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In the Philips vs Panasonic vs Hattekar battle, only the one that buys most Facebook Live Viewers is gonna win

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Philips and Panasonic have been dominating the trimmer industry for a long while. Both these brands are considered the pioneers when it comes to the beard trimmers but there is a brand that is giving Philips and Panasonic nightmares. Hattekar has since recently been producing some cool gadgets for guys. Hattekar’s beard trimmers are really doing great in the market; customers are loving their trimmers a lot. Most of their buyers are young teenagers and young men.

4-5 months ago my teenager nephew bought one and he is in love with his trimmer. I was there at his home only when his beard trimmer from Hattekar arrived at his place. The 16 year old boy was jumping to and fro and was extremely excited. He said that it shaves very well and he has never had an issue shaving with his Hattekar Beard Trimmer.

Braun is another brand that has been producing some really good beard trimmers but their price is almost double of the Philips, Panasonic and Hattekar.

Hattekar beard trimmers are mostly available on Amazon. It is very rare to find one at a nearby Spencer’s or Walmart.

All my nephews are very tech savvy and they give me a lot of information about their gadgets and stuff whenever I visit their house. They now watch Facebook live more than the television or the Youtube, and believe that a company must buy Facebook live viewers in order thrive in the cheapest way possible whether they are looking for global or regional clientele.

My 15 year old nephew is extremely obsessed with Bluetooth headphones and he owns several of them. He owns one by Jabra, he owns one by Boat Rockerz, one by Skullcandy and the list is endless. I wish I had so much money and so much to choose from when I was young.

This 15 year old Bluetooth headphone gifted me one Bluetooth headphone by the Emerald about an year ago. It looks very stylish and is full of utility.

Honda Ridgeline Truck Bedliner is one of the most beautiful, it looks even better with imported Japanese products on it

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Mindy Clark has been selling imported stuff on eBay for the past few years and she delivers it only within her city. Mindy guarantees delivery within 36 hours and she mostly sells stuff imported from Japan. She claims that unique Japanese stuff sells like a hot cake in her city – San Antonio, Texas.

One of the reasons why Mindy delivers only within San Antonio, Texas is that she loves to roam around in her Honda Ridgeline in the evening. She says that she loves to see the smile on the faces of her customer when they are receiving that package fresh out of her Honda Ridgeline truck bedliner. She says that she would prefer to deliver the packages herself even if she has to do the same through a horse cart. Another reason why Mindy prefers to sell only in her city is that she wants to provide a service second to none at the most affordable prices possible without charging anything extra for the shipping which she believes can be only achieved if she goes out to deliver the products herself.

The hottest products available with Mindy are ponytail helmets, public bathroom baby seats, tablet holders. Mindy sells tens of these and sometimes hundreds combined within a day. Mindy says that sunglasses for dogs used to be another hot time at her eBay store until some American companies started manufacturing those locally.

Mindy has been thinking about starting an export business to Japan as well but she hasn’t been able to figure out a product that will sell like hot cakes in Japan although some of her friends have recommended her several different products but Mindy is not willing to take it.

A software engineer, a politician, a bonsai expert and a cotton bags lover

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Janie Terrence (name changed) is running for the elections for the Members of the Parliament in the coming elections that will take place on 24 February, 2019. She has already hired a cyber army to popularize herself as a sort of a messiah who is going to eradicate all the problems of Thailand all by herself, she has also bought some cotton bags from to keep the things required in those for her election preparations.

Janie is a software engineer by profession who is an expert at the art of bonsai. Janie used to own one of the biggest bonsai plant stores in the Bangkok city before she sold it out. Janie says that the Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani window shoppers used to drive her mad; Janie was young back then and didn’t have enough patience to tolerate the window shoppers and neither did she have enough funds to recruit some employees so she decided to sell her business out.

Janie claims that she never fell in love throughout her entire life, she always knew that no such thing as love is possible.

Just about 24 months ago, Janie used to troll discord and slack chat servers with a fake Kamala Harris account. Many would believe her to be the real Kamala Harris while most will not. One thing was common among almost all of the believers and non-believers that they enjoyed chatting with her.

Janie claims that her kids have always been so nice that it was effortless for her to raise them.

