Brazilian Mother Teresa got lucky with lucky day and decided to donate all the money she won

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Faige Goldin (name changed) is a Brazilian aspiring model who has a restless disposition of acting dumb in happy circumstances. Many of her friends didn’t know it until the day of lucky day result (resultado dia de sorte).

Lucky Day is currently the most rapidly growing lottery game in all of Brazil and it is offering the winners millions and millions of Brazilian Reals. Faige didn’t win millions though. She only won 800, 000 Brazilian Reals and she couldn’t even believe it that this was all happening in the reality. She kept feeling like she is dreaming.

Faige’s most favorite song is Come Undone by Duran Duran and she has this habit of playing that song in any major circumstances, be it happy or sad circumstances.

The winning of lottery hasn’t changed Faige even a bit, she buys the same groceries from the same store, drives the same Chevrolet Silverado, lives in the same apartment, sends her kids to the same school. Faige has decided to donate all the winning amount to a charity that does work for the blind kids. Faige is a very frugal person in her personal life, all her friends and family were wondering what is she going to do with all the amount that she won. She surprised everyone with her decision to donate the money and all of them are now thinking whether they are dreaming. If it were anyone else who lives a mediocre and meager life like Faige, he would have spent all the money on herself/himself or put it in the bank, but Faige is like new age Mother Teresa, she donated it to the charity. I would call Faige ‘a Brazilian Mother Teresa who got married and had kids’.

A hair transplant gives you much more happiness than a Mercedes Car

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Yustina Barak (name changed) recently bought the latest uplifted version of Mercedes C Class but that’s not what she is so happy about all the time nowadays. The reason behind Yustina’s great happiness is the new beautiful hair on her head. Hair Transplant cost in USA is not much and even if it weren’t so, Yustina would have got one done anyway.

Yustina is a business lady and money is never an issue with her. She recently gifted her husband an Indian Chief Roadmaster that cost her US Dollar 10, 999. The motorcycle weighs about 450 Kilograms.

When Yustina was little, her dad wasn’t around much to take care of her and her siblings. Yustina’s mother provided her kids with everything that they needed and she was a perfect career lady and an excellent mother. Yustina’s mum is the greatest inspiration in her life.

Yustina loves intense cold temperature and she travels to Alaska each winter season to enjoy that. Yustina’s husband can’t take endure temperature that cold but he also travels along with Yustina to Alaska. Yustina is always there to warm things up. Thick blankets won’t do for him what Yustina would.

Yustina’s grandmother was a nurse in a hospital and throughout her life she remained skeptical about changing a few babies in her career.

Yustina and her husband love to enjoy a pizza together at a nearby Chuck E. Cheese’s on the weekends.

Yustina feels more invigorated at the night and she loves to work from 01:00 AM to 05:00 AM. These 4 hours are her favorite work hours.

Don’t forget to celebrate National Tie One on Day this November

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Nedd Taylor (name changed) suffers from three multi-factorial and multi-faceted diseases namely diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Everyone in Nedd’s family has a great immune system and he blames these diseases to be the result of his weed addiction in his teens.

Nedd was raised up by a single mother who was too desperate for the male approval that she would get into a relationship with every willing man. She was quite beautiful but what made her too desperate is quite a mystery for Nedd. Nedd doesn’t hesitate to claim that her mother had a disastrous libido and that’s the only reason that comes up to his head when he takes a look back. Whenever Nedd would interfere in any of her mother’s relationships, he would be told to mind his own business. Both mother and son couldn’t criticize each other enough all the time.

Nedd is celebrating National Tie One On Day on November 25th like they have been doing for the past four years. He has already ordered an expensive tie from an online tie store and he cannot wait for the occasion. His childhood crush is also going to be there and that is making Nedd to have goosebumps all the time thinking about the occasion.

Nedd has this annoying habit of telling his point of view on every thing and that pisses off his friends a lot.

Nedd is a great nature lover. He loves the wind, he loves the sunshine, he loves the rain, he loves to see the sun rise and he loves to bore his friends explaining to them why he loves all these things whereas they never ask him the question “Why?”

Yogyakarta is one of the best cheap spots to enjoy a honeymoon in Asia

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Jamie Kollek (name changed) works at a retail job. She is a great fan of Steve Jobs and a huge believer of his philosophy. Jamie treats each and every second like it’s her last. Jamie had a very tough childhood and she grew up in a very toxic situation. Jamie’s father was a scam artist who spent half of his life in the prison. He also had some psychological issues and once even grabbed a knife to kill Jamie’s mother. He died of heroin overdose at the age of 63. Jamie wasn’t even sad the day he died.

Jamie married twice only to discover later that both her husbands will turn out to be worse than her father. Jamie doesn’t like to criticize others all the time and when I asked her to tell me more about her husbands, she refused to comment any further than that. Anyways, Jamie is already 42 and she has found a new boyfriend who is 29. They both are going to have a good time and a little vacation in Jogja during the winter vacation this year. They even have booked a Grand Innova as rental mobil Jogja already.

Jamie thanks god all the time that she always refused to have unprotected sex with any of her husbands or boyfriends. She cannot imagine taking care of children along with her job. Her mother raised 3 kids including herself and she remembers how frustrated and exhausted her mother used to be all the time.

Jamie is a wannabe historian and she is currently researching more about the history of human sacrifice in different parts of the world including ancient India, Israel and Mesopotamia.

Caught wife cheating on him, getting a transplant in 2019 to become more attractive to her

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Talha Bayraktar (name changed) is a Turkish gentleman from the seventh largest city of Turkey – Konya. Talha has a degree in hotel management and his wife also has a degree in the same. Talha caught his wife cheating on him in the month of August last year and since then their marriage was in a big trouble. Talha didn’t divorce his wife for the sake of his children. One of Talha’s children with his wife was born with a mental and psychological birth defect and Talha knows that this kid of his won’t be able to take the pain of their divorce.

Talha is 49 already and he already had no hair left on his head at the age of 45. After catching his wife cheating on him, Talha has been wondering what made her cheat on him and one of the reasons he believes is that she doesn’t find Talha attractive anymore. So, Talha has decided to get a hair transplant in the upcoming year. He has already checked the hair transplant price list 2019 and it is not that expensive for him. He can pay for it and he is willing to pay for it.

Talha hates the victim mentality and loves real life victors. Talha literally never played a victim in his entire life. Talha is very pragmatic too. He wouldn’t let any of decisions taken in a hurry set fire to his house.

Talha is the grandson of a soldier who died in the battle of Tillyria. Most of the men in the paternal family of Talha till the previous generation were soldiers.

Rough and Tough Self-Made Multi-Millionaire Texan got his hair back naturally

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Dannus Tracy is a Texan who like most Texans grew up in a rough and tough environment. Dannus was homeless after he moved out when he was 19. He used to live in his best friend’s car and although his best friend was ready to provide him with everything that he wanted, Dannus wouldn’t take any further help but look for a better job after coming back from the Subway Restaurant where he was working back then.

It is a long story how Dannus made his first million and then ultimately became a multi-millionaire but one thing is for certain that the money couldn’t change the simplicity and no-nonsense attitude of Dannus ever.

Dannus is 61 already and has married twice. His first wife whom he loved so much died during a surgery. Dannus sued the doctors and the hospital and won 20 Million US Dollars. Dannus didn’t sue the doctors or the hospital for the money at all but to teach them a lesson for their negligence.

Since then Dannus avoids any sort of treatment, surgeries, etc and when he noticed himself losing hair on his head back in his late fifties, instead of having a hair transplant, Dannus decided to look for natural hair growth solution on the internet and came across this incredibly great article on Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu’s website which really helped him get back most of his hair.

Dannus’ wife has been loving his new hair and his kids feel so proud to take pictures with him and get flattered when their Facebook or Instagram friends comment so positively about their father’s great looks.

Balzan village boy is now a multi-millionaire and he loves to travel

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Chris Meister (name changed) is a Maltese young man whose ancestors have been living in Malta as long as they know. Chris was born and raised in the village of Balzan, Malta. Balzan is a part of the popular three villages of Malta, the other two being Attard and Lija. Chris completed his high school education from one of the oldest schools of Malta – St. Catherine’s High School. Chris completed his graduation from the University of Malta (Valletta Campus).

Although Chris was born in a very simple and traditional middle-class Maltese family, he always knew that he will make it big one day and he proved himself. By the time Chris was 30, he owned two bungalows, one in the popular village of Mellieha and the other in Iklin. Chris is currently eyeing a 75 acre farmhouse in the beautiful coastal town of Naxxar, Malta.

Chris loves to tour and he recently enjoyed his tour to Jogja (Yogyakarta) a lot. Chris was skeptical about finding a reliable tour and travel company that offers wonderful packages for Jogja, but then one of his friends who enjoyed his honeymoon there in Yogyakarta told him about paket wisata jogja. Chris’ Yogyakarta experience turned out to be really incredible.

