to open a Garra Rufa spa of their own and they are going to use nothing but DermaQuarium aquariums there.

Adrian Maly is the perfect example of how much of your life can be changed with losing those extra pounds

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Adrian Maly (name changed) owns an appliance repair service chain that stretches from North Dakota in the west to the Wisconsin in the east. Adrian used to struggle with losing weight until he was told by his aerobics instructor wife – Adriana about CrazyBulk Cutting Stack.

Adrian also underwent a gynecomastia surgery recently. He used to be extremely anxious and under-confident because of his gynecomastia and over-weight but his life has changed completely since he lost that extra weight and the man boobs. Adrian can now fit in his Porsche 911 which he used to miss driving so much. He used to look extremely awkward driving his Ford Fiesta but now he doesn’t. Adrian would only drive SUVs or pick-up trucks before undergoing the surgery and losing the extra pounds.

Before Adrian got into the appliance repair business, he didn’t even have the money to get his small 2 bedroom apartment painted but now he lives in a bungalow by the beach.

Adrian has a passion for motorcycles and he believed that his wife would let him drive motorcycles once he loses the extra pounds but she is not letting him do so as she finds it unsafe. She even sold one BMW bike that he owned.

Adrian is a conspiracy theorist and he has a couple of blogs where he keeps posting regularly. Adrian claims that the planet Pluto carries a special significance for the Shia Muslims. Adrian also claims that the Abu Azrael of Kataib al-Imam Ali is a homosexual.

According to Adrian, the planet Jupiter was called Jupiter long before it was the name of a Roman God.

Adrian is a strict vegetarian and according to him, the cosmos brings bad luck to the non-vegetarians.

Adrian claims that the 9/11 was planned and done by the Russia to destroy the American economy as Russia knew that the USA will enter a long-lasting battle with the Afghanistan and Pakistan after the 9/11.

Catholic couple is going to the Thailand to enjoy their yearly honeymoon

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Clove Fisherman (name changed) hates working out in the gym but still does it 6 days a week. Clove has lost 15 lbs since he joined the gym and it has been only 4 months since he joined one.

Clove is one heck of a reader too and a rare one. Clove hates novels but he loves to read everything science, history and archaeology. He is thinking about pursuing a PhD in Biology as he wants to know and learn more about the subject and wants to be called a doctor too although he denies the later.

Clove’s wife – Chloe loves to read love stories but she hates to read about the wars. Though Chloe hates to read everything related to the wars, she has some interesting ideas about justice, politics and laws. Chloe says that the rapists must be chained and thrown into the open seas after they have been convicted of the crime.

Clove is a great believer in the Christian and Islamic eschatology and he says that Donald Trump is the real Dajjal. Chloe also believes in the Christian and Islamic eschatology but she says that Jared Corey Kushner is the real Dajjal.

Clove is half-Turkish and half-French, he was brought up by his grandmother in Bursa, Turkey though he spent a huge chunk of his childhood in Southern France as well.

Clove claims that the France would have been much behind the United Kingdom and Germany if it wasn’t a Catholic majority country but the Catholic morals and the virtue and attribute of profitability has kept France on par with Germany and UK.

Clove and Chloe love to enjoy a mini honeymoon each year in some different Asian country. Mostly they enjoy their mini honeymoon in the winters and this January they are going to the Thailand and they are too excited about it. They will first go to Bangkok and from there they will go Amphawa, they have already booked a cab from Bangkok to Amphawa.

God tells Josue Dalton to keep donating in order to keep earning millions, stay fit and healthy

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Josue Dalton (name changed) does a lot of charity and donation, he claims that he speaks to the god when all alone and the god tells him that he will stay in a perfect shape and health as long as he keeps donating and not to mention that he will keep making those millions too as long as he keeps donating.

Josue is a strong Palestine supporter who claims that the western part of the Israel will become a part of the Egypt and the east of Israel will become a part of Palestine, Josue wishes that all this happen before he dies and he believes that this will happen before he dies. He is sick and tired of hearing the atrocities of the Israeli people and soldiers towards the Palestinians.

Josue has studied about all the major religions of the world, including their histories, tales, folklore and mythology. Josue claims that Hindu god Shiva was an ancient yogi who would drink bhang and stay asleep or in a meditative position for weeks and would hallucinate often, the ancient Hindus started believing that he was a god just like they do with everyone and everything. Josue says that the Hindus are so stupid that on the one side they spit venom against the Muslims and Christians all the time and on the other they visit their places of worship for the blessings. Josue says that Hindu people like all idol worshipers are beggars without any spiritual values. Josue agrees that Shiva lived on a Mountain called Kailash but he disagrees with the tale that his wife committed suicide by burning herself alive after learning that her husband wasn’t invited to a party organized by her rich and powerful father. Shiva also disagrees that Shiva married for the second time, Josue claims that Shiva was addicted to the masturbation and he didn’t have the strength for a second wife.

