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Indian patient gifted this Canada based foot specialist 20 t-shirts from Nexus Tees Shop

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Juan Mendoza is new to the foot care but his clinic has already gained a lot of success, thanks to the technology that made it possible for Juan to have his own blog and spread all the knowledge that he has to the laymen for free. Juan didn’t start blogging in order to become popular or make money but just for the social welfare and open discussions. Juan now really believes in what goes around comes around as he could have never imagined that his practice would become so popular in such a short span of time but it did just because he wanted to help the common people.

Juan has made several interesting posts on his blog to date, for example once he said that you should never visit a foot clinic or any clinic at all that refers to itself as a company on their official website or elsewhere. Juan says that it is very unprofessional for the medical people to refer to themselves as a company and anybody using such term describes that they are not serious about the profession. Juan says that he loves to read reviews on different websites and Google Places for different clinics and hospitals, especially the foot related ones and each of the practice that refer to itself as a company has the worst of the reviews; They may be good at the gimmicks but they are far from being good doctors.

Juan has had the pleasure of serving many different Indian patients till now and Juan says that the worst and the best thing about serving patients from India is that if they become totally well after the treatment by Juan, they come to show their gratitude towards him, bow down and touch his feet just like they do to their elders. Juan says that he feels grateful beyond words at that time but also a bit awkward. One Indian patient did the same to Juan and whence Juan thought that he was over with thanking him, he was left for a bigger surprise, the same patient sent 20 t-shirts from to Juan the next day. Juan was left thinking again what next, but it was over now. He really got Juan addicted to the freebies and now Juan waits for a free gift each time he sees a patient is more than thankful to him for his services.

Gal is one of the smartest “Gals” that you have never met but her brother is a fool but both love Thailand

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Gal Granger (name changed) has a love-hate relationship with the popular mechanic and Youtuber – Scotty Kilmer whom Gal has accused of being on the payroll of Toyota and Lexus several times in the comments section of his videos. Recently, when she saw Scotty complimenting Mercedes, Ford, Chrysler and even Audi in his recent videos, Gal couldn’t resist writing that Toyota is not paying Scotty anymore. Scotty personally responded to her and he really sounded angry when he wrote that he was never paid a penny by the Toyota and not only that but he even made a video specifically clarifying that he was never paid by the Toyota.

Gal is a car freak and his brother – Mark is quite the opposite, he doesn’t know a thing about the cars. Recently, when he wanted to buy a Citroen as recommended by his sister – Gal, he instead bought a Renault just because the salesperson at the Renault was hot and she was able to persuade Mark into buying a Renault. Gal really felt like slapping Mark on his face for his weakness for hot women and for being a literal dickhead. Gal even called her brother Mark – the definition of dickhead after that decision of his.

Gal is a conspiracy theorist and a political analyzer as well who claims that Bosnia and Montenegro are going to be next superpowers. Gal says that Bosnia or Montenegro will not be as strong, powerful or as wealthy as the USSR, the British empire or the United States of America, but it these two will definitely surpass Germany or France in terms of technology, economy, military.

Whenever Gal gets stressed, she tours Southeast towards a beautiful country called Thailand, she has already booked a taxi using this time and she cannot wait to be in Thailand anymore.

None of the 12 apostles came to Thailand but that doesn’t steal the title of ‘Southeast Asian Paradise’ from Thailand

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My Duy (name changed) is a woman of Vietnamese origin who was born and raised up in the beautiful coastal city called Phan Thiet in the Binh Thuan Province of Vietnam.

My Duy is always crazy about knowing more about the 12 apostles of the Jesus Christ. After someone told My Duy that it is a lie that St Thomas (one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ) died in Ramapuram, Tamil Nadu, India but instead he successfully traveled till Thailand and lived in the city called Ubon Ratchathani in Thailand for a long while, My Duy packed her bag and decided to travel to Ubon Ratchathani.

After reaching to Ubon Ratchathani, My Duy found out that he was taken for a long ride by the person who told her that St Thomas ever traveled to Thailand or Ubon Ratchathani. One good thing happened with My Duy though, she fell in love with the beautiful country called Thailand. Thailand is also called the paradise of Southeast Asia and you need to travel all of Southeast Asia to believe it.