Chris used to be a model student in school and college. Chris used to be a momma’s boy while his one and only sibling, his sister used to be a daddy’s girl. Chris’ sister always had a victim mentality while Chris is right the opposite. She always looks up to Chris for becoming better and stronger but she doesn’t understand the way tough people function.

Busy young Businessman loves his one hour of online personal training

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Brody is an atheist who strongly believes that ‘religion is the infancy of mankind’. Brody was raised up by an alcoholic and rageaholic father which made him hate alcohol more than any other thing on the planet. Brody tries his best to forget those gruesome moments that his father gave him while intoxicated with alcohol but he still hasn’t been able to.

Brody is currently busy building a custom design watch business and although he is so busy, he never forgets to spend that hour of fitness. Brody doesn’t like to hit the gym anymore, he has hired an online personal trainer and he is very happy with it.

Brody is a very intense, outspoken and intelligent person and he has been working on improving all the skills that he possesses and learning some new skills as well.

After his father’s violent alocholic rages, the worst experience that Brody considers is one of his best friends borrowing 25000 AUD from him only for Brody to find out that he left the country without even telling him.

Brody owns a fully trained service dog named. Once a robber entered the house of Brody and was about to hit Brody with the baseball bat only to find himself being attacked by Brody’s dog. He could never hit Brody and ran away like a chicken after being attacked by Brody’s dog. He was lucky to have been able to run away otherwise the dog would have taught him a wonderful lesson.

Young Blumenau man won R$ 10 Million with the help of a monk’s prediction

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Leo Diaz is a 32 year old gentleman from the city of Blumenau, Vale do Itajai, Santa Catarina. Leo’s father was a cop and his mother was a homemaker. Leo’s both parents died in a car accident back in the year 2012. Leo never knew how much he loved both his parents until that accident happened, especially his father. Leo feels a little torn ever since.

Before the death of both his parents, Leo Diaz used to be a very cynical immature jobless loser. He would eat chips and play video games all day in his parents’ basement. His parents loved him so much that they never tried to force him to do anything.

Each of the ladies that Leo tried to date in the past were gold diggers and altogether turned Leo into a so-called MGTOW.

Leo has been practicing celibacy for a while and he is a Facebook friend with a White Tibetan Monk. This White Tibetan Monk is a very popular Youtuber as well and that’s where Leo saw him for the first time. Leo asked the monk for his Facebook address in the comments section and the monk didn’t hesitate to provide Leo with it.

Leo and the white Tibetan monk have been chatting with each other for 7-8 hours per week on an average since then. The monk predicted in the month of May this year that Leo is going to win a great amount of money in the August of this year. Leo knew that this monk is real and he is going to get lucky soon. One morning in the month of August this year, Leo woke up after dreaming a sweet dream where he saw boards with Rio de Prêmios written everywhere.

As soon as Leo got up, the first thing he did was searched for the term “Rio de Prêmios” and he instantly could sense this is what the white Tibetan monk predicted. Leo instantly registered a ticket and won 10 million Brazilian Reals.

Scottish-American Economist loves his bathtub soap scum remover

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Landen was born in a Scottish-American family. Landen’s father is a lawyer and his mother is a professor of philosophy teaching at the Clark Atlanta University for the last 21 years. She also wrote a few eBooks on philosophy available for free online.

Landen’s mom wears very revealing clothes for a professor at home. Landen doesn’t like it but his father loves it. Landen’s father believes in being a brute when something doesn’t work with being a nice guy and he taught the same to Landen as well. Lately, Landen has been being a brute with the soap scums in his bathtub. He has discovered the greatest bathtub soap scum remover by accident and he is making the best use of it.

Landen is an amateur Plantsman. He has his own blog where he writes about his knowledge of plants. He also has a Youtube channel and he has also given several public lectures on the subject. Landen has beat several addictions in the past including alcohol, tobacco, smoking and gambling.

Landen has since recently been watching the videos of Osho, Nithyananda and Sadhguru on the Youtube and his veins are burning in fire in the hope of becoming an enlightened being in the near future. Landen studied economics in the college and he really regrets it. He wishes all the time if he could go back in time and change it for himself. He wanted to become a doctor but his grades weren’t even enough for enter into the science stream. He couldn’t even become a Psychologist with the grades he had let alone a general practitioner or surgeon.

Landen recently fell in love with a Russian-American widow who is 7 years older than him. She still misses her late husband but Landen has shown her heaven in the bedroom strong enough to make her forget her late husband.

From suicidal to insanely happy – Hair Transplant can give you a new life and I have proof for the same

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Quinten is a 38 year old gentleman from the city of Denver, Colorado. Until about 7 months ago, Quinten was suicidal all the time. He wanted Russia and United States to have a nuclear war so that he could leave this ‘ugly world’ without feeling like a loser and he started hating every other creature on the planet as well so he wanted them all along to go with him.

Quinten used to be a very pro-life person until the time he was a teenager but then everything changed, Quinten started losing hair like crazy and by the time he was 35, his hair had countable hair. Quinten didn’t trust the local doctors and hated the thought of getting a hair transplant but then accidentally everything changed. One of Quinten’s childhood friend who got complete bald at the age of 33 came back from Turkey with a head full of curly ginger hair. Quinten asked him if he is facing any side effects and he told Quentin “Not at all”. Quentin was tired of his depressed life due to no hair and this friend of his really got him into thinking about getting a hair transplant done. So, Quentin asked him about the name of the doctor and the location. Quentin’s friend told him every detail and Quentin went for a transplant in the March of this year.

Most people fail to recognize Quentin since he got the hair transplant done. If you look at his hair transplant before and after 3000 grafts pictures, you will be completely amazed.

Now, for the last couple of months, Quentin has been looking for the ways to ensue a thicker and quicker beard. Quentin is friends with the popular young rapper Martrel Reeves aka Fat Trel. Quentin is so happy and his creativity has gone insanely up since he got the hair transplant done, he is doing a rap song with Fat Trel soon enough.

Sigil Magic doesn’t make you rich but Prescott Financial Planner do

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Dennis is a 51 year old retired gentleman who was born in the desert city of United States – Tucson, Arizona and lived there until he was 5. When Dennis was 5, his whole family moved from Tucson AZ to Las Vegas. Nevada.

Dennis’ mother used to suffer from occasional severe depression. The cause of her depression wasn’t domestic violence or anything like that, but the shortage of funds to run the home. Dennis used to close his eyes when he was a kid and wished all the time “Oh God! Please make us rich so that my mother doesn’t suffer with depression anymore.”

Dennis’ grandfather was a big believer in Sigil Magic, but it never worked. Sigil magic is supposed to make the one doing it rich. The family never became even middle class, let alone becoming rich.

For the past 6 years, Dennis has been making more money than anybody in his family ever has. When Dennis was 44, he was living in this Bay Ridge neighborhood of the New York City when he met this Black Muslim guy who resided right next to him. Before meeting this gentleman, Dennis had no idea that there are Blacks who believe in Islam. The only one he knew of was Muhammad Ali. Anyways, this black gentleman was about to invest all his savings with Prescott Financial Planner and he told about it to Dennis as well. Dennis decided to give it a go for himself too, and here is Dennis today making over 10k USD a month in profits doing nothing but reinvesting the profits he saves with the same Prescott Financial Planning Company.

Dennis makes a resolution each year and his resolution for this year was starting to meditate everyday for an hour. Since starting meditation, Dennis feels very calm almost all the time, things don’t bother him as much, he feels more alert and energetic.

One thing that Dennis cannot stand is the glorification of celebrities, especially the actors.

Well-off Golden City girl is excited about her MBBS in Bangladesh

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Pratibha is a 19 year young Rajput girl from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan also known as the Golden City. Pratibha comes from a very well-off family. Her grandfather owns a shipping company and recently the family enjoyed a tour of India on the popular royal class luxury train “Palace on Wheels”. The whole family loves travelling and their favorite destination in India is South Goa. They have stayed in each and every popular hotel and resort of South Goa, you just name it.

Pratibha’s favorite song is ‘Heart of Glass’ by Blondie. She really loves the 70s music. One of Pratibha’s most favorite hobbies is mimicking Bollywood actresses. Pratibha has this tremendous energy and gigantic willpower that most others envy. Everyone was telling her until about 6 months ago that she can never become a doctor and she proved them all wrong after getting enrolled for MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students.

Along with being a high achiever in the material world, Pratibha is also very spiritual. She used to be a part of Brahma Kumaris but left only after a few months. This was back in 2015. Currently, she is not attached with any spiritual or religious organization, but she has subscribed to so many gurus including Nithyananda, Sadhguru, Sri Sri Ravishankar, OSHO, you name it.

