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This Neurosurgeon from Venice is a collector of No Smoke Grills

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Dr Margaret Greco is a Neurosurgeon from Venice, Italy, who claims on her blog that people belonging to different religions have different sorts of mental disorders in general. Dr Margaret claims that the Roman Catholics are least prone to getting any sort of a mental disorder than the people belonging to any other religion and the mental disorders that they do get generally aren’t as severe either.

Dr Margaret writes on her blog that natural bodybuilders are less likely to suffer with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s in their later years, but the case is quite opposite with the bodybuilders that took steroids, HGH, etc. Dr Margaret claims that almost half of the patients that she treated for the brain tumor till date, used steroids or HGH in the past, including both men and women, but the majority was that of the men.

Dr Margaret Greco claims that bisexual people are more intelligent in most aspects than their straight, gay and lesbian counterparts. Dr Margaret herself is a bisexual but she claims that that is not the reason why she claims that the bisexuals are more intelligent in most aspects but it is something rather that she has observed in decades of his medical career.

Dr Margaret Greco only recommends only using no smoke grill (griglia NoFumo) at home for the better brain health and she is sort of a collector of the same.

Dr Margaret has been working to come up with a cure for tinnitus independently and she is so confident about it that she has already started planning how she is going to manage her time, finances, family and other things after she achieves her goal of finding a foolproof cure for tinnitus.

Ophthalmologist from Antwerp uses only this one taxi service whenever he wants to go out of the country

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Dr Alex Cullen is an Ophthalmologist from Antwerp, Belgium, who always advises against the blepharoplasty for the cosmetic reasons on his blog. Dr Alex believes that blepharoplasty is a very complicated procedure and hence, it is not something that you go through for the cosmetic reasons. Dr Alex writes on his blog that if he had to go through the same even for reasons other than the cosmetic ones, he would hesitate.

Dr Alex writes on his blog that some people have several misbeliefs about the relation between myopia and cataract, which have nothing to do with each other.

Dr Alex Cullen claims to have been working on finding a cure for the eye bags without any surgery. He recently visited Uganda and China to buy the herbs which the locals claim can cure the condition only to discover that it is a scam. Whenever Dr Alex Cullen goes somewhere outside the country, he doesn’t use any of his cars ever to visit the airport, but rather uses taxi antwerpen.

Dr Alex Cullen believes that the LASIK technology will become completely obsolete by 2022 and something else which will be much faster, better and complication-free will take its place. Dr Alex writes on his blog that it shouldn’t come as a surprise if this upcoming technology turns out to be cheaper than the LASIK for the patient.

Dr Alex Cullen recently exposed an Opthalmologist with false claims and false testimonials. It went viral and that Ophthalmologist has been threatening Dr Alex Cullen ever since. Dr Alex Cullen says that he is not afraid of his threats at all and he has already reported him to the cops whom he believes will really take care of him.

Cebu city’s Urologist never spent a dime on advertisement and he also bought Windows 10 at dirt cheap price

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Dr Les Bautista is an urologist from the Cebu city, Philippines, who is a prime example of the sheer strength of the willpower. Dr Les always wanted to become an urologist personally, but his parents, friends and relatives told him that dentistry is the better option for him because they felt that he wasn’t sharp and bright enough to become an urologist, but were they wrong? Dr Les Bautista took it as a challenge and today he is one of the most popular certified urologists in the Cebu city, Philippines.

Dr Les writes on his blog that it is a pity that the robotic surgery is not as successful and varied in the field of urology as it is in other medical fields.

Dr Les Bautista claims on his blog that he never overbooks.

Dr Les recently got in touch with me and asked “What is the best place to purchase windows 10?” I told him that nothing can beat the quality, service and price of Direct Games Store and he followed my advice.

Dr Les Bautista has mentioned more than once on his blog that the urologists that are rather practical than bookworms succeed faster.

Dr Les Bautista’s specialty is pediatric urology but he covers all the sub-specialties of the urology as well.

Dr Les Bautista claims that an overactive bladder is not as dangerous as some urologists make it appear to be.

Dr Les claims to have never spent a time on the Google Adwords, Facebook Advertisements, etc. He says that he just has a website, a listing on the Google Places and that’s all.

Yogyakarta’s neurologist really hopes that they will be able to find better methods for different studies with the upcoming technology

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Dr Allen Lichner is a neurologist from the city of Yogyakarta in Indonesia who claims that amphetamine is very highly responsible for the brain Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). He also doubts that many of the so-called energy drinks contain amphetamines. He claims to have sent his concern to many high level government employees and medical professionals but unfortunately, nobody ever responded to him. He believes that they are all on the payroll of these so-called energy drink companies.

Dr Allen claims that the people who still use different ancient and/or medieval methods to clean their teeth rather than the toothpaste are less likely to get neurological issues. He writes on his personal blog that he is going to commit study on the same. Allen really hopes that there will be much better methods available in the future for the study of different medical issues, thanks to technology (Teknologi).

Dr Allen claims that many times emotional outbursts are misdiagnosed for verbal autism, especially in the case of the kids. Dr Allen hopes that smarter neurologists will be able to find a foolproof solution to this current problem soon enough.

Dr Allen claims that the graduates are more likely to get the brain and psychological disorders than their post-graduate counterparts and surprisingly enough, they are even more likely to get the psychological and brain disorders more compared to their non-graduate counterparts. Dr Allen adds that he doesn’t mean to discourage anyone from doing graduation, he just posted certain statistics.

Dr Allen also claims that the psychedelics have more side-effects than the modern doctors currently acknowledge and he really hopes that they will be able to discover and acknowledge all the side-effects that come with taking psychedelics.

