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Auto Insurance company owner from Lansing, MI, believes that the fine art on her office’s walls draws more customers to her office than anything else

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Pauline Granger owns and operates an auto insurance company in Lansing, Michigan, which offers full refund and cancellation of the policy within a given period.

Pauline claims to have a great customer recommendation ratio on her blog and she has done it more than 10 times at least. She also claims that one of the greatest things that attract the new and old customers to her office is the stunning Fine Art that she has all over her office walls, thanks to the Framing Detroit company that she used for the same.

Pauline claims that hers is the most futuristic insurance agency in the state of Michigan and everyone believes her except her kids and her husband.

Pauline claims to have been working and waiting for a real revolution in the auto industry. She believes that such a revolution will take between 2025-2030.

Pauline claims that her priority as a businesswoman is not the money but reading positive reviews all over the internet.

Pauline writes that positive work environment creates happy employees and when your employees are happy working for you, you needn’t worry about 90% of the stuff.

Pauline is one of the very few who whole-heartedly says that it is natural for a client to be mad and angry if they think that they are not being taken good care of.

Hire the taxi service with the best reviews while in Antwerp, Belgium and you can’t go wrong

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Bill Lontos is an auto blogger from the city of Antwerp, Belgium who believes that 10th generation Toyota Corolla was the best and most value for car money ever made.

Bill has lived in many different parts of the world in his life and he claims that the environmental standards for the automobiles are far better in the Eastern Europe and African countries when compared to the Indian subcontinent.

Bill says that it is always more prudent to choose a car maker that built ships or aircrafts before they started to manufacture cars than a car maker that used to build sewing machines, motorcycles or was involved in construction of the buildings before they got into building cars.

Bill says that with the advent of citation websites and Google Places, the car dealers, taxi cab services and mechanics have become immensely honest like never before. Bill recently hired a taxi antwerpen only after reading which one had the best reviews on the Google Places and Bill didn’t regret it. Bill thanks and congratulates these citation websites and Google Places for making the world a better place.

Bill recently met Pastor Martin Sempa of “Why are you Gae?” video fame, while in Uganda. After meeting Pastor Martin Sempa in reality, Bill discovered that he is a bigger meme in real life; Pastor Martin Sempa told Bill that he wants to start his own auto maker company and he has aspirations so big that he believes that his auto making company is going to destroy the likes of Hyundai, Toyota, Ford, Nissan and Honda.

Obstetrician from Frankfurt claims that parents who do gardening give birth to generous babies

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Dr Lori Muller is an Obstetrician from the city of Frankfurt in Germany who says that gone are the times when an Obstetrician was only required to be good at his/her field. Now he/she has to manage to be able to get back to the patients through email, different apps, SMS, phone calls, voice messages and what not, as soon as he/she can. He adds that the Obstetrician also has to manage to keep the waiting times as low as possible, for both major and simple surgeries.

Dr Lori writes that the female obstetricians have a greater chance of succeeding at the field, and so if you are a male, don’t choose to get into this branch of medicine if you aren’t madly passionate about it.

Dr Lori claims that selective reduction has more adverse affects than are known and they really need to do something about it.

Dr Lori claims that she along with some other of obstetrician friends of her has been witnessing lesser births of twin babies than ever before and they all believe that they need to conduct a study to see what’s wrong. She writes that it is not just selective reduction.

Dr Lori writes on her blog that it is a pity that devout Catholic parents aren’t as likely to consult an obstetrician much before the birth of their child.

Dr Lori claims that mothers and fathers with an STI, if they had sex at the time of getting pregnant, are more likely to give birth to a newborn with eczema. She writes that there haven’t been any studies done on this but she knows that this is true for sure, from her own personal experience.

Dr Lori also writes that the parents who are interested in gardening are more likely to give birth to a child with a kind heart.

Young Czech businessman never faced a single problem with 6.7 cummins tuner that he installed in his Dodge Ram

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Filip Dvorak (name changed) is one of the largest pashmina shawl wholesalers in the Czech Republic.

Filip is addicted to reading auto magazines and that’s where he learnt about 6.7 Cummins tuner which he later installed on his Dodge Ram which he imported a year ago and yet to face any Problems with 6.7 Cummins tuner.

Filip owns a Jeep Compass as well and he hates the brakes on it and that’s why he never give it to his wife to drive. Filip met his wife in a Detroit Auto Show where she was a showgirl, it was a love on first sight for Filip. They exchanged the numbers and here they are, happily married for the past 5 years.