Pratibha was dating this vapid but handsome dude until about an year ago who was a total puppet of his father. She couldn’t take it anymore and finally broke up with him.

Oddly enough now, Pratibha wants to stay a celibate throughout her life but is not overthinking it.

Pratibha is scared that after moving to Bangladesh and mixing up with new people, she doesn’t get estranged from her spiritual lifestyle.

History Teacher loves his early morning jog at Schuylkill River Trail

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Brian is an American who can’t forget his trip to the Mexico when he was only 16. He remembers how he asked for a Pepsi in a bar and he was given whiskey instead. He fell in love with Mexico. He always wondered how he could settle down there forever.

Brian has been teaching history in a Philadelphia school for over 10 years now and although he loves it, he still wants to move to a resort town in Mexico forever. He is looking for ways to make money online for that and he is yet to come across a reliable one.

The best time of Brian’s day is the jogging time in the early morning. He does a daily jog wearing his MadOxx activewear at Schuylkill River Trail.

Recently, Brian got addicted to surfing the net so much that he had to be on the NoSurf challenge only to find himself relapsing each time.

It is an irony that on one side Brian claims that he likes to live in the moment and on the other, he is always lost in the memories of Mexico which was over 2 decades ago.

Brian loves serenity more than anything else. Brian was raised by very wise and conservative parents. They always taught Brian the art of cultivation directly or indirectly.

Brian never had a girlfriend. One of Brian’s best friends is a compulsive exaggerator. He always exaggerates about the number and beauty of his girlfriends to Brian. He also loves to exaggerates about his intimate adventures with his girlfriends.

Brian is one of the ablest men you have never met. I am certain that he will achieve his dream of starting a successful online business soon enough and settle down in a resort town of Mexico for the rest of his life.

Pro-life Belgium music creator can’t stop shopping at the Pample Mousse

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Eli is a very pro-life girl from the Antwerp city of Belgium. Eli’s family traces its origin to the House of Wettin. Eli’s family recently donated 10, 000 Euros for the building of one of the most popular Hindu temples in Belgium.

Eli’s father used to be a close disciple of UG Krishnamurti, a so-called enlightened master from India. Eli’s father lived in the Switzerland for 8 years and that’s when he met UG. Her father also used to go to a mystery school and was even involved in esoteric practices. He also loves to listen to the biblical tales.

Eli is a hardcore atheist and she listens to nothing but her favorite songs. Eli recently bought a pair of good bluetooth headphones from the Pample Mousse after her previous one broke.

Eli has been producing lots of music lately and that’s where she procures her pleasures from. She loves making music and she can’t get enough of it. Eli has one sister who is very stolid. She doesn’t like Eli’s music and Eli knows it.

Eli recently got a couple of her energy drainers out of her life. Her boyfriend also was in a relationship with her for her money. Eli believes that if you run around the losers you will end up a loser.

Eli’s boyfriend used to sell security systems house to house and Eli didn’t care about that but after a couple of years of dating, he started to show his real colors.

Recently, when the earthquake stuck the beautiful country of Belgium in the May, 2018, an under-construction building in the neighborhood of Eli fell into pieces. Eli was so happy that there were no workers there when this happened.

Potential Turkmenistani President’s Aunt works at Prescott Kitchen Remodeling Company and loves it

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Ruslan loves to learn about the past history of his country Turkmenistan.

Ruslan was born in a well-off family. One of Ruslan’s uncles and his grandfather were candidates for state elections in the 1980s. Both were killed by the opposition and their family’s properties were all seized by the government. Ruslan’s family was forced to live in a ghetto and they feared their lives.

Ruslan’s mother didn’t compromise when it came to the education for her sons. Ruslan has one male sibling. Both the brothers love to lift weights and were one of the very few in their school to do so when they were still studying there. Both the brothers used to eat lots of nuts and meat to develop better muscles and overall body. They used to have a very tight schedule. The brothers had such a nice mum that she would play their favorite music, cook their favorite meals and helped them do their homework.

Ruslan is now 18 and he is trying his hands in several online businesses at the moment. If he succeeds, he will keep doing the online business and if he fails, he will start going to the college.

Ruslan has fallen in love with his Windows 10. Ruslan was using Windows 7 on the laptop that his aunt gifted him. He or his mother didn’t have the money to buy a Windows 10, but Ruslan is the kind of who never gives up. He researched all over the net how he can get Windows 10 for free and he came across a wonderful article about how he can get Windows 10 for free with Kmspico Windows 10 activator. Ruslan wants to be the next president of his country Turkmenistan, and he has got whatever it takes to become the same, it is just a lot of hard work.

One of Ruslan’s aunt who works for one of the most popular Kitchen Remodel companies advised Ruslan to come to the USA. Let’s see what Ruslan’s response would be to it.

Soon to be Watch Retail Tycoon installed XMEyepc on her PC to keep a check on her stores

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When Amanda was in high school she used to sell Japanese watches door to door part time in her city of Orlando, Florida. After completing her schooling, Amanda pursued a bachelor degree in economics.

After completing her education, Amanda didn’t go out to look for a job, but she built watch forums and blogs where she reviewed or talked about watches of all sorts and advertised her online watch stores on those blogs and forums. She also bought Chinese watches in bulk and sold those Chinese watches on eBay and other online marketplaces.

After making her first 500k USD, Amanda opened her first watch retail store in the city of Orlando. This was back in the year 2012. Since then, Amanda has opened 5 more stores in 5 different cities of Florida and that means she owns total of 6 watch retail stores now and she is only 30. She has a store in Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and Naples.

Amanda used various different apps to keep a check on her employees and her store before but the one she recently downloaded from for her PC is the one she cannot appreciate enough.

Amanda believes in the religion of humanity and she recently visited the positivist temple in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Amanda’s life philosophy is that always set big goals, keep a positive attitude and choose a career that you enjoy. Amanda like her parents didn’t want to work for anybody else, her parents too never worked for anyone else, they only did their own business.

Amanda believes that each unique human being is like a unique flower with different qualities and cons. Amanda is very pro-life and wants to live forever and she is taking some Chinese supplements that promise to make you immortal. I personally don’t think any of those work.

From a little kids’ clothing shop to one of the Europe’s biggest brewery – Sawyer’s story is full of inspiration

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There was a time when Andorran boy Sawyer used to work as an employee at his father’s clothing store in Encamp town of Andorra. The shop was a little shop and they mostly sold kids’ clothing. From the little kids’ clothing shop to one of the biggest breweries in the Western Europe, Sawyer’s story is nothing less than an inspiration.

When Sawyer was a teenager, he used to be angry all the time. His sister used to try to make him laugh all the time. They still recall those moments and laugh together whenever they meet. Sawyer used not be angry, he used to be frustrated all the time thinking how to become the richest man in Andorra. His frustration was even understood by the pet donkey that the family had at the time. Their pet donkey wouldn’t come anywhere near Sawyer back then.

Inspired by Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Pierre Omidyar and the like, Sawyer knew that if he works hard enough on his dreams, he will be able to achieve his goals.

I must say that Sawyer is one courageous young man. He didn’t fear failing and tried several low capital businesses until he became successful with few of those. Then he started a small scale brewery after doing a great research on where to find the right equipment for the same. What should I say – was he lucky or smart enough to find the best he could possibly find? After doing a 3 day research, he discovered –

It has been 3 years since Sawyer started his brewery and within these 3 years, Sawyer’s net worth has grown tenfold. He was worth 2 million Euros before 3 years and today his net worth is 20 million Euros.

Importing Mirror Glass from China and selling it on eBay can make you rich

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Daryll Toptchi (name changed) is a Canadian-Jewish young man born to a Catholic mother and a Jewish father. Daryll’s mother was always very lenient when it came to the studies and promoted Daryll for his bodybuilding and online business goals that he started off working at when he was only 14 while his father like most Jewish fathers would always ask him to study hard and don’t think about bodybuilding or business until he completes his college education. And like most Jewish fathers, Daryll’s dad wanted him to become a doctor, doesn’t matter which branch, General Practice, Dermatology, Dental practice, everything was okay with him as long as it gives his son the title of “Doctor” before his name.

But unfortunately, Daryll couldn’t go the medical college due to his low grades. His father was very disappointed, but his mother had confidence in him and always knew that her son is going to be a success. Daryll went to a business college and after coming back from the college each day, he would try his hand in several online businesses. Daryll suffered losses in most of the businesses but didn’t give up. He knew there is a lot of potential in him and he is naturally gifted when it comes to doing the business.

It is surprising that even though Daryll had tried several businesses already in a span of about 6 years, he never tried to sell anything on eBay. The idea came to him when he looked for a bathroom mirror on eBay. He found out that Chinese sellers were selling 10x as better bathroom mirrors on eBay for one third the price than their Canadian rivals, the only difference was that they had a much longer delivery time. Daryll knew that he has finally found a profitable business. Daryll took his parents’ permission and moved to China to look for the perfect mirror glass supplier and found one in Xingtai , Hebei Province.