My Duy decided to travel to Thailand again the next time during holidays. In the month of February this year, My Duy decided that she will travel to Bangkok and from Bangkok she will go to the most underrated island of the world – Koh Chang. My Duy got a chance in August to enjoy a trip from Phan Thiet to Bangkok to Koh Chang and once she did, she was surprised to find so many familiar people, including a restaurant owner in Bangkok with whom My Duy worked in the same company, fell in love but never dared to ask him out or show him her feelings until it was too late. From one fine day onward, he never appeared in the company again and My Duy was surprised to find out that he is now living in Bangkok. My Duy again couldn’t dare to tell her feelings to him. She just ate at his restaurant, smiled at him and disappeared.

From suicidal to insanely happy – Hair Transplant can give you a new life and I have proof for the same

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Quinten is a 38 year old gentleman from the city of Denver, Colorado. Until about 7 months ago, Quinten was suicidal all the time. He wanted Russia and United States to have a nuclear war so that he could leave this ‘ugly world’ without feeling like a loser and he started hating every other creature on the planet as well so he wanted them all along to go with him.

Quinten used to be a very pro-life person until the time he was a teenager but then everything changed, Quinten started losing hair like crazy and by the time he was 35, his hair had countable hair. Quinten didn’t trust the local doctors and hated the thought of getting a hair transplant but then accidentally everything changed. One of Quinten’s childhood friend who got complete bald at the age of 33 came back from Turkey with a head full of curly ginger hair. Quinten asked him if he is facing any side effects and he told Quentin “Not at all”. Quentin was tired of his depressed life due to no hair and this friend of his really got him into thinking about getting a hair transplant done. So, Quentin asked him about the name of the doctor and the location. Quentin’s friend told him every detail and Quentin went for a transplant in the March of this year.

Most people fail to recognize Quentin since he got the hair transplant done. If you look at his hair transplant before and after 3000 grafts pictures, you will be completely amazed.

Now, for the last couple of months, Quentin has been looking for the ways to ensue a thicker and quicker beard. Quentin is friends with the popular young rapper Martrel Reeves aka Fat Trel. Quentin is so happy and his creativity has gone insanely up since he got the hair transplant done, he is doing a rap song with Fat Trel soon enough.

Young Chinese man fulfilled his dream of becoming a top eBay power-seller

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Li Wei is a 26 year old young and ambitious Chinese man. Since Li Wei saw his best friend selling stuff on the eBay and making banks, it became Li Wei’s own dream to become an eBay power-seller one day. As soon as Li Wei completed his college, Li Wei started planning his eBay business ahead. He planned to sell shoes made in China on eBay UK and eBay US. Little did he know about the competition in the eBay UK and eBay US.

Li Wei couldn’t let his dream turn into ashes. He wanted to be an eBay power-seller at any cost and he finally did after he came to know about the great demand of Chinese shoes in France and how little the competition was in eBay France when compared to the eBay US and eBay UK. Big Problem – Li Wei didn’t know a word in French language, but Li Wei wouldn’t let the language become a hurdle in his dreams. Li Wei started watching French short film and movies on some of the top streaming websites in order to learn the French language.

It took Li Wei 4 months to learn French language enough to understand the communication of the customers and do the tasks necessary in order to sell on eBay France. Now, after 3 years, Li Wei is one of the top Chinese shoe sellers on eBay and makes over 80k Euros in profits each year. All thanks to the French streaming websites.

Kyrgyz woman living her dream life with the help of one API

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Kyrgyzstan is a poor country and the country’s GDP per capita is even lesser than that of the India and Pakistan. Valentina, a Kyrgyz young woman, always wanted to do something about her country. Valentina didn’t have a college degree, so she couldn’t get a good job, and she wasn’t even interested in that. She wanted to create jobs for her country and make the country’s GDP per capita grow.

She learnt that an export business can help her complete her mission, but she didn’t have any money to start an export business. She somehow figured out that she will start with a real estate agency and one day, will become one of the greatest real estate builders ever and make Kyrgyzstan an astonishing country to visit. Perhaps, she is Schizophrenic too.

So, Valentina started with her little real estate agency which was opened in small rented shop in the middle of one of the 4 major cities of Kyrgyzstan. She was averaging only 2 prospects a day for one month and then a friend told her that getting a computer and an internet connection will really help her business. So, Valentina got herself a laptop and an internet connection as well.

Valentina started posting ads on the classified ads websites, which really gave a nice push to her business. She then started exploring the other sides of the internet and everyday she would think of having a website of her own like Zillow, etc. She one day after researching a lot, stumbled upon Google SERP API and saw what it was. Since then, she has been creating scraped real estate websites and making money with those as well.