Janie hates her younger sister – Phiyada – a millionaire socialite. Janie accuses her younger sister of ripping off millions from several different millionaires. Janie claims that she will send her own younger sister behind the bars once she wins the election.

Predrag Nasic is the perfect example of where there is a will, there is a way

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Predrag Nasic (name changed) is a Serbian gentleman from the second largest and beautiful city called Novi Sad. Predrag is a famous personality on Social Media, especially Youtube and Instagram. Predrag gained popularity in the year 2016 when he claimed that contraceptive methods are a gift from the gods themselves, after hearing this, the catholic community and their online missionaries got butt-hurt really bad and made an announcement to boycott every video, every Instagram post, every tweet and every Facebook share by Predrag.

Predrag had no idea that most of his followers and fans were catholic, he kept making the videos, tweeting, posting on Instagram and Facebook. Predrag’s videos and social media posts started receiving only a little or no likes or views at all. Predrag was about to quit but then he saw a post about buy 100 instagram real likes, Predrag decided to give it a go and he received the likes within 1 hours of that, you wouldn’t believe how much it cost him, it cost him only 2 dollar, yes, you read that right only 2 dollars, Predrag was already making 7000 US dollars per month with the social media before the catholic missionaries attacked him, 2 dollar per 100 likes were nothing compared to that. You will be amazed to know that as Predrag started investing 50 dollar per day with buying Instagram likes, he started receiving more genuine likes than ever before and making more money as well than ever before. Since then Predrag has never gone back, he has been making money with social media full-time and loving it.

Predrag Nasic now creates memes all days, post those on Instagram, buy likes from the same company and gets millions of real visitors to his website, those catholic haters really changed his life for the better.

Don’t forget to celebrate National Tie One on Day this November

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Nedd Taylor (name changed) suffers from three multi-factorial and multi-faceted diseases namely diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Everyone in Nedd’s family has a great immune system and he blames these diseases to be the result of his weed addiction in his teens.

Nedd was raised up by a single mother who was too desperate for the male approval that she would get into a relationship with every willing man. She was quite beautiful but what made her too desperate is quite a mystery for Nedd. Nedd doesn’t hesitate to claim that her mother had a disastrous libido and that’s the only reason that comes up to his head when he takes a look back. Whenever Nedd would interfere in any of her mother’s relationships, he would be told to mind his own business. Both mother and son couldn’t criticize each other enough all the time.

Nedd is celebrating National Tie One On Day on November 25th like they have been doing for the past four years. He has already ordered an expensive tie from an online tie store and he cannot wait for the occasion. His childhood crush is also going to be there and that is making Nedd to have goosebumps all the time thinking about the occasion.

Nedd has this annoying habit of telling his point of view on every thing and that pisses off his friends a lot.

Nedd is a great nature lover. He loves the wind, he loves the sunshine, he loves the rain, he loves to see the sun rise and he loves to bore his friends explaining to them why he loves all these things whereas they never ask him the question “Why?”

History Teacher loves his early morning jog at Schuylkill River Trail

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Brian is an American who can’t forget his trip to the Mexico when he was only 16. He remembers how he asked for a Pepsi in a bar and he was given whiskey instead. He fell in love with Mexico. He always wondered how he could settle down there forever.

Brian has been teaching history in a Philadelphia school for over 10 years now and although he loves it, he still wants to move to a resort town in Mexico forever. He is looking for ways to make money online for that and he is yet to come across a reliable one.

The best time of Brian’s day is the jogging time in the early morning. He does a daily jog wearing his MadOxx activewear at Schuylkill River Trail.

Recently, Brian got addicted to surfing the net so much that he had to be on the NoSurf challenge only to find himself relapsing each time.

It is an irony that on one side Brian claims that he likes to live in the moment and on the other, he is always lost in the memories of Mexico which was over 2 decades ago.

Brian loves serenity more than anything else. Brian was raised by very wise and conservative parents. They always taught Brian the art of cultivation directly or indirectly.

Brian never had a girlfriend. One of Brian’s best friends is a compulsive exaggerator. He always exaggerates about the number and beauty of his girlfriends to Brian. He also loves to exaggerates about his intimate adventures with his girlfriends.

Brian is one of the ablest men you have never met. I am certain that he will achieve his dream of starting a successful online business soon enough and settle down in a resort town of Mexico for the rest of his life.