Radiologist loves to catch trouts at the frying pan river

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Fabrice is a radiologist working at one of the most popular radiology clinics for over last 15 years. Fabrice is already 42 now and has some pretty weird hobbies for his age like playing video games, chatting on gaming chat services like discord and many other kiddish hobbies. But one of his mature hobbies is fishing. He loves to go to fish trouts at the frying pan river every Sunday with one of his best spinning reels. He has 5 spinning reels and loves to use a different one than the one he used the previous week.

Fabrice loves to listen to the 80s music and he has almost every popular 80s song in his USB drives.

Fabrice’s father used to be in the army. He got hit by a bullet once during the Vietnam war. Fabrice’s father used to go for hunting and his favorite hunting destinations used to be all in Central Asia.

Fabrice’s cousins are all struggling to make a living and Fabrice is the most successful current generation person in his family.

The worst period in Fabrice’s life was when he was 15. Fabrice became a real masturbation addict back then and the act really weakened his body. He couldn’t succeed in sports, he started lagging behind in his studies. He also got asthma because of that. Since then, Fabrice has been living a celibate life and never looked back. All his cousins were masturbation addicts and that’s the main reason why none of them could succeed.

Fabrice grew up in a joint family in the state of Kentucky and his cousins were the ones who introduced him to the bad habit of masturbating. It was very rare even back in the 70s and 80s to find a joint family anywhere in the United States.

Ice Cream Man turned into a millionaire with television draw and God’s help

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Manolo is a 38 year old man who used to be a ice cream man wandering on the streets in his small and old van in the beautiful city of Curitiba, Brazil until the last year. Today, Manolo owns a small ice cream factory of his own. Manolo is a great believer in God and his belief is that the God really helps you if you call him wholeheartedly for a good purpose and intention.

Manolo was in desperate need for the money when his mother and father were both ill. Manolo doesn’t have any spouse or siblings that could help him at that moment. He is a celibate as well.

The money Manolo was earning as an ice cream man wasn’t enough for his own survival. How could he get his old and ill parents treated with that money?

Manolo was in desperation went to the church on the Sunday of 2017 September and asked for God’s help. Manolo was certain that God will help him.

The next day, when Manolo went out like he did everyday to sell ice creams, he started seeing what they call “Angel Numbers”. Once an astrologer told him that 11 is his lucky number and 77 is his unlucky number. Whenever Manolo saw the number 11, something good happened to him that day, whenever he saw 7 or 77, something bad happened.

Then Manolo saw a very attractive ad for sorteio da tele sena. He then thought of buying a ticket. He knew that God is trying to send him a message and he was certain that the God will definitely help him. Manolo bought a television draw number and it should be no surprise to you that he ‘won’. Manolo won 10 million Brazilian Real and he couldn’t thank god enough. He was literally crying unstoppably that day with tears of gratitude and joy.

Kazakh-American GP never forgets to hunt while in Kazakhstan

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“When I grow up, I will become a doctor, move to America and make lots of money”, told 7 year young Anara to her mother and father when once they asked Anara what she wants to become after growing up.

Anara was born and raised in Astana, Kazakhstan. She was always a great student. She would only get compliments from her teachers and whenever her parents showed up at the Parent-Teacher Meeting, they were treated as celebrities by her teachers.

Anara won ACLS Scholarship for Healthcare Providers after completing her schooling. She took her parents’ blessings and moved to her dream country – The United States of America. After completing her education. Anara decided to stay in the United States of America forever.

Anara got married to a fellow General Practitioner when she was 29. The general practitioner is Jewish and Anara is a Muslim, they both are atheists but they are spreading a message for peace among the people of different religions, ethnicities and communities. They had a beautiful baby daughter last year and they named her Bibigul.

Anara still visits Kazakhstan once in a while. Mostly in the winters, because she loves the winter season there. Her husband also goes there along with her if he has time. Anara’s parents love their son-in-law and always applause Anara for her choice.

More than the Kazakhstan’s winter, Anara loves hunting there. Kazakhstan is one of the best destinations when it comes to hunting, they have Roe Deers, Moral Stags, Wild Boars, Wolves, Siberian Roe Deers and Gooses there. Anara never forgets to take along her best bow sight with her when she goes hunting.

Anara is already 36 now and she is planning to have another baby before she hits menopause. She thinks she is a marvelous mother and one child is not enough for her.

Italian woman can’t get enough of 31st Octorber aka Halloween

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Priscilla is a 34 year old beautiful Italian woman who was born and raised in the city of Siena. Priscilla when only 26, already worked at a few different high-paying jobs. Priscilla had a great business idea that was only applicable to the city of Lucca in Tuscany itself.

Priscilla moved to Lucca in the same year, i.e. 2010. Priscilla took a small loan to initiate her business plan and as expected, she became a success overnight. It was Priscilla’s gut instinct that the plan will 100% work.

Priscilla is a workaholic. She speaks very less and works so much. But there is an occasion when Priscilla forgets all about the work and that occasion is the festival of Halloween. Every year Priscilla with her childhood and college friends, celebrate Halloween like there’s no tomorrow. She knows almost every store in Italy and every website that delivers in Italy that sells Halloween costumes for women.

Priscilla also loves the winter season as well. From the month of March to October, she eagerly waits for the winter season. It is perhaps the law of attraction or what it is, I don’t know, even Priscilla doesn’t that although her business has nothing to do with the weather or the seasons, each winter season her sales go double.

Priscilla’s father used to be a painter and her mother used to be a trader. They both had a great chemistry together. The family was lower-middle class, and Priscilla’s parents greatest priority was to make Priscilla well-educated. They did everything in their power to make Priscilla happy. Their 36th anniversary is on December 2nd of this year and Priscilla has already started shopping for the occasion. Who wouldn’t want a daughter like Priscilla? A country that used to be so misogynistic once, parents are asking for a daughter like Priscilla after looking at her success and her love for her parents.

Ex-nurse traveling the whole world, living her dream life

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Amanda is a 34 years old ex-nurse who has by now traveled almost each and every country that is on the face of planet earth. You may be wondering that Amanda got married to a filthy rich man and that’s how she left her job and traveled the whole world, so my honest and true reply to you is “NO”. Amanda is a self-made multimillionaire now and she did it all on her own. It was 95% luck and 5% hard-work.

The difference between you and Amanda is that while you waste most of your time on the internet looking for stupid Youtube videos, Amanda used it it make money.

Amanda is now living her dreams and did I tell you that she owns two hospitals of her own in the city of Campinas?

Amanda is also very spiritual and a history buff as well. She loves to study different religions in her free time. But Amanda also doesn’t like several aspects of different religions like she hates how Christianity promotes poverty and promises great things to the poor people. “Poverty is a trap”, Amanda says.

Amanda also is a fitness buff. She has a private Yoga teacher coming to her house everyday in the morning teaching and doing yoga with her. Amanda doesn’t like the idea of the gym and is more into Yoga and Aerobic stuff.

Amanda was raised by ignorant parents and she says that she won’t do to her children what her parents did to her. She is not a mother yet but when she becomes one, she will be fantastic mother.

Would you like to know how this ex-nurse made it to the top? Check out Como aumentar meu score

Hire Luxury Wedding Dresses in Hanoi City

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Long has been working at a call center in her hometown of Hanoi City for the last 6 years. Long is getting married on 3rd October this year. Long was in love with another coworker until the year 2016 and they both were planning to get married until he met a woman who was older but rich. He left Long for that old and rich woman.

Long fell into a long depression after that and after a few months, this coworker whom we are talking about right now proposed Long. This guy was in love with Long for so long but he never mentioned her feelings to her or to anybody else.

Long comes from a middle-class family and they couldn’t afford a luxury bridal dress, so Long chose to thue ao cuoi. Long had already used all her savings to buy a HP Laptop and she didn’t have enough money to buy a stunning bridal dress for her.

Long’s fiance is also the same. They get the same salary and come from working parents who couldn’t afford much for them. Still, they are well-respected in the neighborhood and they consider that to be enough for them.

Long and her fiance are planning to start a business together once they get married. They don’t want a kid for at least until a few years of their marriage. Long’s grandparents used to be successful businesspeople until they lost it all during the Vietnam war. It is in the blood and DNA of Long to be successful businessperson.

I am certain that Long will be a very successful business lady once she starts her own business. I am also certain that she will do it within a couple of years. She will be able to provide her kids all the luxuries that she missed herself.