Recently when Filip wanted to buy a luxury car, he was confused between buying a BMW and a Lexus. Filip wanted a car that is fun to drive and reliable as well, BMWs are great fun to drive but not reliable, Lexus are not as much fun-to-drive but extremely reliable, finally Filip bought an Infiniti instead as it is both fun and reliable.

Filip says that modern car manufacturers have been caring way too much about the pollution control and spending too much amount of money, time and energy on it but still they haven’t been able to do much about it and hence it is better that they stop caring about the pollution control altogether and focus all their time, energy and money on creating better driving, more reliable, more durable and more comfortable cars.

Filip’s most favorite sports is football and he wishes if they ever create a football shaped car ever in the future.

Filip says that nothing can beat Ford if it is more reliable. Filip says that he enjoys driving a Ford even more than a BMW.

Lamberto refutes the bowl of stew story of Esau and Jacob, Lamberto loves carrots and he drives a Lyft cab

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Lamberto Richmond (name changed) says that the governments should take more strict measures to deal with the lawless people. As a Lyft cab driver, Lamberto sees tons of drunk drivers everyday, Lamberto joined Lyft after discovering Lyft promo code back in November 2018.

Lamberto says that tons of innovative ideas come into his head everyday and when Lamberto thinks about working on them, he turns into his own enemy and starts finding the reasons why these ideas are not going to work and he stops working on those ideas.

Lamberto loves to eat cooked and raw carrots. Lamberto says that carrots make him very energetic and intelligent.

When Lamberto was a kid, he was very fat, the tallest and the strongest kid in the school, he ate so much as a child that his mother (a homemaker) was always busy preparing some meal for him.

Lamberto has read a lot of Jewish and other religion’s history and he refutes several claims mentioned in the Torah and other religious texts like Lamberto refutes the claim that Esau gave his birth right to Jacob for a bowl of stew but rather Lamberto claims that he gave his birth right to Jacob for spending 8 nights with Rachel which Jacob agreed to. Lamberto says that to make their religion, culture and tradition look auspicious, the Jews in the Torah lie about the bowl of stew story. Lamberto says that if you can still believe the bowl of stew story of Esau and Jacob then you can believe anything and you are someone that he doesn’t deserve to waste his time arguing with.

Lamberto has done a lot of research and study on the animals and birds and he claims that the wild cats possess a peculiar intelligence and intuitive powers unparalleled in any other species on earth including human beings.

Indian guy came to Canada to study, has been living ever since there and just bought a new villa on the Eagle Street, Newmarket

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Dev Patel (name changed) came to Ontario, Canada to study and when he was still in college, he started getting offers from different top Canadian companies to join them after completing his studies, Dev was such an excellent student. Dev immediately joined the company that offered him the highest salary package after completing his studies and he has been living in Canada ever since.

One of Dev’s strict Sunni Muslim friends gave up his medical career just because it is haram in Islam and now he is thinking about becoming a Mufti or an Imam (a Muslim religious scholar).

Dev loves to learn new languages and he has this commendable command of the Italian language although he very rarely gets to speak the same. Dev recently started an Italian language automobile forums to keep talking to people in Italian language.

Dev had a habit of inviting of inviting each and every beautiful woman that he met for a lunch or a dinner until he got engaged to this stunning Indian-Canadian woman who is a software engineer. Dev recently purchased a new villa on the Eagle Street in Newmarket, Ontario and it is currently undergoing home renovation Newmarket and as soon as it is done, Dev will move there.

Dev is an author too and an unsuccessful one at that. Dev’s last book which was about how Samrat (Emperor) Ashoka of India converted to Buddhism and preached non-violence for political purposes and not because he changed or became non-violent and peaceful himself. Dev says that the Emperor Ashoka knew no other way of ruling over the entire Indian subcontinent which is roughly equivalent to 5 million square kilometers.

Young men are getting into depression due to hair loss but they needn’t worry at all

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Ayoub Sanaullah (name changed) loves to enjoy duo sessions in Amsterdam’s red light district. While on his last trip to Amsterdam’s red light district, Ayoub met the most beautiful girl he ever saw ever there. Money is never an issue with Ayoub, he is a heir who inherited millions when his grandfather died. Ayoub spent all that it cost only to realize something he never did before, after 15 minutes of meeting the most beautiful woman he ever saw. While making love when she rubbed her hands lovingly on the hair of his head, Ayoub felt that instead of hair all that she was touching was his scalp. Ayoub then realized that he has gone half bald and he needed to do something about it. Ayoub’s love-making session was fully ruined, instead of enjoying his time with that stunning blonde beauty, all Ayoub kept thinking about was going back home and look for a perfect Istanbul Hair Clinic.