Pediatrician from Ankara is glad that HIV positive mice can now be saved

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Dr Flora Flores is a pediatrician from the city of Ankara in Turkey who writes on her blog that no western doctor ever took pediatrics as serious as Aetius of Amida. She believes that the contribution of the Aetius of Amida is extremely underrated in the history, especially among the pediatricians.

Dr Flora writes that there were several physicians during the Islamic Golden Age that studied pediatrics as a very serious subject but nobody contributed as much as Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi to it.

Dr Flora writes that the modern western doctors, particularly the Pediatricians, need to understand that the automated phone calls aren’t helping the medical field specialists like they are doing to different big and small businesses.

Dr Flora loves animals, especially apes and mice. She recently shared this video where they showed that CRISPR cured HIV in mice all over her social media, her blog and official website.

Dr Flora Flores has also made several posts regarding the talking apes – Panbanisha, Kanzi, Nyota, Teco, Nathan, Matata, Koko and others on her blog. Dr Flora claimed to be extremely sad the day Nathan died.

Dr Flora Flores believes that Nyota could have even been able to learn faster if they didn’t let him loose with female bonobos in order to reduce his aggression. Dr Flora writes that most of the energy that Nyota produces is being spent in the production of semen in his body rather than learning new stuff, otherwise this little ape had so much of potential due to the genius genes he received from his mother – Panbanisha.

IT company owner is astonished by this rare metal which she believes had a great value in the pre-historic era

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Sabrina Fortin owns a quite popular IT company in the heart of Bologna city in Italy. Sabrina’s personal blog is far more popular than her IT company itself where she posts many interesting things regularly.

On her blog, Sabrina claims that the engineers from the Indian subcontinent aren’t willing to work at the salaries that they used to before and hence the engineers from the Eastern European engineers are your best bet if you are willing to pay the least salaries possible to your employees. Sabrina also believes that the Eastern Europeans are more punctual, hard-working and smart than their Indian subcontinent counterparts.

Sabrina claims that the word of mouth reference still rules the IT industry and hence if you provide the best possible service to your clients, that is going to result in far greater revenues and income for your company in both the long and short term. Sabrina knows several IT companies that believed that if they spent a great deal of money, time, resources and expertise on advertising their IT company well, they will be all good but the opposite happened in each of the cases. The customers of IT companies are extremely smart and shrewd and they will never hire an IT company that doesn’t have much credentials. The new IT companies make their way to the top by working extremely hard, not by spending millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising.

Sabrina says that it is crazy how a greater number of small businesses than ever before across the globe are looking for the help of the IT companies in way or another, what’s even crazier to Sabrina is A New Rare Metal Alloy Can Change Shape in the Magnetic Field. She recently read about it and is already in the process of creating a thousand word long post on the same.

Indonesian bloggers like Bayu Angora are needed for a revolution and there is no denying in that

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Ari Putra is a freelance content writer from the island of Bali in Indonesia who recently made his debut as an author last month with the book he wrote about the life of the arguably the greatest and one of the most popular polymaths of all time – Leonardo da Vinci.

In his book, Ari has written that there is no denying that Leonardo was one of the greatest polymaths of all time but there is no denying the in the fact that he became a polyglot (a person who is well-versed in several languages) as well, that would have been better for himself and us all as he didn’t have to write his journals in mirror script in that case.

Ari has also written about a group of Buddhist computer engineers that he encountered in Pattaya, Thailand that believed that Nikola Tesla was the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci. Ari himself doesn’t believe in reincarnation and hence there is no possibility that he agrees with such a statement.

Ari claims that it is certain that if Leonardo published a book on his scientific observations, he would have compared male sexual ejaculation with female pregnancy as Leonardo was one of the strictest celibates that his friends and family ever knew. Ari claims that he would have used his comparison in order to clear himself off of the accusations of sodomy as well.

Ari has also criticized the Saudi prince who bought Leonardo da Vinci’s painting for 450 million US Dollar.

I am personally also a big fan of Leonardo da Vinci but I don’t think that the Saudi prince did anything wrong, it is his money, let him do whatever he wants to do with it.

I have been learning the Indonesian language for a while and although I can only understand a bit of Indonesian language, I have already become a great fan of this Blogger Indonesia that goes by the name Bayu Angora. We need these sort of men for a real revolution to take place.

Newton’s apple tree is half-myth half-reality

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I along with majority of the literate people across the world believe that Sir Isaac Newton was definitely one of the greatest geniuses to have ever walked the earth but his belief in the end times proves how far have we come in the past 300 years or so.

I believe that if Isaac Newton would have married, he would have been nothing as the marriage turns the biggest of the geniuses into losers and I feel glad that Sir Isaac Newton inspired another hero of mine – Voltaire to never marry. One thing that I feel pity for Isaac Newton not marrying is that he didn’t left a progeny behind, just wonder how brilliant his descendants would have been and we could have enjoyed several more inventions and discoveries because of them.

It is quite evident that Isaac Newton suffered with ADD or ADHD and perhaps this disease of his is what was responsible for making him such a genius or maybe he would have been a bigger genius if he didn’t have this disease.

It is a pity that there are no monuments or statues dedicated to Isaac Newton and other legendary scientists in entire nations whereas there are several monuments and statues in the same countries of those that contributed almost nothing to the world and sometimes even contributed negatively.

I personally believe that if Isaac Newton wasn’t raised up by his grandmother, he couldn’t have been so open-minded adventurous explorer who would spend all his life discovering things mankind never gave a second thought to.

I also believe that the apple story of Isaac Newton is half-reality and half-myth and most of my friends agree with me regarding the same. I really feel sorry for those looking for the descendants of Newton’s apple tree.