One of Don Johnson’s biggest fan got hair implant inspired by him

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Shawn Bertman is a 41 year old British man who grew up watching Miami Vice like most others his age. Don Johnson is, was and will ever be his biggest hero. His friends even call Shawn “Sonny” to this day. Shawn was the biggest Don Johnson and Miami Vice fan among them all and to this day, he can’t stop watching it. He has bought the complete series of the show’s every season through the Amazon and watches it whenever he has some spare time.

He has also watched each and every soundtrack video of the show on the Youtube and never misses out commenting on each of it. He never even misses to watch any interview of his all-time hero Mr. Don Johnson.

Shawn was only 37 when he had lost almost 75% of the hair on his head. He always wondered what caused it, and he also always wondered how is hero Don Johnson has all his hair intact yet.

Many of Shawn’s friends suggested the idea of Fue hair transplant, but Shawn was too scared of it. He feared the side effects and he also thought it is costly. But one day, when he saw his hero Don Johnson mentioning in an interview about his hair transplant, Shawn said to himself “I need to get a hair transplant too.”

Shawn Bertman went for the Fue Hair Transplant UK and got the same hairstyle as Don Johnson. Now Shawn’s friends have started calling him “Sonny” more than ever again and Shawn feels so great when they do so. Back in the days when Shawn didn’t have any hair on his head, when some friend of Shawn called him “Sonny”, he would think that they are making fun of him. I forgot to tell you, Shawn has got a new girlfriend who is 7 years younger than him and she is really beautiful.

MTSY can turn any company into a household name

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Yodha Gera Pvt Ltd (name changed) is a very old family business based in New Delhi. If you have ever been to the city of New Delhi, you must be aware of a market that goes by the name Pallika Bazar. Pallika Bazar was the first centrally Air Conditioned market in the city of New Delhi. The family started its business back in the early 1960s and they are the richest among all their relatives.

Yodha Gera Pvt Ltd’s business has been seeing a constant downfall since the mid 1980s. In the early 2000s, they were on the verge of shutting down forever, but someone suggested selling on websites like eBay, Amazon and Etsy. The family was so unaware about how to sell online that it took them about a month only to learn how to sell there.

Yodha Gera was doing very well selling their products online. They even had to hire a couple of employees only to take care of the online orders and taking them to the courier shop.

By the year 2017, all their accounts on different online stores were shut down due to one or another violation of Terms and Conditions. The family decided to start selling on their own website.

They were very enthusiastic about selling on their own website but it wasn’t as easy as they thought it would be. Very few people are interested in buying from an unfamiliar site and you have to create a brand first if you want to sell on your own website.

Yodha Gera Pvt Ltd then came across mtsyconsulting marketing, contacted them and told them their whole story. It was a piece of cake for MTSY Consulting to turn any company into a brand, and Yodha Gera Pvt Ltd was already so old and did their work so honestly, the task was much easier to make them into a world-class brand.

It took MTSY only 75 days to make Yodha Gera a household name and today, Yodha Gera has been selling more lamps than ever before.

Broadcasters are very stressed all the time but that shouldn’t become a barrier

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Farrah is a 28 years old Malaysian woman who works as a news broadcaster in one of the top news channels of Malaysia. Farrah was born in Kota Kinabulu, but moved to Kuala Lumpur after she got the job as the broadcaster in a news channel. Farrah used to be a very bubbly girl throughout her school and college life.

Farrah got married when she was 25. Farrah now has a son as well. But Farrah is not finding the joy in her life anymore. Her husband is a small businessman who makes good money. They both like each other, but Farrah is not finding the joy she expected from her married life.

Farrah’s job is a very stressful one. She doesn’t feel like doing anything hot in bed after she comes back home from work and neither does her husband. Both live in very stressful conditions throughout the day.

There was a time when Farrah became very religious in hope to find a meaning of life. She used to come back home and say to herself “Is that all”? It became her everyday routine to do the same.

The religion couldn’t give much meaning to her life. Her husband knew about her depression and felt that it was lack of sensual activity. He wasn’t a chad either in bed but was desperate to raise his performance.

Farrah’s husband ordered some Ubat Kuat to keep things hot in the bedroom. The very first day her husband took Ubat Kuat, he grabbed her by her waist the moment Farrah reached home and made love like you have only heard in the stories. He lasted for 150 minutes and Farrah felt like she was in heaven. Since then, Farrah and her husband have been worshiping Ubat Kuat and each other’s precious bodies. They both now love their lives.

San Marino based Swimming Pool Accessories Company found refuge in Dongguan, China

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Espochi Cuchico Pvt Ltd (name changed) is a San Marino based Swimming Pool Accessories selling company. Espochi Cuchico Pvt Ltd used to manufacture all of its products itself until most of the swimming pool accessories transformed into plastic and all of its surviving competitors started outsourcing the manufacturing of the products to the plastic injection mold companies in China.

Espochi Cuchico Pvt Ltd kept manufacturing its own products until the day it came on the verge of a shutdown. The management had no other way than to outsource the manufacturing to some company in China or India. They first went to India in a hope that the quality of the products would be much better there. They were disappointed to their surprise. The quality was nowhere close to what their competitors were selling in San Marino, and they all imported from China.

The management then decided to move to China. They roamed around every big city of China and found nothing but disappointment. They went to the factories in Shanghai, the industries in Beijing and Taipei, but they were no good. They wondered where their competitors was getting it done. Then they met a taxi driver who used to work at one of the factories in Dongguan that manufactures plastic products.

The taxi driver gave the management of the Espochi Cuchico Pvt Ltd the address of the Dongguan factory and told them they can’t find any better. The management flew to Dongguan from Beijing the next day and were amazed at seeing the quality of the products this factory manufactures; and their prices were also lesser than the ones in India, Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei.

The factory owner told them that they are supplying to many other San Marino companies as well. The Espochi Cuchico Pvt Ltd signed up the deal and we are certain that they will become one of the topmost soon enough.

Aluminum Pots, Aluminum Patio Furniture, you name it, Dongguan is the best place to buy it

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The Republic of China has become to the world’s economy what Parenchyma is to the plants, the only functional part of it. Industries are created by ambitious people, and the society gives a special status to those who create industries. Industries are the roots of any modern society. The industrial revolution was first started in the Europe, but it is China who is ruling almost all the industries of the world today.

In this post, I will tell you about how Republic of China’s industries are ruling the Aluminum die casting industry and how they are unparalleled in quality and the price. The companies all located in your home country, each and every one of those will tell you how they have reached the pinnacle of success and how good they are, you might do the mistake of believing them at first, but when it comes to the die casting products, the companies located in Dongguan, Republic of China are unparalleled.

Let me give you an example here, one of my friends runs a medium sized furniture business in the heart of New Delhi. It is a family business, he is perhaps the fourth generation. Although Indian government and common Indian people claim to be some of the best when it comes to the furniture. He tells how they import all the aluminum patio furniture from the Republic of China. Each and everything made of aluminum in the whole market is imported from the China without exception. Whether it is the table, chairs, sofas, stool, you name it.

The store just next door to him sells aluminum pots, all imported from China without exception. The Chinese sell the Indians at a price their local Indian manufacturers cannot sell. Who would buy from the Indian manufacturers then? Perhaps, a ghost who knows nothing about the quality or prefers low quality over high quality.

One of the most popular drug rehabs of America is what it is today due to lead marketing

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The Rehab and Rehab (name changed) is today one of the most popular rehabs in all of United States. The rehab was started by a very young and passionate doctor who didn’t get into the rehab business in order to make money but to help people. We will call the doctor who founded the Rehab “Sylvester” here. So, Sylvester had a drug addict aunt who was an engineer by profession. He lost his aunt to drug overdose. Sylvester also had a drug addict uncle whose wife and kids left him because of his drug addiction.

Sylvester didn’t have an idea that just starting a rehab wouldn’t be enough. Drug rehab is a very competitive business and it is very difficult to attract the addicts and their family, what is even more difficult is to persuade the addicts and their family that there is no ill-treatment that goes on in the rehab. Many rehabs treat the addicts (patients) very badly and that’s one of the reasons why the addicts don’t enroll into one even though most of them are always very curious to drop the drug addiction.

Only 2 addicts enrolled during the period of first 3 months in Sylvester’s Rehab and Rehab. Sylvester started to think that he made a mistake by starting this rehab for drug addicts. He called up a friend of his and told him the whole story. Sylvester’s friend started laughing like crazy and told Sylvester that there is nothing to worry about and he will tell him about a fantastic online marketing company that does unbelievably good lead generation with SEO.

Sylvester contacted the online marketing company the next day because it was too late already. The marketing company told Sylvester that they have done lead generation for many drug rehab centers before and it is no big deal for them.

They made Rehab and Rehab what it is today within a time period of 16 months with their marketing tactics and experience.

Nurse turned into full-time Amazon FBA Seller

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Sandra is a 34 year old ex-nurse who worked in different areas of nursing in her short career, including orthopaedics and dialysis. Sandra got into nursing because from her very childhood she loved helping people.