Normally, Ayoub gets this contagious high energy when mentioned the word ‘party’, but after his coming back home to Istanbul from Amsterdam, when a couple of his best friends told Ayoub that we are gonna party tonight, Ayoub looked at them with a depressed look like they were idiots.

Ayoub is an elite and therefore he demands highest level of class, sophistication and attention. A friend told him that there is nobody better than Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu when it comes to getting a hair transplant in Istanbul and that’s who Ayoub is looking at with hope now. He already made one appointment with Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu and Dr T consoled him telling that the damage is repairable and he will take care of it.

Yogyakarta is one of the best cheap spots to enjoy a honeymoon in Asia

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Jamie Kollek (name changed) works at a retail job. She is a great fan of Steve Jobs and a huge believer of his philosophy. Jamie treats each and every second like it’s her last. Jamie had a very tough childhood and she grew up in a very toxic situation. Jamie’s father was a scam artist who spent half of his life in the prison. He also had some psychological issues and once even grabbed a knife to kill Jamie’s mother. He died of heroin overdose at the age of 63. Jamie wasn’t even sad the day he died.

Jamie married twice only to discover later that both her husbands will turn out to be worse than her father. Jamie doesn’t like to criticize others all the time and when I asked her to tell me more about her husbands, she refused to comment any further than that. Anyways, Jamie is already 42 and she has found a new boyfriend who is 29. They both are going to have a good time and a little vacation in Jogja during the winter vacation this year. They even have booked a Grand Innova as rental mobil Jogja already.

Jamie thanks god all the time that she always refused to have unprotected sex with any of her husbands or boyfriends. She cannot imagine taking care of children along with her job. Her mother raised 3 kids including herself and she remembers how frustrated and exhausted her mother used to be all the time.

Jamie is a wannabe historian and she is currently researching more about the history of human sacrifice in different parts of the world including ancient India, Israel and Mesopotamia.

Busy young Businessman loves his one hour of online personal training

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Brody is an atheist who strongly believes that ‘religion is the infancy of mankind’. Brody was raised up by an alcoholic and rageaholic father which made him hate alcohol more than any other thing on the planet. Brody tries his best to forget those gruesome moments that his father gave him while intoxicated with alcohol but he still hasn’t been able to.

Brody is currently busy building a custom design watch business and although he is so busy, he never forgets to spend that hour of fitness. Brody doesn’t like to hit the gym anymore, he has hired an online personal trainer and he is very happy with it.

Brody is a very intense, outspoken and intelligent person and he has been working on improving all the skills that he possesses and learning some new skills as well.

After his father’s violent alocholic rages, the worst experience that Brody considers is one of his best friends borrowing 25000 AUD from him only for Brody to find out that he left the country without even telling him.

Brody owns a fully trained service dog named. Once a robber entered the house of Brody and was about to hit Brody with the baseball bat only to find himself being attacked by Brody’s dog. He could never hit Brody and ran away like a chicken after being attacked by Brody’s dog. He was lucky to have been able to run away otherwise the dog would have taught him a wonderful lesson.

Young Blumenau man won R$ 10 Million with the help of a monk’s prediction

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Leo Diaz is a 32 year old gentleman from the city of Blumenau, Vale do Itajai, Santa Catarina. Leo’s father was a cop and his mother was a homemaker. Leo’s both parents died in a car accident back in the year 2012. Leo never knew how much he loved both his parents until that accident happened, especially his father. Leo feels a little torn ever since.

Before the death of both his parents, Leo Diaz used to be a very cynical immature jobless loser. He would eat chips and play video games all day in his parents’ basement. His parents loved him so much that they never tried to force him to do anything.

Each of the ladies that Leo tried to date in the past were gold diggers and altogether turned Leo into a so-called MGTOW.

Leo has been practicing celibacy for a while and he is a Facebook friend with a White Tibetan Monk. This White Tibetan Monk is a very popular Youtuber as well and that’s where Leo saw him for the first time. Leo asked the monk for his Facebook address in the comments section and the monk didn’t hesitate to provide Leo with it.

Leo and the white Tibetan monk have been chatting with each other for 7-8 hours per week on an average since then. The monk predicted in the month of May this year that Leo is going to win a great amount of money in the August of this year. Leo knew that this monk is real and he is going to get lucky soon. One morning in the month of August this year, Leo woke up after dreaming a sweet dream where he saw boards with Rio de Prêmios written everywhere.