PlexiglassAnche il più antico negozio di mobili del mondo è ora la vendita di prodotti in plexiglass

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Brooks Brothers è il più antico negozio di mobili noto al mondo di oggi. Sono stati in esecuzione il loro piccolo negozio a Chicago per oltre 200 anni. Hanno iniziato nel 1818. Hanno usato solo per vendere prodotti in legno e hanno continuato a farlo fino all’anno 2017 fino a quando non erano in esecuzione perdite. Sì, il negozio di mobili più antico del mondo stava attraversando le perdite a causa di loro non essere in grado di adattarsi alla stella nascente nel settore del mobile e che è acrilico.
Un proprietario di un negozio di mobili deve passare attraverso le riviste, giornali e annunci televisivi per vedere cosa c’è di caldo nel settore. Tutti i negozi di mobili resto che ha rifiutato di vendere prodotti acrilici sono andati in bancarotta, mentre Brooks Brothers è l’unico a sopravvivere e che è solo perché sono così popolari a causa di essere il più antico negozio di mobili del mondo. Sono conosciuti in tutto il mondo.
Quando i prodotti del plexiglass entrano nella casa, i prodotti di legno ed altri si pensano che mostrino i loro rispetti facendo Namaste o una certa cosa. Anche i bicchieri di vino acrilico sono comuni al giorno d’oggi.
Brooks Brothers hanno anche urna per lotteria disponibili presso il loro negozio a Chicago. Brooks Brothers non hanno mai cercato di essere troppo professionale nel loro settore e che mostra in ciascuno e tutto ciò che fanno. La loro ossessione per i mobili in legno è ormai finita e per sempre. I loro dipendenti sempre darvi consigli personalizzati e a volte sono molto costosi, ma ne vale la pena.
C’è un modo per riconoscere i negozi di mobili newbie e non professionale e che è cercare i typos e gli errori grammaticali. I neofiti e le persone non professionali fare un sacco di questi errori Rookie. Essi potrebbero farvi ridere come bene, ma non dimenticate che non si dovrebbe comprare da lì.

Men are back and now they have some of the most unique gadgets to defend them

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When you think of cool gadgets for men, the first thing that comes to your mind is a beard trimmer. There are lots of cool beard trimmers available in the market today like Wahl Professional Peanut Classic Trimmer, also called clipper sometimes. The Wahl Company has produced some other really cool beard trimmers as well too, but we are not going to talk about that in this article. We will talk about Stuffed Burger Press in this article.

Stuffed Burger Press looks very ordinary and costs less than $15, but this is not your ordinary gadget with latest software or something like that. Stuffed Burger Press could be made in the Victorian times or even earlier if someone had the idea. Anybody who loves burgers or patties must have one. Doesn’t matter where you live, doesn’t matter how much you earn, doesn’t matter whether you are young, middle-aged or old, get your stuffed burger press today if you call yourself a burger lover and do tongue, stomach and health some justice.

The stuffed burger press is for those who celebrate their burgers, for the ones that need a burger a day to keep them feel normal and happy throughout the day. The stuffed burger press is an As seen on TV product but surprisingly it hasn’t been featured there yet. Maybe, the founder is too smart to know that he doesn’t need to advertise there and make the nice shark aka Kevin Harrington rich with his innovation. Whatever the case maybe, the stuffed burger press is doing really good in the market and already more than half of my friends and colleagues own one.

Why do I say that it is a gadget for men?

Because all my friends and colleagues that own one are all males. Each one teach one to get a stuffed burger press and give themselves a treat by making a delicious burger with no effort.

The Grillaholics calls it a tool but it fits more in the gadget category according to me. The Grillaholics are changing the burger industry by making it effortless to make a fantastic burger. It was never so easy for a common man to make a burger so easy and perfect.

There are a few competitors for the Stuffed Burger Press in the market but nothing even comes close. Stuffed Burger Press is just perfection.

What I don’t like about Stuffed Burger Press?

One of the things that I hate not only about Stuffed Burger Press but the brand Grillaholics as a whole is that they don’t ship to any Asian country and not to the Eastern European countries either. Perhaps, not even to the Russia. They are losing a major market by not doing that. There are millions of men who just can’t stop imagining about making their burger using the stuffed burger press and these gentlemen have no chance of getting one delivered to their home country yet, which is just ridiculous.