Sandra didn’t have any idea how hard it was going to be. Sandra started off with being an orthopaedic nurse and soon enough found herself stuck in a job that she started to hate. Almost every nurse that you meet working in the orthopaedic field hates her job and does it only for the money. Sandra was making over 100, 000 US Dollars a year working as orthopaedic nurse, but after a couple of years left the job for a much lower paying dialysis nurse career.

Sandra didn’t like dialysis nurse career either. But she did it to take care of her family. Her husband is a small businessman who doesn’t make over 30, 000 US Dollars a year. Sandra’s family used to be dependent on the income that she fetched as a nurse.

By the time Sandra was 30, she was too tired of her nursing job that she was even willing to do something that pays the half the amount of money that she was earning, she would look for the ways to make money online whenever she got a little time to do the same.

After buying from Amazon for over 10 years, Sandra started to wonder how to sell on Amazon FBA. In the year 2016, she accidentally met a patient who was an Amazon seller himself and he taught her everything. After receiving personal training, Sandra started selling products related to health on Amazon as she had expertise in that field. Currently, she is making over 15, 000 US Dollars a month selling on Amazon, and she doesn’t work as a nurse anymore.

New Orleans Boy became his best version with the help of video games

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Reggie is a 26 years young New Orleans boy. Reggie is a shy and introvert guy, but he wasn’t shy and introvert during his childhood as far as he can remember. Reggie used to be a very outgoing and cool kid. Reggie had several friends in his neighborhood and in school. Reggie blames it all up on his LSD addiction.

Reggie was introduced to the LSD when he was 18 years old by a friend. Reggie didn’t have an idea that he can ever be addicted to a substance. He just thought that this one time and never again. Reggie did it in a pressure of looking cool.

After Reggie took the LSD, he went back home and started looking for its affects all over the internet. Everywhere one thing was commonly mentioned that Lysergic Acid Diethylamide aka Acid aka LSD isn’t addictive like other drugs. Reggie took this information to his heart and whenever he would do LSD, he would think that he can’t get addicted to this stuff.

Reggie’s addiction was at its worst when he was 24. Reggie started to try other substances as well in hope that some of those substances might replace the LSD for him and then he had his own idea of leaving LSD like that which is too long. Well, none of those things worked.

Reggie wanted to be out of it, no matter what it took. Reggie told his parents about his addiction. His parents were very supportive of him when they heard about his addiction. Reggie’s parents told him to do whatever it takes to get out of this bad addiction, we will provide you with anything that you need.

Reggie told his parents that the stress creates the desire in him to take the drug and he wants off for a few weeks and would play video games all the time, all these days to forget about the LSD. Reggie’s parents said “No issues”. Reggie ordered the best gaming laptop that he could find online and started playing video games instead of going to work as he planned. Everything went ahead as he planned and instead of a few weeks, it took him a few months to get off his addiction.

This is how Martinez brothers became the top in their field in the city of Orlando

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Martinez brothers have been running a carpentry business in the city of Orlando for the last 12 years. Even though they are some of the best carpenters that you have probably never heard about before, they just get average number of clients. Their neighboring shop is also in the same business and they get more business than the Martinez brothers just because their shop is bigger, they have more money to spend on the advertisements and they are a full-fledged company.

Martinez Brothers not only provided an impeccable service, their main goal of the day used to be to serve and impress as many clients as possible instead of making as much money as possible. But then things changed, both the brothers got married to their girlfriends and they had kids on the way. Their wives couldn’t work and the bills were increasing. One of the brothers (Jim) got the idea that they should focus more on advertising their business and start some gimmick to expand the number of clients. The other brother (Ryan) was impressed with the idea but he had no clue what Jim was talking about. Jim then explained Ryan that they will first buy the best radar detector on the market, and then start guaranteeing a visit within 3 hours or 50% off to the clients. Ryan never heard about radar detector before and was in a dilemma. Jim told Ryan that he will handle it and the top radar detectors are really something to rely upon.

Jim ordered a radar detector and put a Google Adsense ad. They became pretty popular within a week, started getting 6 times the number of calls that they did before and raised their prices as well. Now they make 5 times the profits that they did before after about an year of buying the radar detectors and working on Jim’s idea. Jim has a son and Ryan has a daughter. The Martinez brothers are happier than ever before.

Young Chinese man fulfilled his dream of becoming a top eBay power-seller

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Li Wei is a 26 year old young and ambitious Chinese man. Since Li Wei saw his best friend selling stuff on the eBay and making banks, it became Li Wei’s own dream to become an eBay power-seller one day. As soon as Li Wei completed his college, Li Wei started planning his eBay business ahead. He planned to sell shoes made in China on eBay UK and eBay US. Little did he know about the competition in the eBay UK and eBay US.

Li Wei couldn’t let his dream turn into ashes. He wanted to be an eBay power-seller at any cost and he finally did after he came to know about the great demand of Chinese shoes in France and how little the competition was in eBay France when compared to the eBay US and eBay UK. Big Problem – Li Wei didn’t know a word in French language, but Li Wei wouldn’t let the language become a hurdle in his dreams. Li Wei started watching French short film and movies on some of the top streaming websites in order to learn the French language.

It took Li Wei 4 months to learn French language enough to understand the communication of the customers and do the tasks necessary in order to sell on eBay France. Now, after 3 years, Li Wei is one of the top Chinese shoe sellers on eBay and makes over 80k Euros in profits each year. All thanks to the French streaming websites.

Swedish clerk finally found a way to beat his Sonographer friend in terms of earnings

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Liam is a Swedish boy who was born and raised in the town of Lund. Liam was never good at his studies and was told by the teachers and parents of his quite often that he is not capable doing anything in life. They used to tell him that he will become a clerk even if he tries his best. Liam was always depressed because of his grades in the school, because of his performance in sports and the taunts by his friends, family members and teachers.

Liam’s best friend Melker was great at studies. Melker decided to be a Sonographer after the 8th grade and Liam merely passed his examinations. Liam then failed his school examinations the next year. Liam’s parents suggested to him that he shouldn’t worry much about his failure in the studies because even he does, he cannot do anything much valuable. Liam’s parents suggested that he should start working at odd-jobs as soon as he complete his studies, which he really did. Liam or his parents never wanted this for him.

Liam finally got a waiting job at a nearby restaurant. Liam was obviously not happy with the job. He wanted to be at the least equal to his best friend Melker when it came to the status and earnings. Liam would come back home and find ways to make more money and by chance he finally found what would change his life forever and that is a Google Scraper.

Liam now makes over a million Swedish Krona in a year and drives a top model Volvo XC90. I think it is a great achievement within a year.

Hendersonville Lady improved her facial contour

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After being hit bad by the Cushing’s Syndrome, 39 year old Cassie was hopeless. Her stunning figure, body and face became some of the ugliest and she lost all hope. Finally, she was cured, but her face still looked like a moon. She went to another doctor who told her that it will improve by itself, she needn’t worry about it.

But Cassie’s gut told her that her face isn’t going to improve if she doesn’t do anything about it. She first tried all the home remedies and nothing worked. Then she stopped doing anything for a couple of months to improve her facial contour but somehow an inner voice told her to search on the internet for improve facial contour, which she did and found a product which started giving a positive difference to her face within a week.

Cassie now has a face even prettier than it was before she was hit by the Cushing’s Syndrome. Her story tells us that wherever there is a will there is a way and also we must not lose hope and listen to what our gut and inner voice tells us.

Kyrgyz woman living her dream life with the help of one API

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Kyrgyzstan is a poor country and the country’s GDP per capita is even lesser than that of the India and Pakistan. Valentina, a Kyrgyz young woman, always wanted to do something about her country. Valentina didn’t have a college degree, so she couldn’t get a good job, and she wasn’t even interested in that. She wanted to create jobs for her country and make the country’s GDP per capita grow.

She learnt that an export business can help her complete her mission, but she didn’t have any money to start an export business. She somehow figured out that she will start with a real estate agency and one day, will become one of the greatest real estate builders ever and make Kyrgyzstan an astonishing country to visit. Perhaps, she is Schizophrenic too.

So, Valentina started with her little real estate agency which was opened in small rented shop in the middle of one of the 4 major cities of Kyrgyzstan. She was averaging only 2 prospects a day for one month and then a friend told her that getting a computer and an internet connection will really help her business. So, Valentina got herself a laptop and an internet connection as well.

Valentina started posting ads on the classified ads websites, which really gave a nice push to her business. She then started exploring the other sides of the internet and everyday she would think of having a website of her own like Zillow, etc. She one day after researching a lot, stumbled upon Google SERP API and saw what it was. Since then, she has been creating scraped real estate websites and making money with those as well.