As soon as Leo got up, the first thing he did was searched for the term “Rio de Prêmios” and he instantly could sense this is what the white Tibetan monk predicted. Leo instantly registered a ticket and won 10 million Brazilian Reals.

Scottish-American Economist loves his bathtub soap scum remover

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Landen was born in a Scottish-American family. Landen’s father is a lawyer and his mother is a professor of philosophy teaching at the Clark Atlanta University for the last 21 years. She also wrote a few eBooks on philosophy available for free online.

Landen’s mom wears very revealing clothes for a professor at home. Landen doesn’t like it but his father loves it. Landen’s father believes in being a brute when something doesn’t work with being a nice guy and he taught the same to Landen as well. Lately, Landen has been being a brute with the soap scums in his bathtub. He has discovered the greatest bathtub soap scum remover by accident and he is making the best use of it.

Landen is an amateur Plantsman. He has his own blog where he writes about his knowledge of plants. He also has a Youtube channel and he has also given several public lectures on the subject. Landen has beat several addictions in the past including alcohol, tobacco, smoking and gambling.

Landen has since recently been watching the videos of Osho, Nithyananda and Sadhguru on the Youtube and his veins are burning in fire in the hope of becoming an enlightened being in the near future. Landen studied economics in the college and he really regrets it. He wishes all the time if he could go back in time and change it for himself. He wanted to become a doctor but his grades weren’t even enough for enter into the science stream. He couldn’t even become a Psychologist with the grades he had let alone a general practitioner or surgeon.

Landen recently fell in love with a Russian-American widow who is 7 years older than him. She still misses her late husband but Landen has shown her heaven in the bedroom strong enough to make her forget her late husband.

Potential Turkmenistani President’s Aunt works at Prescott Kitchen Remodeling Company and loves it

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Ruslan loves to learn about the past history of his country Turkmenistan.

Ruslan was born in a well-off family. One of Ruslan’s uncles and his grandfather were candidates for state elections in the 1980s. Both were killed by the opposition and their family’s properties were all seized by the government. Ruslan’s family was forced to live in a ghetto and they feared their lives.

Ruslan’s mother didn’t compromise when it came to the education for her sons. Ruslan has one male sibling. Both the brothers love to lift weights and were one of the very few in their school to do so when they were still studying there. Both the brothers used to eat lots of nuts and meat to develop better muscles and overall body. They used to have a very tight schedule. The brothers had such a nice mum that she would play their favorite music, cook their favorite meals and helped them do their homework.

Ruslan is now 18 and he is trying his hands in several online businesses at the moment. If he succeeds, he will keep doing the online business and if he fails, he will start going to the college.

Ruslan has fallen in love with his Windows 10. Ruslan was using Windows 7 on the laptop that his aunt gifted him. He or his mother didn’t have the money to buy a Windows 10, but Ruslan is the kind of who never gives up. He researched all over the net how he can get Windows 10 for free and he came across a wonderful article about how he can get Windows 10 for free with Kmspico Windows 10 activator. Ruslan wants to be the next president of his country Turkmenistan, and he has got whatever it takes to become the same, it is just a lot of hard work.

One of Ruslan’s aunt who works for one of the most popular Kitchen Remodel companies advised Ruslan to come to the USA. Let’s see what Ruslan’s response would be to it.

Ice Cream Man turned into a millionaire with television draw and God’s help

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Manolo is a 38 year old man who used to be a ice cream man wandering on the streets in his small and old van in the beautiful city of Curitiba, Brazil until the last year. Today, Manolo owns a small ice cream factory of his own. Manolo is a great believer in God and his belief is that the God really helps you if you call him wholeheartedly for a good purpose and intention.

Manolo was in desperate need for the money when his mother and father were both ill. Manolo doesn’t have any spouse or siblings that could help him at that moment. He is a celibate as well.

The money Manolo was earning as an ice cream man wasn’t enough for his own survival. How could he get his old and ill parents treated with that money?

Manolo was in desperation went to the church on the Sunday of 2017 September and asked for God’s help. Manolo was certain that God will help him.

The next day, when Manolo went out like he did everyday to sell ice creams, he started seeing what they call “Angel Numbers”. Once an astrologer told him that 11 is his lucky number and 77 is his unlucky number. Whenever Manolo saw the number 11, something good happened to him that day, whenever he saw 7 or 77, something bad happened.

