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Icone Gay Madonna Francesco Costanzo received lots of appreciation in Florida as well

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Some dance teachers focus extensively on their internet marketing and other promotion and less on dance and choreography while some do otherwise. The case is neither with Francesco Costanzo because he only dances and whenever they post a video of him dancing, it becomes viral. Take example of Icone Gay Madonna Francesco Costanzo, this video by Francesco Costanzo became viral without any effort at all on his part.

Francesco was recently in Florida where he met different people in the same field and he had a great time having a little chat with some of them. There was this one gentleman by the name of Steven Wolfe who was about 45-55 years old, a veteran dancer and dance school chain owner, he shared a lot of his dance wisdom and other knowledge with Francesco for hours there.

Steven Wolfe told Francesco that sometimes not for profit dance teaching schools turn out to be the most for profit dance schools and the learners must be aware of those.

Steven Wolfe also told Francesco that it is funny that how during the recent real estate crisis in the United States, several different real estate developers turned into dance school owners.

Steven Wolfe warns on the official website of his dance school “Don’t just fall for a pretty looking large enough dance school website with great content. Anyone can pay a good writer and a nice website designer or developer some top buck to create one for them and many have been doing so and running financially successful dance schools with this art of their without caring about the art of dancing at all.”

Radiologist loves to catch trouts at the frying pan river

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Fabrice is a radiologist working at one of the most popular radiology clinics for over last 15 years. Fabrice is already 42 now and has some pretty weird hobbies for his age like playing video games, chatting on gaming chat services like discord and many other kiddish hobbies. But one of his mature hobbies is fishing. He loves to go to fish trouts at the frying pan river every Sunday with one of his best spinning reels. He has 5 spinning reels and loves to use a different one than the one he used the previous week.

Fabrice loves to listen to the 80s music and he has almost every popular 80s song in his USB drives.

Fabrice’s father used to be in the army. He got hit by a bullet once during the Vietnam war. Fabrice’s father used to go for hunting and his favorite hunting destinations used to be all in Central Asia.

Fabrice’s cousins are all struggling to make a living and Fabrice is the most successful current generation person in his family.

The worst period in Fabrice’s life was when he was 15. Fabrice became a real masturbation addict back then and the act really weakened his body. He couldn’t succeed in sports, he started lagging behind in his studies. He also got asthma because of that. Since then, Fabrice has been living a celibate life and never looked back. All his cousins were masturbation addicts and that’s the main reason why none of them could succeed.

Fabrice grew up in a joint family in the state of Kentucky and his cousins were the ones who introduced him to the bad habit of masturbating. It was very rare even back in the 70s and 80s to find a joint family anywhere in the United States.

Kazakh-American GP never forgets to hunt while in Kazakhstan

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“When I grow up, I will become a doctor, move to America and make lots of money”, told 7 year young Anara to her mother and father when once they asked Anara what she wants to become after growing up.

Anara was born and raised in Astana, Kazakhstan. She was always a great student. She would only get compliments from her teachers and whenever her parents showed up at the Parent-Teacher Meeting, they were treated as celebrities by her teachers.

Anara won ACLS Scholarship for Healthcare Providers after completing her schooling. She took her parents’ blessings and moved to her dream country – The United States of America. After completing her education. Anara decided to stay in the United States of America forever.

Anara got married to a fellow General Practitioner when she was 29. The general practitioner is Jewish and Anara is a Muslim, they both are atheists but they are spreading a message for peace among the people of different religions, ethnicities and communities. They had a beautiful baby daughter last year and they named her Bibigul.

Anara still visits Kazakhstan once in a while. Mostly in the winters, because she loves the winter season there. Her husband also goes there along with her if he has time. Anara’s parents love their son-in-law and always applause Anara for her choice.

More than the Kazakhstan’s winter, Anara loves hunting there. Kazakhstan is one of the best destinations when it comes to hunting, they have Roe Deers, Moral Stags, Wild Boars, Wolves, Siberian Roe Deers and Gooses there. Anara never forgets to take along her best bow sight with her when she goes hunting.

Anara is already 36 now and she is planning to have another baby before she hits menopause. She thinks she is a marvelous mother and one child is not enough for her.