Pro-life Belgium music creator can’t stop shopping at the Pample Mousse

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Eli is a very pro-life girl from the Antwerp city of Belgium. Eli’s family traces its origin to the House of Wettin. Eli’s family recently donated 10, 000 Euros for the building of one of the most popular Hindu temples in Belgium.

Eli’s father used to be a close disciple of UG Krishnamurti, a so-called enlightened master from India. Eli’s father lived in the Switzerland for 8 years and that’s when he met UG. Her father also used to go to a mystery school and was even involved in esoteric practices. He also loves to listen to the biblical tales.

Eli is a hardcore atheist and she listens to nothing but her favorite songs. Eli recently bought a pair of good bluetooth headphones from the Pample Mousse after her previous one broke.

Eli has been producing lots of music lately and that’s where she procures her pleasures from. She loves making music and she can’t get enough of it. Eli has one sister who is very stolid. She doesn’t like Eli’s music and Eli knows it.

Eli recently got a couple of her energy drainers out of her life. Her boyfriend also was in a relationship with her for her money. Eli believes that if you run around the losers you will end up a loser.

Eli’s boyfriend used to sell security systems house to house and Eli didn’t care about that but after a couple of years of dating, he started to show his real colors.

Recently, when the earthquake stuck the beautiful country of Belgium in the May, 2018, an under-construction building in the neighborhood of Eli fell into pieces. Eli was so happy that there were no workers there when this happened.

Italian woman can’t get enough of 31st Octorber aka Halloween

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Priscilla is a 34 year old beautiful Italian woman who was born and raised in the city of Siena. Priscilla when only 26, already worked at a few different high-paying jobs. Priscilla had a great business idea that was only applicable to the city of Lucca in Tuscany itself.

Priscilla moved to Lucca in the same year, i.e. 2010. Priscilla took a small loan to initiate her business plan and as expected, she became a success overnight. It was Priscilla’s gut instinct that the plan will 100% work.

Priscilla is a workaholic. She speaks very less and works so much. But there is an occasion when Priscilla forgets all about the work and that occasion is the festival of Halloween. Every year Priscilla with her childhood and college friends, celebrate Halloween like there’s no tomorrow. She knows almost every store in Italy and every website that delivers in Italy that sells Halloween costumes for women.

Priscilla also loves the winter season as well. From the month of March to October, she eagerly waits for the winter season. It is perhaps the law of attraction or what it is, I don’t know, even Priscilla doesn’t that although her business has nothing to do with the weather or the seasons, each winter season her sales go double.

Priscilla’s father used to be a painter and her mother used to be a trader. They both had a great chemistry together. The family was lower-middle class, and Priscilla’s parents greatest priority was to make Priscilla well-educated. They did everything in their power to make Priscilla happy. Their 36th anniversary is on December 2nd of this year and Priscilla has already started shopping for the occasion. Who wouldn’t want a daughter like Priscilla? A country that used to be so misogynistic once, parents are asking for a daughter like Priscilla after looking at her success and her love for her parents.

Hire Luxury Wedding Dresses in Hanoi City

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Long has been working at a call center in her hometown of Hanoi City for the last 6 years. Long is getting married on 3rd October this year. Long was in love with another coworker until the year 2016 and they both were planning to get married until he met a woman who was older but rich. He left Long for that old and rich woman.

Long fell into a long depression after that and after a few months, this coworker whom we are talking about right now proposed Long. This guy was in love with Long for so long but he never mentioned her feelings to her or to anybody else.

Long comes from a middle-class family and they couldn’t afford a luxury bridal dress, so Long chose to thue ao cuoi. Long had already used all her savings to buy a HP Laptop and she didn’t have enough money to buy a stunning bridal dress for her.

Long’s fiance is also the same. They get the same salary and come from working parents who couldn’t afford much for them. Still, they are well-respected in the neighborhood and they consider that to be enough for them.

Long and her fiance are planning to start a business together once they get married. They don’t want a kid for at least until a few years of their marriage. Long’s grandparents used to be successful businesspeople until they lost it all during the Vietnam war. It is in the blood and DNA of Long to be successful businessperson.

I am certain that Long will be a very successful business lady once she starts her own business. I am also certain that she will do it within a couple of years. She will be able to provide her kids all the luxuries that she missed herself.