Then Manolo saw a very attractive ad for sorteio da tele sena. He then thought of buying a ticket. He knew that God is trying to send him a message and he was certain that the God will definitely help him. Manolo bought a television draw number and it should be no surprise to you that he ‘won’. Manolo won 10 million Brazilian Real and he couldn’t thank god enough. He was literally crying unstoppably that day with tears of gratitude and joy.

Ex-nurse traveling the whole world, living her dream life

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Amanda is a 34 years old ex-nurse who has by now traveled almost each and every country that is on the face of planet earth. You may be wondering that Amanda got married to a filthy rich man and that’s how she left her job and traveled the whole world, so my honest and true reply to you is “NO”. Amanda is a self-made multimillionaire now and she did it all on her own. It was 95% luck and 5% hard-work.

The difference between you and Amanda is that while you waste most of your time on the internet looking for stupid Youtube videos, Amanda used it it make money.

Amanda is now living her dreams and did I tell you that she owns two hospitals of her own in the city of Campinas?

Amanda is also very spiritual and a history buff as well. She loves to study different religions in her free time. But Amanda also doesn’t like several aspects of different religions like she hates how Christianity promotes poverty and promises great things to the poor people. “Poverty is a trap”, Amanda says.

Amanda also is a fitness buff. She has a private Yoga teacher coming to her house everyday in the morning teaching and doing yoga with her. Amanda doesn’t like the idea of the gym and is more into Yoga and Aerobic stuff.

Amanda was raised by ignorant parents and she says that she won’t do to her children what her parents did to her. She is not a mother yet but when she becomes one, she will be fantastic mother.

Would you like to know how this ex-nurse made it to the top? Check out Como aumentar meu score

New Orleans Boy became his best version with the help of video games

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Reggie is a 26 years young New Orleans boy. Reggie is a shy and introvert guy, but he wasn’t shy and introvert during his childhood as far as he can remember. Reggie used to be a very outgoing and cool kid. Reggie had several friends in his neighborhood and in school. Reggie blames it all up on his LSD addiction.

Reggie was introduced to the LSD when he was 18 years old by a friend. Reggie didn’t have an idea that he can ever be addicted to a substance. He just thought that this one time and never again. Reggie did it in a pressure of looking cool.

After Reggie took the LSD, he went back home and started looking for its affects all over the internet. Everywhere one thing was commonly mentioned that Lysergic Acid Diethylamide aka Acid aka LSD isn’t addictive like other drugs. Reggie took this information to his heart and whenever he would do LSD, he would think that he can’t get addicted to this stuff.

Reggie’s addiction was at its worst when he was 24. Reggie started to try other substances as well in hope that some of those substances might replace the LSD for him and then he had his own idea of leaving LSD like that which is too long. Well, none of those things worked.

Reggie wanted to be out of it, no matter what it took. Reggie told his parents about his addiction. His parents were very supportive of him when they heard about his addiction. Reggie’s parents told him to do whatever it takes to get out of this bad addiction, we will provide you with anything that you need.

Reggie told his parents that the stress creates the desire in him to take the drug and he wants off for a few weeks and would play video games all the time, all these days to forget about the LSD. Reggie’s parents said “No issues”. Reggie ordered the best gaming laptop that he could find online and started playing video games instead of going to work as he planned. Everything went ahead as he planned and instead of a few weeks, it took him a few months to get off his addiction.

Hygiene is too important for a restaurant, make sure your restaurant is hygienic

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Sometimes we make blunders in the fear of offending others. One such blunder was made by the mother of a small Indian restaurant owner in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We don’t want to disclose the name of the restaurant, the restaurant owner’s mother or the restaurant owner’s, so we will give them the names – Nankana to the restaurant, Nin to the restaurant owner’s mother and Chakan to the restaurant owner.

Chakan has this small street restaurant where he cooks the food himself and has only one employee who serves the food. Chakan is popular in his area for making unbeatable delicious Indian food. His ancestors from the mother’s side are Indians and that’s where he learnt the cooking from. His mother also helps him sometime teaching new dishes after she watches the recipe and how to cook on the Youtube, but Chakan is very egoistic and he wouldn’t listen to his mom’s recipes.