Hair Transplant after 2 months

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Pablo Johnson (name changed) claims that if you don’t switch your position after each 3 minute, you are boring your woman, if your woman is not telling you then you are either too small for her or she is an introvert or maybe an idiot.

Pablo used to trust Traditional Indian Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine more than the modern Western medical science until he saw his best friend who was bald throughout his 20s and 30s looked a completely new man after getting a hair transplant done by Istanbul’s famous Dr T. The hair transplant results after 2 months on his head were just astonishing, Pablo has decided to go for a hair transplant himself although he is not that bald. I think Dr T will send him back home after having a look on his head, as he is not that bald.

Pablo recently disembarked his eCommerce journey by selling spare parts for boats, yachts and speedboats online. I wish him all the best with his new business and I hope that he makes millions with it to start several more businesses. He is a genius when it comes to business and he always works wholeheartedly.

Pablo started his career with working at a tech job, he never felt enthusiastic working there. Pablo has developed a lot of techniques all by himself that has made working for him fun and enjoyable. Pablo can focus on his work for hours at a time, I mean he enters the state of nirvikalpa samadhi (nirvana/zen) while working.

Pablo’s brother – Nacho is a part of the founding members of one of the topmost Turkish multinational companies. Nacho keeps informing Pablo that there is a sharp divide between the African, Indian market and the European, Australian, Canadian and North American market. Nacho tells Pablo that if you are always successful in the either of these parts, it doesn’t guarantee success on the other part.

Caught wife cheating on him, getting a transplant in 2019 to become more attractive to her

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Talha Bayraktar (name changed) is a Turkish gentleman from the seventh largest city of Turkey – Konya. Talha has a degree in hotel management and his wife also has a degree in the same. Talha caught his wife cheating on him in the month of August last year and since then their marriage was in a big trouble. Talha didn’t divorce his wife for the sake of his children. One of Talha’s children with his wife was born with a mental and psychological birth defect and Talha knows that this kid of his won’t be able to take the pain of their divorce.

Talha is 49 already and he already had no hair left on his head at the age of 45. After catching his wife cheating on him, Talha has been wondering what made her cheat on him and one of the reasons he believes is that she doesn’t find Talha attractive anymore. So, Talha has decided to get a hair transplant in the upcoming year. He has already checked the hair transplant price list 2019 and it is not that expensive for him. He can pay for it and he is willing to pay for it.

Talha hates the victim mentality and loves real life victors. Talha literally never played a victim in his entire life. Talha is very pragmatic too. He wouldn’t let any of decisions taken in a hurry set fire to his house.

Talha is the grandson of a soldier who died in the battle of Tillyria. Most of the men in the paternal family of Talha till the previous generation were soldiers.

Rough and Tough Self-Made Multi-Millionaire Texan got his hair back naturally

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Dannus Tracy is a Texan who like most Texans grew up in a rough and tough environment. Dannus was homeless after he moved out when he was 19. He used to live in his best friend’s car and although his best friend was ready to provide him with everything that he wanted, Dannus wouldn’t take any further help but look for a better job after coming back from the Subway Restaurant where he was working back then.

It is a long story how Dannus made his first million and then ultimately became a multi-millionaire but one thing is for certain that the money couldn’t change the simplicity and no-nonsense attitude of Dannus ever.

Dannus is 61 already and has married twice. His first wife whom he loved so much died during a surgery. Dannus sued the doctors and the hospital and won 20 Million US Dollars. Dannus didn’t sue the doctors or the hospital for the money at all but to teach them a lesson for their negligence.

Since then Dannus avoids any sort of treatment, surgeries, etc and when he noticed himself losing hair on his head back in his late fifties, instead of having a hair transplant, Dannus decided to look for natural hair growth solution on the internet and came across this incredibly great article on Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu’s website which really helped him get back most of his hair.

Dannus’ wife has been loving his new hair and his kids feel so proud to take pictures with him and get flattered when their Facebook or Instagram friends comment so positively about their father’s great looks.

One of Don Johnson’s biggest fan got hair implant inspired by him

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Shawn Bertman is a 41 year old British man who grew up watching Miami Vice like most others his age. Don Johnson is, was and will ever be his biggest hero. His friends even call Shawn “Sonny” to this day. Shawn was the biggest Don Johnson and Miami Vice fan among them all and to this day, he can’t stop watching it. He has bought the complete series of the show’s every season through the Amazon and watches it whenever he has some spare time.