[Method] Get free robux codes pins

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Aprajita Maheshwari (name changed) is an Indian teacher whose mother was also a teacher. Aprajita has been teaching economics to the students of a reputed school in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh for over a decade but her own economical condition was never good. Her husband belongs to a family that was always involved in one or another form of small business and even though her husband is well-educated, in his life of 45 years, he never worked for someone else but rather always started one business to another and always failed.

Aprajita’s husband owned a 250 square yard independent house when Aprajita got married to him but now they live in a 70 square yard old and broken apartment on rent. They have a son and a daughter whom Aprajita doesn’t want to get affected by their economical condition. She and her husband play several different games to hide their bad economical condition from their children, but children know very well what their family is going through.

Aprajita even got her kids a new set of Oculus Rift so that her studious children can have some happy hours on the weekends. The kids know very well where to get the free robux codes and now they spend most of their weekends playing the robux.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, they find their mother weeping silently on the couch. The children then invited their mother to play a game of robux and enjoy the life. Aprajita since that day has gone addicted to the game and spends most at least an hour of Sunday playing the robux.

Kapoor Brothers got AC installed with the help of Chan Brothers in their small Punjabi dhaba

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Kapoor brothers migrated to Singapore from India in the year 1988 and since then they have been running their small Indian Punjabi Dhaba on the streets of Geylang. Till the year 2015, they didn’t have an air conditioner in their small dhaba as the income wasn’t much, they feared fitting an air conditioner would result in greater electricity bills which in turn would increase the prices for the food at their dhaba, which will ultimately result in lesser regular customers and one day they will have to pack up their business.

One so-called well-wisher told them that A/Cs are needed to be repaired every other month and the cost for getting them repaired is not cheap either. The Kapoor Brothers decided to never get AC installed in their dhaba until the daughter of one of the brothers visited the dhaba and couldn’t stop screaming “It is so hot in here, why don’t you get an air conditioner fitted here in this stinking little dhaba.”

The brothers were really embarrassed after hearing this and researched on the internet who are the people that can give them a real good advice for getting an AC fixed in their small dhaba. They figured out that Chan Brothers from the Woodlands, Singapore would be the best people to get in touch with in the case. They called on Chan Brothers and told their requirements and the Chan Brothers told them the best AC that they could get at the price the Kapoor Brothers were willing to spend. Chan Brothers suggested them such a great AC that the Kapoor Brothers hadn’t had to call the Chan Brothers even once for the Aircon Servicing in more than 3 years.

Hygiene is too important for a restaurant, make sure your restaurant is hygienic

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Sometimes we make blunders in the fear of offending others. One such blunder was made by the mother of a small Indian restaurant owner in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We don’t want to disclose the name of the restaurant, the restaurant owner’s mother or the restaurant owner’s, so we will give them the names – Nankana to the restaurant, Nin to the restaurant owner’s mother and Chakan to the restaurant owner.

Chakan has this small street restaurant where he cooks the food himself and has only one employee who serves the food. Chakan is popular in his area for making unbeatable delicious Indian food. His ancestors from the mother’s side are Indians and that’s where he learnt the cooking from. His mother also helps him sometime teaching new dishes after she watches the recipe and how to cook on the Youtube, but Chakan is very egoistic and he wouldn’t listen to his mom’s recipes.

Chakan started losing customers in the July of 2017 and in about the September of 2017, he was thinking of shutting down the restaurants as there were no regular customers that he had. Chakan only thought that good food is what the customers come to a restaurant for. He didn’t believe that hygiene has anything to do with a restaurant’s business until his mother had to tell him that the geckos (ตุ๊กแก) are what causing all the customers to shoo away. Chakan had to listen to his mother this time because his restaurant is the thing that he loves the most and he would do anything to save it. Chakan asked his mother “Do you know any solution to this problem”? His mother then told him about a product available at the Shopee and he complied with his mother’s advise. Today, his restaurant is doing better than ever before and he is even planning to open another branch.

21 year old Indian boy created a functional and great looking shopping website

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A 21 year old boy in India (we will call him Parth here) founded a great looking and really functional shopping website. The founder has never worked anywhere, he even didn’t go to a college, he did his graduation from what they call an Open University, an Open University is a correspondence university where the candidate doesn’t have to go to a college regularly, the only times he goes to a college is on the exam days.

Parth wanted to make huge money with his site and wanted to be on par with the eBay, Amazon, AliBaba and Etsy; but he doesn’t have any experience of the human management and he has always been a loner, what could he do?

He asked all his friends what to do and they too were clueless and then finally he began searching on the internet. The internet made him even more confused, on the Quora he got answers that were totally irrelevant to his query and looked very robotic, on Yahoo Answers, the people who answered had no clue as to what he was asking. But Parth was determined to make it. He went to a uncle of his who told him that he needed a HR Management Company to take care of his needs.

Parth contacted all the local HR companies and he found that none of those was what he was looking for. They were just Human Resource Management companies for the name, they didn’t even know how to manage their own business. He listened to his intuition and went to the London city where one of his cousins lived who assured him that he will get Parth in touch with one of the best HR consultancy firms in the world and it is not even expensive.

Maltese lady made a multi-million dollar comb company with one shrewd decision

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The beautiful little Island of Malta is very brand-conscious when it comes to the combs. They wouldn’t just use any comb, they need their comb to be of some top-notch brand. One Maltese rich girl who just completed her graduation had an idea that she could get her combs made by one of the best plastic moulding companies of China and use her own brand name. That girl is really a fan of the Shark Tank and she has watched each and every episode of the series multiple times. She loves Dragon Den also, but Shark Tank is her most favorite TV show ever.

She researched on the internet about the best plastic company of China and finally decided to go for a company that we would not like to name here. We also wouldn’t name her combs company here but within 2 years, the company has reached pinnacles.

The main reason behind her company’s success is that the founder/owner has never had any confusion. Her focus was/is pinpoint and that’s got her so far. It is normally assumed that the rich kids are not very ambitious but it’s not true all the times, perhaps, most of the times. Look at Donald Trump, he was raised in a rich family and he is one of the most ambitious men ever.

All the combs of this Maltese lady is done by this one Chinese company and she has been very happy that she chose this company for all her manufacturing needs. No blisters, no burn marks, no such issues at all.

Millionaire eBay power-seller’s dreams burned into ashes

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“If you are not very valuable to the marketplace, you don’t bring in much money.” – Jim Rohn

Arild is a great looking 29 year old guy living in the Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He used to live in Coral Gables in a rented mansion about a couple of months ago.

Arild is originally from Atlanta, Georgia only but he always dreamed of moving to the Miami one day. In the childhood and the early teenage he would play the GTA Vice City all the time. The video game had a huge impact on him and made him love the beautiful city of Miami. Arild first lived in the Miami city for a couple of years and then moved to the Coral Gables because he found a great huge mansion at a reasonable monthly rent in Coral Gables.

While still in school, Arild used to sell on eBay. When he was about to complete the school, Arild was in a dilemma whether he should go to the pedagoski fakultet for higher studies or expand his eBay business instead. After completing the school, Arild decided that he would rather expand his eBay business and turn into a full-time eBay seller. Soon enough, Arild turned into a major wholesaler from an average retailer. Arild was making over a million dollar only through the eBay by the time he was 23, he decided to move to his dream city, Miami.

Arild continued expanding his eBay business while living in Miami and after about 30 months, moved to the Coral Gables. On a nice cold day of January, 2017, Arild woke up and the first thing that he did like almost every other day, opened up his laptop just to find that he has been banned from the eBay. Arild couldn’t believe his eyes. He immediately contacted the support to check out what has happened. The support told him that he has broken some rules. The rest is obvious.

Surest and fastest way to a guaranteed success is going to a University

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Is college necessary to achieve success? No.

Is it advisable to go to college if you want to have a bright future? Yes, yes and yes.

The college is not only limited to the classes or the degree as most individuals think. Going to college is one of the best experiences of most people’s lives.

Knowledge is one of the greatest keys to success and that’s what Evropski univerzitet Kallos Tuzla provides.

Everything takes time and spending 3 years in a college/university is going to do nothing but add to your knowledge, experience and much more.

All the entrepreneurs and small businessmen who attended a university will tell you how much beneficial it was to attend one. In life, all success comes from your attitude towards life. If you are not willing to go to a college when you can afford to, it just shows that you are way too restless for life. In life, you need to have some patience and resilience, if you want to make the most out of it.

When in teenage, you may think that you have a great idea to start a business, most creative people have great ideas but implementing one is a very complex and not always a practical task and that’s exactly what a college/university teaches you. Going to a college/university will make you smarter and get you in touch with the reality.