Chakan started losing customers in the July of 2017 and in about the September of 2017, he was thinking of shutting down the restaurants as there were no regular customers that he had. Chakan only thought that good food is what the customers come to a restaurant for. He didn’t believe that hygiene has anything to do with a restaurant’s business until his mother had to tell him that the geckos (ตุ๊กแก) are what causing all the customers to shoo away. Chakan had to listen to his mother this time because his restaurant is the thing that he loves the most and he would do anything to save it. Chakan asked his mother “Do you know any solution to this problem”? His mother then told him about a product available at the Shopee and he complied with his mother’s advise. Today, his restaurant is doing better than ever before and he is even planning to open another branch.

Maltese lady made a multi-million dollar comb company with one shrewd decision

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The beautiful little Island of Malta is very brand-conscious when it comes to the combs. They wouldn’t just use any comb, they need their comb to be of some top-notch brand. One Maltese rich girl who just completed her graduation had an idea that she could get her combs made by one of the best plastic moulding companies of China and use her own brand name. That girl is really a fan of the Shark Tank and she has watched each and every episode of the series multiple times. She loves Dragon Den also, but Shark Tank is her most favorite TV show ever.

She researched on the internet about the best plastic company of China and finally decided to go for a company that we would not like to name here. We also wouldn’t name her combs company here but within 2 years, the company has reached pinnacles.

The main reason behind her company’s success is that the founder/owner has never had any confusion. Her focus was/is pinpoint and that’s got her so far. It is normally assumed that the rich kids are not very ambitious but it’s not true all the times, perhaps, most of the times. Look at Donald Trump, he was raised in a rich family and he is one of the most ambitious men ever.

All the combs of this Maltese lady is done by this one Chinese company and she has been very happy that she chose this company for all her manufacturing needs. No blisters, no burn marks, no such issues at all.

Israeli RJ lost her job and is now making 15 times the amount of money

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An Israeli female Radio Jockey named Sheba lost her job and went into mild depression as she was the only bread earner for her family. She had no idea what is going to happen now. She was so hopeless about the future and forgot about her dreams completely, until one day, a friend of her named Aviva told her that she should listen to Spotify Premium APK Android for at least a couple of hours everyday.

After this, Sheba did nothing but listened to the Hebrew, Yiddish and English songs all day, all night long on her Spotify Premium APK Android now. One great thing happened, Sheba forgot all about her depression, losing her job and stuff. Today, Sheba runs her very popular Youtube channel and the channel is about everything. She sings, she teaches recipes, she tells history, opinions, etc, all on her one-stop-channel. She does it in all three languages that she knows with subtitles – English, Hebrew and Yiddish. With her Youtube channel, she makes 15 times as much money as she did working as a RJ.

Youtuber went into depression due to warts

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He is a successful Youtuber, responsible for creating over 2500 videos and has over 400k subscribers. He is very good-looking, fit and has a deep voice. Most of his audience is female (estimated over 65%)  and the dude is obsessed with his looks. He has always been that way. He doesn’t even remember himself about when did this obsession of looking good all the time started taking over him until one day he discovered that his pretty face was having small ugly bumps all over it. He was running like crazy in tension. He couldn’t believe his eyes, he started pinching himself to make sure that he is not having a nightmare.

The dude is 29 now and still loves with his mom. He went to his mom, started crying literally and the tears covered all his face and those ugly warts as well. He thought that he is having AIDS. He confessed to his mother that he slept with a prostitute without using any sort of protection and now he has got AIDS. His mother knew that he is just being stupid and these are ordinary warts, nothing else and have got nothing to do with AIDS. She laughed and replied “Oh my innocent son! These are warts which can be easily cured.” His mother is an eBay power seller herself, she opened the eBay on her laptop, searched for the most positively reviewed gel available for curing the warts and bought one. Her son, the infamous Youtuber, started applying the gel and did it for 2 months continuously. He didn’t hang out with his friends for these 2 months, didn’t create any Youtube videos either because he was too afraid that he can lose his female fans and subscribers due to the ugly warts on his face. After applying that particular gel for exact 2 months, he saw no results and again started thinking that he is suffering from AIDS and went to a doctor who prescribed him to visit a nearby pathology and give blood test. After the report of the blood test came out, it turned out that he is having HPV. The doctor asked him to visit a dermatologist and his mother again interfered, he started screaming at his mother that due to her he wasted his 2 months and he can’t take it anymore. Her mother replied, trust me, I now know for sure how to get rid of warts fastshe went online and ordered a Wartrol, her son (the Youtuber) applied it and started seeing the results within a couple of weeks. He took the courage to confess the reason for his absence on his Youtube channel and today he is one of the most successful and popular Finnish Youtubers.