He has also watched each and every soundtrack video of the show on the Youtube and never misses out commenting on each of it. He never even misses to watch any interview of his all-time hero Mr. Don Johnson.

Shawn was only 37 when he had lost almost 75% of the hair on his head. He always wondered what caused it, and he also always wondered how is hero Don Johnson has all his hair intact yet.

Many of Shawn’s friends suggested the idea of Fue hair transplant, but Shawn was too scared of it. He feared the side effects and he also thought it is costly. But one day, when he saw his hero Don Johnson mentioning in an interview about his hair transplant, Shawn said to himself “I need to get a hair transplant too.”

Shawn Bertman went for the Fue Hair Transplant UK and got the same hairstyle as Don Johnson. Now Shawn’s friends have started calling him “Sonny” more than ever again and Shawn feels so great when they do so. Back in the days when Shawn didn’t have any hair on his head, when some friend of Shawn called him “Sonny”, he would think that they are making fun of him. I forgot to tell you, Shawn has got a new girlfriend who is 7 years younger than him and she is really beautiful.

Broadcasters are very stressed all the time but that shouldn’t become a barrier

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Farrah is a 28 years old Malaysian woman who works as a news broadcaster in one of the top news channels of Malaysia. Farrah was born in Kota Kinabulu, but moved to Kuala Lumpur after she got the job as the broadcaster in a news channel. Farrah used to be a very bubbly girl throughout her school and college life.

Farrah got married when she was 25. Farrah now has a son as well. But Farrah is not finding the joy in her life anymore. Her husband is a small businessman who makes good money. They both like each other, but Farrah is not finding the joy she expected from her married life.

Farrah’s job is a very stressful one. She doesn’t feel like doing anything hot in bed after she comes back home from work and neither does her husband. Both live in very stressful conditions throughout the day.

There was a time when Farrah became very religious in hope to find a meaning of life. She used to come back home and say to herself “Is that all”? It became her everyday routine to do the same.

The religion couldn’t give much meaning to her life. Her husband knew about her depression and felt that it was lack of sensual activity. He wasn’t a chad either in bed but was desperate to raise his performance.

Farrah’s husband ordered some Ubat Kuat to keep things hot in the bedroom. The very first day her husband took Ubat Kuat, he grabbed her by her waist the moment Farrah reached home and made love like you have only heard in the stories. He lasted for 150 minutes and Farrah felt like she was in heaven. Since then, Farrah and her husband have been worshiping Ubat Kuat and each other’s precious bodies. They both now love their lives.

Hendersonville Lady improved her facial contour

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After being hit bad by the Cushing’s Syndrome, 39 year old Cassie was hopeless. Her stunning figure, body and face became some of the ugliest and she lost all hope. Finally, she was cured, but her face still looked like a moon. She went to another doctor who told her that it will improve by itself, she needn’t worry about it.

But Cassie’s gut told her that her face isn’t going to improve if she doesn’t do anything about it. She first tried all the home remedies and nothing worked. Then she stopped doing anything for a couple of months to improve her facial contour but somehow an inner voice told her to search on the internet for improve facial contour, which she did and found a product which started giving a positive difference to her face within a week.

Cassie now has a face even prettier than it was before she was hit by the Cushing’s Syndrome. Her story tells us that wherever there is a will there is a way and also we must not lose hope and listen to what our gut and inner voice tells us.

Trying this diet, that diet and nothing seems to work? Read this

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I am tired of people complaining about how they don’t eat anything that is fatty and full of carbohydrates and they still can’t lose any weight. Forget about losing weight, they just can’t stop getting fatter every day. You guys and girls need something more and that is Phenq. Your best friend won’t tell you his/her secret of the fitness. No matter how good your friends or relatives are, they all wanna look better than you and you already know it if you are intelligent enough.

Phenq side effects

There are no side effects that I experienced or the person that suggested me experienced. Phenq’s most powerful ingredient is the ingredient that the company has kept secret. They nonetheless want to help as many people as possible while simultaneously making sure that the evil manufacturers are never able to produce this wonderful stuff. Phenq has made sure in each and every way that no pirates are able to create this product. Phenq uses only top notch quality ingredients in their pills. Most of the ingredients are imports as they are better in the quality than the local ones.

I am telling you from my personal experience, I am a mechanic and being a mechanic, I am required to do a lot of physical work. I am a workaholic and hence I prefer to use those extra hours working too instead of wasting them on the gym. I never ever went to a gym even though I was getting fatter. I work too hard to waste my money on a gym and why would I? I work physically all day long and it was not making my physique any better but instead I was getting fatter every day, until a cab company owner and the most regular client of mine told me about Phenq. I just love that client and my Phenq pills.