Kegagalan Kolej pergi ke dalam kemurungan tetapi telah sembuh dengan helah ibunya

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Maddie gagal peperiksaan Kolej. Dia tidak menangis atau panik. Dia sudah tahu bahawa dia akan gagal. Ibu bapanya tahu sama juga. Maddie tidak akan kerja kerja-kerja rencah untuk kacang tanah. Beliau mempunyai impian yang besar. Beliau mendorong orang-orang Lamborghinis, orang-orang Ferraris dan Mercedes Supercars impiannya. Maddie memutuskan bahawa dia mahu pergi ke dalam perniagaan. Ibu-bapa Maddie yang tidak kaya, mereka adalah keluarga berpendapatan dan mereka ingin menyokong beliau tetapi mereka tidak mempunyai wang untuk. Maddie berkata kepada bapanya dan adiknya bahawa hanya sokongan anda adalah lebih daripada cukup bagi saya, saya tidak mahu apa-apa wang.
Maddie mula bekerja sebagai pekerja di kedai permainan video yang berdekatan yang dimiliki oleh seorang kawan beliau. Semua wang yang diperolehi beliau, beliau mula membeli perabot dan lekapan untuk perniagaan dalam talian yang beliau telah pun dibina dalam fikirannya. Dia akan duduk di sebuah bangku Taman berhampiran rumahnya dan menulis dalam diari dengan apa yang beliau akan lakukan.
Maddie di rancangan adalah untuk memulakan sebuah firma ORM (pengurusan reputasi dalam talian). Beliau memperlihatkan keperluan yang sama di pasaran apabila dilihatnya beberapa Ulasan negatif palsu terhadap laman-laman web dan perniagaan fizikal. Kajian palsu tersebut negatif akan membuat prospek apa-apa tetapi keliru dan akhirnya menolak prospek dari membeli produk pengiklan. Maddie tahu bahawa beliau boleh menukarnya dengan mewujudkan sebuah firma ORM sepenuh masa dan lengkap.
Akhirnya, selepas beberapa bulan, Maddie dalam perkongsian dengan pemilik kedai permainan video (yang adalah juga salah seorang daripada kawan-kawannya terbaik) membuka firma ORM. Tidak seorang penghutang datang selepas mereka melakukan yang terbaik dan ia telah menjadi 6 bulan. Maddie menceburi kemelesetan dan tidak mengambil ubat untuk kemurungan itu. Ibunya mencadangkan bahawa ubat tidur adalah idea yang baik untuk mendapatkan dia daripada kemelesetan, bapanya dipatuhi juga.
Selepas mengambil pil tidur selama kira-kira 2 minggu, Maddie adalah semua baik-baik saja dan bersedia untuk memulakan usaha lain.

Israeli RJ lost her job and is now making 15 times the amount of money

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An Israeli female Radio Jockey named Sheba lost her job and went into mild depression as she was the only bread earner for her family. She had no idea what is going to happen now. She was so hopeless about the future and forgot about her dreams completely, until one day, a friend of her named Aviva told her that she should listen to Spotify Premium APK Android for at least a couple of hours everyday.

After this, Sheba did nothing but listened to the Hebrew, Yiddish and English songs all day, all night long on her Spotify Premium APK Android now. One great thing happened, Sheba forgot all about her depression, losing her job and stuff. Today, Sheba runs her very popular Youtube channel and the channel is about everything. She sings, she teaches recipes, she tells history, opinions, etc, all on her one-stop-channel. She does it in all three languages that she knows with subtitles – English, Hebrew and Yiddish. With her Youtube channel, she makes 15 times as much money as she did working as a RJ.

Village Boy from Bihar made it big with email marketing software

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Suresh is a 21 year old boy from the village of Koilwar in Bihar. He was only 19 when he left home to find a job in New Delhi. On his first day, he successful landed a job as an assistant in a Cyber Cafe. The work timings were 10 AM to 9 PM everyday, no holiday except for Holi or Diwali, Suresh was willing to work even more but the salary wasn’t enough for him and his family to survive. Only Rs. 5000 a month; he said to himself “Something is better than nothing” and continued working there. Suresh was very hard-working, ambitious and would go to any extent to make his family live a good life. One big advantage that he had as a Cyber Cafe employee was that he had an all-time access to the online world and instead of wasting those precious hours on Facebook or Twitter, Suresh used to lookout for stuff he could do online to make some money. He tried surveys, and petty other jobs but he knew that he can make it bigger.

One day he stumbled upon email marketing campaign software and the webpage that it was featured upon looked very attractive to him. He started researching day and night about it. His English wasn’t good as he was from a village in Bihar and they talk only Bhojpuri there mostly and Hindi is like English to them.

After he understood clearly and how he could benefit from it, he instantly called his mother who creates and sells handmade soaps and candles in her village. He asked her whether she can create more of those, his mother said “Why not? I would be more than happy to”. He bought the software and started using it to sell the handmade soaps and candles that her mother made, he got several big retail sellers as buyers who sold the same handmade candles and soaps branded as their own in great packaging and now, he and his mother together have been making over Rs. 1, 00, 000 a month.

PlexiglassAnche il più antico negozio di mobili del mondo è ora la vendita di prodotti in plexiglass

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Brooks Brothers è il più antico negozio di mobili noto al mondo di oggi. Sono stati in esecuzione il loro piccolo negozio a Chicago per oltre 200 anni. Hanno iniziato nel 1818. Hanno usato solo per vendere prodotti in legno e hanno continuato a farlo fino all’anno 2017 fino a quando non erano in esecuzione perdite. Sì, il negozio di mobili più antico del mondo stava attraversando le perdite a causa di loro non essere in grado di adattarsi alla stella nascente nel settore del mobile e che è acrilico.
Un proprietario di un negozio di mobili deve passare attraverso le riviste, giornali e annunci televisivi per vedere cosa c’è di caldo nel settore. Tutti i negozi di mobili resto che ha rifiutato di vendere prodotti acrilici sono andati in bancarotta, mentre Brooks Brothers è l’unico a sopravvivere e che è solo perché sono così popolari a causa di essere il più antico negozio di mobili del mondo. Sono conosciuti in tutto il mondo.
Quando i prodotti del plexiglass entrano nella casa, i prodotti di legno ed altri si pensano che mostrino i loro rispetti facendo Namaste o una certa cosa. Anche i bicchieri di vino acrilico sono comuni al giorno d’oggi.
Brooks Brothers hanno anche urna per lotteria disponibili presso il loro negozio a Chicago. Brooks Brothers non hanno mai cercato di essere troppo professionale nel loro settore e che mostra in ciascuno e tutto ciò che fanno. La loro ossessione per i mobili in legno è ormai finita e per sempre. I loro dipendenti sempre darvi consigli personalizzati e a volte sono molto costosi, ma ne vale la pena.
C’è un modo per riconoscere i negozi di mobili newbie e non professionale e che è cercare i typos e gli errori grammaticali. I neofiti e le persone non professionali fare un sacco di questi errori Rookie. Essi potrebbero farvi ridere come bene, ma non dimenticate che non si dovrebbe comprare da lì.

Youtuber went into depression due to warts

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He is a successful Youtuber, responsible for creating over 2500 videos and has over 400k subscribers. He is very good-looking, fit and has a deep voice. Most of his audience is female (estimated over 65%)  and the dude is obsessed with his looks. He has always been that way. He doesn’t even remember himself about when did this obsession of looking good all the time started taking over him until one day he discovered that his pretty face was having small ugly bumps all over it. He was running like crazy in tension. He couldn’t believe his eyes, he started pinching himself to make sure that he is not having a nightmare.

The dude is 29 now and still loves with his mom. He went to his mom, started crying literally and the tears covered all his face and those ugly warts as well. He thought that he is having AIDS. He confessed to his mother that he slept with a prostitute without using any sort of protection and now he has got AIDS. His mother knew that he is just being stupid and these are ordinary warts, nothing else and have got nothing to do with AIDS. She laughed and replied “Oh my innocent son! These are warts which can be easily cured.” His mother is an eBay power seller herself, she opened the eBay on her laptop, searched for the most positively reviewed gel available for curing the warts and bought one. Her son, the infamous Youtuber, started applying the gel and did it for 2 months continuously. He didn’t hang out with his friends for these 2 months, didn’t create any Youtube videos either because he was too afraid that he can lose his female fans and subscribers due to the ugly warts on his face. After applying that particular gel for exact 2 months, he saw no results and again started thinking that he is suffering from AIDS and went to a doctor who prescribed him to visit a nearby pathology and give blood test. After the report of the blood test came out, it turned out that he is having HPV. The doctor asked him to visit a dermatologist and his mother again interfered, he started screaming at his mother that due to her he wasted his 2 months and he can’t take it anymore. Her mother replied, trust me, I now know for sure how to get rid of warts fastshe went online and ordered a Wartrol, her son (the Youtuber) applied it and started seeing the results within a couple of weeks. He took the courage to confess the reason for his absence on his Youtube channel and today he is one of the most successful and popular Finnish Youtubers.